Poll Discussion: Sleep Totals for 12-15 Months Old


Today’s poll is on sleep totals. Parents often find themselves wondering if the amount of sleep their child is getting is in a normal range. This poll is specifically for children in the 12-15 month age range. 


1-What was your child’s optimal waketime length for 12-15 months old?

2-What time was your child’s morning waketime (what time did he/she get up) at 12-15 months?

3-What time was your child’s bedtime at 12-15 months?

4-How many hours did your child usually sleep at night at 12-15 months?

5-How many naps did your child take a day at 12-15 months?

6-How long was each nap usually at 12-15 months?

7-Looking at all of the sleep as a whole, do you think your child was getting the sleep that was ideal for your child at that age range?

8-Other comments if desired.