Poll Discussion: 2-1 Nap Transitions


Today’s poll is on the 2-1 Nap Transition. Here are you questions:


1. What age did you start the transition from 2 naps to 1?

2. What age was your child officially at one nap instead of two?

3. In retrospect, were these ages the right age for your child?

4. What age do you think would have been best for your child to move to one nap?

5. What method did you use to go to one nap? Examples: Cold turkey, weaning, shortening the morning nap, etc.

6. When your child first went to one nap consistently, what time did the one nap start? 

7. What time did your child’s nap land at once the transition was done?

8. How long was the one nap once the child was settled into one nap a day?

9. Any words of advice on making the transition smoother?