Baby Whisperer: Wake Up Disposition

Baby wake up dispositions. Some babies wake up happy and cooing and some wake up grumpy and mad. Read about the different types of babies and how they wake up.… View Post

Poll Results: At what age did baby start to consistently wake up happy from naps?

Results: 3-4 months: 50 votes (42%) 4-5 months: 22 votes (18%) 5-6 months: 20 votes (16%) 6-7 months: 10 votes (8%) 7-8 months: 6 votes (5%) 8-9 months: 4 votes… View Post

Waking Up Happy

Babywise says that your child should start to wake up happy around 4-6 months (see pages 133 and 134). That is the time the wake-up disposition is usually developed. There… View Post