Reader Week 2016


It is time for our sixth annual Reader Week! For those of you new to the blog (or just don’t have iron clad memories–I know, we are moms. Memory is in short supply), here is the run down.


This is a week when you all get to contribute to making this blog a valuable resource. My posts are helpful, but so are your comments and contributions. It is one thing to see one mom doing Babywise, but quite another to see how many moms do it. Something I love about reader week is that it adds a  myriad of experiences to the mix. Babies are all very different, so you might just share just what another mom will need to see. Are you excited? Here is the plan for the week:



The Readers Sample Schedules posts are some of the most popular and most-visited posts on this blog. I know you love them! So be sure to drop by Tuesday and add your most recent (or any from past years!) schedules. I will have a post up linking you to all of the reader sample schedule posts so you can easily get to your pertinent sample schedule post. I would love it if you would at least pop on and share your current schedule as it is today. 



We all know that when you have a question and have a baby, you want, no need, an answer fast. Polls do that for people. They show an answer fast. Poll results can be very helpful to people. It helps someone come see what is “normal” and also see that even though there is a range of “normal” there are also people who fall in a range outside of normal. If you haven’t voted on the current poll, click here to do so–

Creating and Maintaining a Schedule {Poll Discussion}



The ladies of the Babywise Friendly Blog Network (BFBN) will be writing posts on a similar theme this day. We do this the fourth Thursday of every month. I created this blog network to create a united group of bloggers who write helpful posts about Babywise. This day is a little gift your way to help you find answers to your unique situation from one of us. 



I will put up a post Friday to link you posts where you can comment and share your favorite things. These will include baby products, toys, books, and more. These are super helpful for gift ideas (for friends and for your own children!). 


I will also put a post up Friday that will take you to the various posts where you can share your blog. I have a post for various categories, everything from business blogs to “just-for-fun” blogs. This is fun because it helps keep the Babywise community close and helps you be aware of blogs written by like-minded parents.



I so appreciate you readers and all you do to contribute to this blog! Even your questions you ask me contribute because it helps me know what your common concerns are and what information will be most helpful to you. 


Don’t forget to like and follow me on Facebook. I keep you updated with the blog posts here, share other articles that are of interest to you readers, and also interact with you about your questions. Every Monday, I go Live for answering your questions. I will be live today! 


Another great way to connect is in Instagram. I share pictures from our daily lives. You can keep up us there. 


And of course Pinterest is another fun way to connect. I pin things helpful to a parent in all ways, from specific parenting helps to fun activities, travel ideas, school helps, and dinner ideas (and more!). 


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