Poll Discussion Results: Night Wakings


The Question:

How did your baby stop night wakings?

  1. Did you wait until baby stopped on own? If so, what age did baby stop on own? Was it pretty gradual or pretty sudden?
  2. Did you do some CIO? If so, can you describe the process?
  3. Did you do weaning of feedings? If so, can you elaborate?
  4. Did you help baby get back to sleep? If so, how, and for how long did you do this before baby slept on own?
  5. Did you do wake to sleep as described by the Baby Whisperer? If so, please elaborate.
  6. OTHER. Please explain.


The Results:

First, my caveat. I went through the data and compiled it, but I didn’t check and triple check like I would in an ideal world. If there are discrepancies, it is not intentional. All data can be found here: https://www.babywisemom.com/2012/10/poll-discussion-night-wakings.html. It is helpful to read the comments because people give more details than a number can give you.


I have results for 49 babies.


28 of the 49 (57%) did number one–they waited for baby to sleep through the night on his own.


6 of the 49 (12%) did number two–they did some CIO. See the comments for details. In addition, 6 of the 49 (12%) also said they did CIO in addition to something else. Some had babies that started STTN on their own and then later started waking, some did a combination of weaning and CIO, etc. See comments for full details.


0 of the 49 (0%) listed three as the only method they used. This is weaning. 7 of the 49 (14%) said they did weaning in combination with something else.


2 of the 49 (4%) said they did number four–they helped baby in some way get back to sleep. In addtion, 5 of the 49 (10%) said they did number four in conjunction with something else. See post comments as linked above for full details.


1 of the 49 (2%) said they did number five–wake to sleep as described in the baby whisperer.


9 of the 49 (18%) said they did “other.” See comments in original post for details.


5 of the 49 (10%) commented and said the baby is not yet sleeping through the night.