Kaitlyn PreTeen Summary {10 Years Old!}

This is a summary for Katilyn between 9.75-10 years old. She is really at an easy stage right now. She is very self-driven and stays on top of the thing she needs to. She has very varied interests. She loves to do theatre. She loves to play sports like basketball and soccer. She considers herself more of a tomboy–meaning she prefers sports and isn’t one to wear skirts or dresses other on Sundays. She also loves to draw and to write stories. She loves animals. She is very smart and a good student. There isn’t a “one-size” Kaitlyn fits into, and she amazes me constantly with her personal drive and her willingness to work to get good at something.


Kaitlyn went through a period of eating a whole lot and also grew quite a bit in that period. This is a huge growth spurt, but it is a growth spurt. The size difference in a 10 year old and 11 year old is quite significant. She is entering a time period when growth is rapid and children her age change a lot.


Sleeping is great. Kaitlyn is a deep sleeper and sleeps well no matter what is going on.


School is very good. Kaitlyn recently told me she has never enjoyed school so much and the days just fly by. Fourth grade is a common time for girls to get really mean toward each other. Kaitlyn hasn’t run into issues with that this year. There are some tiffs here and there, but no big blow outs.


In this time period, Kaitlyn had piano lessons as she does most of the year. She finished up basketball. She started and continued soccer. She finished up the school musical.


Affiliate links ahead. This does not increase your cost in any way. Heroes of Olympus and Wings of Fire are her two very favorite book series.


Here is her school schedule:

7:00 AM–Wake up and get ready.

9:00 AM–School

4:00 PM–Home. Homework and chores. Then free play.

5:00 or 5:30 PM–Dinner. Then family time.

7:30 PM–Get ready for bed.

8:00 PM–In bed.

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