How to Prevent Whining

If you do not yet have a child old enough to whine, let me assure you it is one of the most frustrating habits a child can pick up. I… View Post

Discipline Phrase: “Just Sit and Be Bored”

As your child gets older, you will start to hear questions like this:   “What can I do now, Mom?”   “I’m bored!”   “There is nothing to do!”  … View Post

Structure Deters Whining

  First and foremost, let’s be sure we recognize that the title says structure “deters” whining and not “banishes” or “cures” whining. But deters is better than nothing, right?  … View Post

Discipline Phrase: Turn Off Your Whiney Voice

Whining. I don’t think there is much that grates on the nerves of parents more than whining. There are many possible paths you can take to curbing whining. You can… View Post