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And another great Babywise sucess story. This one is from reader Stephanie L. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We put our son Kyle on a schedule at 11 weeks when I noticed he seemed… View Post

Why I Love Babywise

Here is the next story from reader EB. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When I was pregnant my husband and I went through the “Preparation for Parenting” book with another couple from our church.… View Post

A Learning Babywise Advocate

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Thoughts on Babywise

This story is from reader Danielle L. You can check more out of her at http://www.lairdspot.blogspot.com/. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ah, Babywise. Just that one word alone can elicit a strong response from… View Post

Babywise Success Stories Week

This coming weekend is the GFI National Leadership & Alumni Conference in Oklahoma. Each year when this happens, someone out there (no need to name names, some of you will… View Post

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