Poll Results: If you taught your baby sign language (at any age), do you think it helped or hindered verbal language development?


Helped: 69 votes (64%)
Hurt: 9 votes (8%)
Neither: 13 votes (12%)
I don’t know: 17 votes (16%)

Total of 108 votes*

*I added my vote to the results since I never voted before time ran out.

A little background information. Last week I was watching that new show, The Doctors. They talked a bit about sign language and brought up the concern that sign language can delay verbal language development. Dr. Sears is on that show and he said it might delay verbal development initially, but that it can actually help as they are older to increase the number of words they can say. I don’t know what age is “older.” My impression at the moment was that “older” meant around 3, but I have no idea why I thought that now.

I have strong feelings that sign language helps language development. See Sign Language . I know that programs like “Signing Time” claim sign language helps language development. So I thought I would do a poll to see what others who had done sign language estimated the effect was. That is the reason for this poll at this time.

6 thoughts on “Poll Results: If you taught your baby sign language (at any age), do you think it helped or hindered verbal language development?”

  1. I didn’t find this poll until it was too late. I think sign language has helped, helped, and helped some more with my daughter’s verbal and intellectual development. She understands concepts many of her peers don’t. She is ahead of the norm for verbal development. She knows multiple ways to communicate her thoughts. I think sign language has been great. Several parents I know have started teaching their children sign language after seeing the positive results my family has had with it.

  2. I have heard, too, experts say it may hinder language development. I think they are talking specifically the desire or ability to talk (though I would disagree with them.) What I strongly believe it helps is communication development–slightly different. Even if my children talked slightly later than normal, it was worth it to be able to communicate with them earlier than normal.Thanks for your site! I’ve raised 3 babies using the principles of Babywise and Tracy Hogg and our 4th is 3 months old. Even though I’ve been through this before, your site has been an encouragement to me. I’m amazed how much I forget each time. It must be the hormones killing off my brain cells. 🙂

  3. Thanks Holly! I will add your finding to the poll. I have started accepting late votes after a poll has closed in order to try to have the poll as acurate as possible.

  4. Thanks Cathy! I know, you do forget a lot between children. I am hoping with this site, I will forget less because I am dealing with questions from all ages all the time! lol

  5. I know this is late, but I have to say, sign language has done wonders for all three of my children! Less tantrums occur because they are able to tell us they want “more” at dinner. “hurt” is a big one when teething comes around! We know EXACTLY what to do. All three of my children talked at a very normal age. And I agree with the above comment. Even if their language was delayed a little, it’s worth it to avoid the frustrations!


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