When Your Child Won’t Stay in Independent Playtime

Independent Playtime is all around on of my favorite facets of the Babywise (affiliate link) series. It gives the child countless benefits and the mom time to get things done… View Post

Ransacking During Independent Playtime

Kaitlyn’s room as a 22 month old I know a concern for parents when they move to roomtime from pack-and-play time is what I call “ransacking.” This is when your… View Post

Roomtime–Your Invitation

  I have said it before and I will say it today (and I will say it in the future)–if I were forced to choose only a few principles from… View Post

Independent Playtime is Not…

  On Becoming Preschoolwise (affiliate link) has some good tips on what Independent Playtime is not. “Concentration and creativity are developed during independent play. The most important aspect of this time is that… View Post


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Starting Independent Playtime Late

I have a couple of posts that give information on what to do when starting late, but no one post that lays it out in a nice step-by-step process. I… View Post

Balancing Time With Children

  image source No matter the age of your child, you want to balance the time you spend with her. On Becoming Preschoolwise talks about the first day of school… View Post