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Reader Sample Schedules Day 2017

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Today is the day for you to add your own schedule to the sample schedules posts. No matter the age of your child(ren), you can add what your typical daily schedule looks like. This is SO HELPFUL for people who are trying to find a schedule that works for them. 

Here is what you do. Click on the link to the post you want to add a sample schedule to. If your child is 2.5, then you will click on the link for 2, 3, 4 year olds. Then add a comment with your sample schedule. Then future parents can come look at these sample schedules to get ideas for their babies and children! If everyone took a moment to share their schedule at this very moment, it would add a whole lot of ideas for future moms! 

There are some posts that definitely could use some attention--anyone with older children! You might be less consistent each day, but even just filling in the basic info of when sleeping is taking place can be helpful. Another is the Summer Schedules post--if you have a summer routine that works for you, go over and fill that in. 
Reader Sample Schedules Day 2017
NOTE: I am turning comments OFF of this post. I want to make sure you add your schedule to the appropriate post and not this one. 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Reader Week 2017

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For the last seven years, I have been taking one week out of the normal blog schedule routine and hosting a week focusing on the readers of this blog. I do this to help you connect with each other and to help contribute to the content of this blog.

This is a week when you all get to contribute to making this blog a valuable resource. My posts are helpful, but so are your comments and contributions. It is one thing to see one mom doing Babywise, but quite another to see how many moms do it. Something I love about reader week is that it adds a myriad of experiences to the mix. I haven't experienced it all and I consistently learn new things from readers. For example, I never knew about a tongue tie until a reader told me about it. There is great value to working together. Here is the plan for the week:
Reader Week 2017
The Readers Sample Schedules posts are some of the most popular and most-visited posts on this blog. I know you love them! So be sure to drop by Tuesday and add your most recent (or any from past years!) schedules. I will have a post up linking you to all of the reader sample schedule posts so you can easily get to your pertinent sample schedule post. I would love it if you would at least pop on and share your current schedule as it is today. 

We all know that when you have a question and have a baby, you want, no need, an answer fast. Polls do that for people. They show an answer fast. Poll results can be very helpful to people. It helps someone come see what is "normal" and also see that even though there is a range of "normal" there are also people who fall in a range outside of normal. Wednesday, I will have the results of the current poll up. If you haven't voted on the current poll, click here to do so before I compile results--Independent Playtime

The ladies of the Babywise Friendly Blog Network (BFBN) will be writing posts on a similar theme this day. We do this the fourth Thursday of every month. I created this blog network to create a united group of bloggers who write helpful posts about Babywise. There will be a post from me, and I will link to all of their posts in that post. To read more about the BFBN, click here

I will put up a post Friday to link you posts where you can comment and share your favorite things. These will include baby products, toys, books, and more. These are super helpful for gift ideas (for friends and for your own children!). 

I will also put a post up Friday that will take you to the various posts where you can share your blog. I have a post for various categories, everything from business blogs to "just-for-fun" blogs. This is fun because it helps keep the Babywise community close and helps you be aware of blogs written by like-minded parents.

I so appreciate you readers and all you do to contribute to this blog! Even your questions you ask me contribute because it helps me know what your common concerns are and what information will be most helpful to you. 

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Reader Week 2017

Friday, July 21, 2017

Babywise is Work but It Works

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by Lisa

I first found this blog as the mom of a 3 week old little girl. A mom in my church had given me "on becoming babywise" but I was looking for more guidance. This blog was such a huge help. I scoured it almost daily and had great success with baby 1. 19 months later came baby 2, of course as all babies are different I had to reread the book and many blog posts and had great success with her too. 

Babywise is Work but It Works
And then baby 3, if I had not had babywise success with the first two I would not had stuck it out for #3. She had a tough time sleeping, and is still (at 19 months) finicky about naps. She does sleep well at night, but it has been next to impossible to find out what causes short naps with her. 

As I write this I am nursing baby 4, he's two weeks old and we are working on starting to implement babywise with him. It's such a comfort to know that I will be getting a good nights sleep in a few months time. I don't function well without sleep and with an infant, 19 month old, 4 and 6 year old, I need to be functioning!! Babywise works, sometimes it is work to do it, to stay home at nap time, to be home early enough for bedtime, to protect your routine, but it is so worth it to have happy, well rested kids!

6 Ways Babywise Has Set My Children Up For School Success

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Right now I have all three of my children in school. My oldest is going into 3rd grade, my middle is entering kindergarten and my youngest will be continuing with a second year in a 3 morning a week preschool class. 

Babywise techniques have benefited my family in all areas of our lives but today I specifically want to focus on how Babywise has set my children up for success in a school setting:

They Are Well Rested

Everyone knows that sleep is so important for our children (and ourselves!) to be successful. Having been on schedules since birth, my children arrive to school each day well-rested. We stick to a strict bedtime and the kids who attend a half-day school also nap each day. Our oldest is going into 3rd grade and goes to bed by 7:45 each night with a 6:45 wake up time each morning. 

They Are Obedient 

From birth my children know their place. They do not "rule the roost" and they are not given more freedoms than they can handle at each given age. They are taught to reply with a "yes ma'am" at any instruction they are given and to obey what Mommy says right away. This not only makes home life run smoothly, but makes them model students as well. With a classroom full of kids, teachers are always telling me how wonderful it is that my children obey so well. 

They Are Potty Trained

This obviously is geared more to the younger school age kids but when my barely 2 year old entered preschool it was a huge advantage that she was already potty trained. It makes it easier for the teachers to not have to be changing dirty diapers and having a set schedule of times when they use the potty makes it easy for teachers to know when to take them! 

They Are Good Listeners

My children are taught from early ages to listen to Mommy. We read a lot as a family and attend church regularly where they are expected to sit quietly. They have self-control and are able to sit still and listen without being rambunctious. 

They Are Able To Focus 

Independent playtime has many benefits but a large one I've seen with my children is their ability to sit and focus on a given task. Even my more "busy body" child is a stellar student in the classroom. They all are able to sit and focus without becoming distracted or board or in "need" of constant entertainment. 

They Are Self Reliant

I strive for my children to be independent. They are able to do age-appropriate tasks on their own with minimal help or assistance. They are taught to be helpers and I receive many comments from teachers that they are quick to jump in and be a leader to their peers. 

I am proud of my children and their good choices at school and am thankful that Babywise techniques have really set them up for success! 

Emily blogs over at The Journey of Parenthood. She has three children and is in the process of adopting. She loves a Disney World, can't resist a good deal, and always keeps it real. 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

How Schedules Impact Sleep for the Baby and the Entire Family

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by Elisabeth

During the months leading up to the birth of our first baby, my husband and I received a variety of advice from friends, coworkers, and even people we didn't know regarding how to best prepare for life with a newborn. We generally listened with open ears as we were excited but also a bit apprehensive for what would lie ahead of us. One thing was certain, though: I loved my full night's sleep and was committed to getting our soon-to-arrive baby sleeping long stretches as soon as possible!

How Schedules Impact Sleep for the Baby and the Entire Family
This is where Babywise entered the picture for us. Multiple people recommended reading the Babywise books before our newborn arrived and we are still incredibly grateful for this. Perhaps the most valuable concept that we have gained from these books has been the importance of schedules and how they dramatically influence a baby's (and parents!) quality of sleep well into the years ahead.

We can attest to the slight inconveniences of prioritizing our babies' schedules in order to instill outstanding sleeping habits in them. This predictability has, over the course of time, produced long afternoon naps and 11 to 12 hours of undisturbed nighttime sleep in a nearly two year old and four year old. While there have certainly been minor setbacks due to sleep regressions, baby growth spurts, illnesses, etc., we have noticed that the kids bounce back quickly as their bodies seem to crave the rest they are used to having. The same goes for traveling. If our family loosely adheres to our normal sleep routines while on vacation, the kids adjust well to their new circumstances.

While organizing your day with a baby's schedule in mind can definitely be an adjustment compared to life before a baby, you will find that the predictability and stability have many benefits to you as well. The confidence of knowing that you have established times for your baby to eat and sleep, opportunities to plan your daily outings a bit in advance and, our favorite, a solid, restorative night of sleep for the entire family creates an environment that everyone will enjoy!

Moving Cross Country: A Babywise Success Story

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I've admitted it before, I was a Babywise quitter.  I read about the main ideas when my son was a newborn and started to implement them.  Then I read more online about what a terrible system Babywise was and quit.  Fortunately a few months later I actually read the book and learned so much.  Then we had our twins and I knew Babywise was where it was at.  I've shared that story with Valerie before, and now here we are a year later.  My son is now almost 4 and my twin daughters are almost 18 months old.

Moving Cross Country: A Babywise Success Story

This past year has had some big changes for our family.  The biggest was that we moved!  Not just moved,  we moved 1700 miles away to a place I had never been before.  My husband got a new job and we decided to go for it.  One big catch though.  He had to leave right away to start it, and I was staying behind to pack up our lives.  With three kids under three I should add.

This was a big job, and I'm not going to lie and say I did it completely on my own or without any meltdowns.  But having a schedule to work with made the whole thing so much easier.  To start out with packing with littles is tough.  My daughters were six months old, so they couldn't get into too much trouble, but my son needed to run about and play.  With set independent play times, nap times, and bed times I was able to have dedicated packing time without the kids to worry about.

My girls were only six months old and still nursing during this whole endeavor.  We already had a solid nursing schedule in place, which just made things easier.  I was used to taking time out of the day and planning around this time.  Nursing time was more than just a time to give my girls nutrients, we were able to snuggle and be close to each other.  It was also a time I could sit and talk with Ben.  Basically this time was a chance for us all to sit together, letting me really focus on just my kids.  In the middle of the chaos, we could all have a time of calm.
Moving Cross Country: A Babywise Success Story

Knowing how our day was going to play out meant we could still get out and have fun!  This was so needed.  Kids can feel the stress of moving and packing, even if they aren't doing a lot of the work themselves.  Plus I really wanted to give Ben a chance to say goodbye to some of our favorite places.  With nursing and nap times set we could get out and do all the lasts we wanted to do.  I know this helped Ben out emotionally, as he had the chance to get some closure instead of just never going back some places again.

Once we were packed up and on the road the routine worked for us again.  The girls stopping times for nursing worked out perfectly for the rest of us to stop and stretch our legs.  We had to spend two nights in a hotel during the actual drive, a first for my kids.  I admit I was a bit worried they wouldn't settle down and sleep, meaning I wouldn't sleep.  Not the case.  We did our usual bedtime routine, just in a different place, and the kids were able to settle right down.  Driving all day was so much easier since I was rested as well.

Getting to our new town wasn't the end of our adventure.  We stayed with family for about three weeks before moving into our new place.  All three kids shared a room.  And you know what?  All three slept.  Having a solid bedtime routine means we can do our bedtime anywhere and the kids know it is time to rest their bodies.  We were able to move into our new home and the kids settled in to their new rooms with no problems.

Babywise helped give me the ability to provide structure for my kids in a very chaotic time.  Consistent nap and meal times meant everyone was fed and rested.  That alone makes it easier to handle stress.  My children also knew that their needs would be met.  While they might not consciously realize this, it does provide reassurance.  Having this structure in our days also helped me prioritize what needed to be done when.  Moving isn't easy on anyone, but having a structure in place that we could take with us anywhere made it go pretty smoothly.

Kim is the mom of three- a 3 year old son and 17 month old twin daughters. She blogs at Team-Cartwright.com and you can follow her on Facebook and Pinterest.

Babywise, Act 2, Scene 1: What is this?!

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by Ashley Bellis
Two sons ages 4 years (J1) and 1 year (J2)

This time last year I was writing a Babywise success story. I was proud of my accomplishments with my first son. He was well-established in his sleeping and routine. Yes, there were issues. Yes, there were things about Babywise that I wish I had incorporated better. Yes, there were even some things I saw in my personality that were now coming out of my son. But overall, the apple hadn’t fallen far from the tree, and my husband and I were tickled! Our almost three-year-old firstborn was a major success in every way.

How Babywise helped through the second child, postpartum depression, and working.
This time last year I was also pregnant with number two, J2. J2 threw me for a loop from the get go. He wasn’t conceived on time (per my schedule). He wasn’t the gender I expected (I was almost confident that he was a she based on different feelings in pregnancy). He never posed nicely for an ultrasound. He shifted from head down to transverse at 38 weeks. (For those who are curious, that hurt like the dickens. Oh my goodness, I am recalling the major discomfort now.) He shifted from transverse feet up, to transverse feet down, to full-out breech. At 41 weeks, we scheduled the C-section. J2 just wasn’t fitting my mold for how my second child was supposed to go. First child = Norman Rockwell painting (until he became a toddler).

Good news, J2 was delivered safely and healthily exactly one week before J1’s birthday. How awesome is that? Two birthdays within a week. I seriously love that! I also bonded so much faster with him than with J1. Motherly experience? I can’t say, but I felt so much connection with this little person. We came home from the hospital, and life hit. It hit hard. I technically couldn’t pick up J1 due to his size and my C-section lifting restrictions. I couldn’t drive. It was insanely hot and dry outside (early July). And not to mention, all the “fun” of the newborn stage. To any moms out there that are in the newborn stage, I understand your fear, your concern, your frustration, and your tears. My new baby wasn’t textbook. He just didn’t follow the schedule I set out for him! Why not? It worked so well for his brother. It worked out so well for me!

I had him tested for reflux. We took him to a chiropractor at 4 weeks old. I tried this method. I tried that method. I scoured and poured over resources because my baby wasn’t fitting the schedule! He was sweet as could be, but he wasn’t getting the sleep I know he needed. J2 did not have reflux. The chiro confirmed that. And after four weeks of questioning, hearing those words from the chiro himself made me cry tears of joy! And J2 did not need a regimen of appointments as his adjustment held after just two visits. I was so proud of that little baby! He wasn’t sick or in pain, something just wasn’t right in his environment; which put the pressure on me to figure out what.

At 4 weeks post-partum my mom and grandma came to visit and help. I had other friends visit before then, and everyone said, “Ashley, relax. He’s just a baby. He’s gonna cry. He will get over it.” But I, my friend, I couldn’t handle it. I just couldn’t. I had so much guilt if he was crying because he was overtired. Then I felt guilt that J1 wasn’t getting the attention he needed. And heaven forbid I had half an hour to myself. I was losing it. And my mom said, “How about we get you a swing? That might help.” I never had a swing with J1. I viewed it as an unnecessary expense that would result in a sleep aid crutch. Well, my neighbor sold me her used baby swing, and that swing changed everything. When J2 woke early, I would plop him the swing – swaddled and all. When he started breaking swaddles, he would still sleep in the swing. I could be at peace knowing he was at peace.

I returned to part-time work when J2 was 8 weeks old. The transition at the sitter’s was rough. He refused the bottle. He wasn’t comfortable in the environment. But I have been blessed with amazing sitters. My dear friend used various bottles, various nipples, various feeding positions to get J2 to eat. We tried breast milk and formula. He was a stubborn little beastie. Then, one day, the clouds opened and J2 ate his bottle right up. Then he started sleeping better. Then a schedule was falling into place! A schedule at the sitter’s AND at home! What do you know? It takes practice to get a schedule in place. Who knew time was needed?! (Disclaimer: I knew time was needed. But in the newborn phase, I forgot everything.)

I remember reading on the Babywisemom’s blog that life got better at 3 months of age, and then life was golden at 6 months. I kept shooting for that 6-month mark. My son was successful on the schedule, but he was still waking in the middle of the night. And I would feed him, or hold him, or shush him. I only used the swing once or twice during the night. Once we hit the 6-month mark, he started sleeping through the night! I couldn’t believe it! It was happening. There have been a few exceptions since then, mostly due to sickness or teething, but on the almost-eve of J2’s first birthday we are where we want to be at with him.

Something I hesitate to include, but something I feel needs to be said:
During J2’s first year of life, I have really struggled emotionally. Yes, I bonded very well with him. I love him, I love J1, I love everyone. Except myself. Dozens of times during this past year I have felt crazy. Crazy thoughts, crazy fears, crazy dreams, and more persistent crazy obsessions. I never thought about harming my kids ever. My “crazy” (as I hatingly refer to it as) always directed itself at me. After enough episodes and tears and fears, I scheduled an appointment with a therapist. I was 10.5 months post-partum. I have post-partum depression. It is a struggle to this day. I have triggers, one of the biggest being sleep deprivation (surprise surprise). Mommas, if you’re feeling like something is off, if you’re thinking violent thoughts toward yourself or your babies, if you are months into motherhood and can’t grasp reality, seek someone out. I wish I reached out for help MONTHS before I did. I had friends and family members concerned about me. I never told my husband the darkest of my dark thoughts. I could never voice the thoughts out loud (until therapy). I remember carefully selecting answers to a survey my son’s pediatrician gave me at his 2 month visit. I scored just above the “concerned” level, but I really should have placed in the “concerned” level. There is nothing to be ashamed about with post-partum depression. It’s not fake. It’s not “just a phase.” I’ve had depression and anxiety before, and this feels so much different. Confide in someone trained to help mothers. It is best for you, and also best for your family!
And one more piece of advice for the working moms:
A lot of what you read online by the Babywise moms is from a stay-at-home perspective. I love them and I adore their perspectives! Trust me, this is not a slam to them. It is an encouragement to you that your schedule will look different. Your baby will most likely take longer to adapt to a schedule. Your baby will get there. Looking back, I would love to tell myself to allow 2-3 times what other babies are doing. If the baby in the example is sleeping 6 hour stretches at 6 weeks old, it might take your baby until 12 weeks or 18 weeks. Don’t count yourself a failure just because your schedule isn’t matching what you read online. Working through two babies, I feel confident in my advice to you that babies of working moms will adapt to the routine, but it will most likely take extra time. Hang in there!

Despite the hard work, the tears, the frustrations, the times I refused to read anything Babywise because my baby wasn’t adhering, sticking with the schedule was so worth it! We did lots and lots of adjusting. Lots of reevaluating. At almost one year, we have a happy, healthy, bright, fun, curious, and flexible baby. I love him more than I ever thought I could love another baby! This past year was probably the hardest of my life. But it’s also been the most fruitful and fulfilling. I guess it describes life’s paradox at times. Without my Lord, my husband, and my boys, I probably wouldn’t be in any position to write this story. Through its lengthiness, I hope it gives you some hope.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Babywise and Twins: Consistency Wins

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Last year I submitted a Babywise Success Story talking about how I discovered Babywise and the impact it's had on my parenting. At the time I wrote it, my twins were just a few weeks old and we were in the thick of the newborn stage. I wrote:
I have the confidence that the twins will eventually sleep through the night (and probably relatively soon!) and that they will fall into a napping schedule just like my other kids did. This phase of tiredness I’m in is just that – a phase – and with Babywise I can rest assured that it will be over soon and I will be back to my normal, well-rested self.
Babywise and Twins: Consistency Wins
When the season for Babywise Success Stories came around again this year, I thought I might provide a brief update - a little "where are they now?" for those who stumble upon this in the throws of having their own newborns. Hopefully it will serve as an encouragement.

When I was pregnant with my twins, people told me it would be THE WORST. You think I'm joking, but you'd be shocked to hear the things that actually come from the mouths of strangers. Twins get a bad rap, and the general consensus was that caring for a three year old, a one year old, and newborn twins would be a nightmare.

There were hard moments, sure. There were multiple times that all four children were crying at the same time. There were nights I got no sleep. The logistics of grocery shopping were challenging at first. Nursing in public was impossible. Life had to be prioritized and some things fell by the wayside. One time in a Target bathroom I was busy bouncing my twins to keep them from crying while my 3 year old peed and I helplessly watched as my one year old dipped his finger into the toilet and then shoved them into his mouth before I could even scream NO! These are the things that happen when you have too many young children.

Yes, there were hard moments. But looking back on the year, it was overwhelmingly good. It was peaceful in a way you wouldn't think possible with the ages my kids were. There was order to our day. The was a clear routine. There was rest. There was sleep! When I look back on the year, the hard moments make me laugh instead of cry because they were just that, moments.

How did I do this? Babywise.

I am not a sleep guru. I did not study infant sleep, work in a day care, or put a spell on my children. I do not have a magic touch. I just read Babywise and I followed it. I started the eat, wake, sleep cycle with very short wake times in the hospital. I nursed on a schedule, waking the babies to feed them throughout the day. I focused on FULL feedings, which encouraged longer stretches of sleep and established my milk supply. I taught the babies to fall asleep independently and to self-soothe, choosing not to rely on sleep props. I prioritized sleep, turning down outside activities to establish a strong sleep schedule. These are all principles of Babywise and when diligently executed, they result in a well-rested family.

This was my third go-around with Babywise and it was by far the easiest, which I credit both to "practice making perfect" and to the fact that I was more regimented this time. I had to be stricter - there was just no other way to survive four little ones on my own. And the results were impressive. My twins slept through the night at 11 weeks, which was 1-2 months earlier than my other two. They had established and predictable naps very early on. When this happens - when all four of your children sleep through the night and predictably nap from 1-4pm everyday - you are rested enough to take on anything, even twins! As a mother, your outlook changes when you are rested. Things don't seem so terrible. Life doesn't seem so hard.

With four little Babywise success stories running around the house all day, it's impossible for me to conclude anything other than that when the principles of Babywise are applied consistently over time, the result is a well-rested child. This forms a foundation for all other skills and behaviors. Rest is vital for both baby and mom, and Babywise can help parents achieve it. 

Babywise Enables Me to Stay Home

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I have been an avid reader of Chronicles of a Babywise Mom for about 10 months now. I read Babywise when I was pregnant with my beautiful baby girl, Eliana, and it made a lot of sense to me and seemed to fit with my already-scheduled personality. I decided to follow it. However, I ended up having quite a few difficulties implementing it, until I searched online and found Valerie's incredibly helpful website. Here I found so many more specifics that helped me whenever I ran into a problem.
Babywise Enables Me to Stay Home

My now-14-month-old is now a great sleeper who sleeps 12 hours a night and takes two long naps at the same time each day. This actually enables me to work from home as a tutor, which in turn enables me to continue to be a stay-at-home mom. I believe that if it weren't for Babywise, I would not be able to work from home at all.

During the morning, Eliana does independent playtime in her room. She has a big mirror on the wall which I believe helps her feel she has a "friend" there with her. I also play music for her during that time. She is very happy in there for 45 minutes a day. Meanwhile, I clean up the house for the students who are coming over.

Then Eliana and I have time for more playtime together, reading stories, and bath time. When she goes down for her naps, students come to our home for English or Spanish help. They can be here at a regular time because I know when she will be sleeping.

During her awake times, we go shopping or to friends' houses or to the kids' play area at the mall - something that will be fun for her to do.

In the evening, she has just a bit of time to play with Daddy, and then she goes to sleep by 7 p.m. after which I have time for my husband or time to prepare lessons for the next day.

I am so thankful that I can count on her schedule. People are always commenting to me how happy and well-behaved my baby is. Others love babysitting her, too, as they can put her to sleep easily and she falls asleep on her own.

I pass on information about Babywise whenever I can because I believe it can really help others.

Thank you for letting me share and I hope others will also consider trying it out, even if you don't naturally consider yourself a scheduled person - it is so nice to be able to count on what your baby is going to do next!

by Mary B.

His Smile Is My Best Reward

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This is my success story. You may ask, are you sure? My baby is not even 4 months old, he still has never slept through the night. But for me it sure is a success.

His Smile Is My Best Reward Babywise Success

The main thing Babywise has given me is more predictability and certainty. Now I feel what I do meters. Going from one kid to two was easy for me. Now I feel much better, happier, less tired than first time round, when I felt useless and powerless.

My first born is 4 years old and was fed on demand and we co-slept. I knew nothing about eat-activity-sleep cycle which makes all the difference! Basically if I am totally honest he never woke up happy! I nursed him to sleep and than he'd woke up at random time, three hours or 30 minutes later, screaming and I would rush to pic him up. If it wasn't a nap in my lap. I was sad, angry and defeated. It lasted like this for the whole year I nursed.

I live in Ukraine, the book On Becoming Babywise is the only one you can get here translated into Russian (none in Ukrainian at all), other books in original are hard to get, if possible. The title it's published under is Teach your baby to sleep all night which really does no favor is very limited. 

Luckily, I've found your blog! My second son was born, I felt unsatisfied with the way I parented my firstborn so I was desperate to find other way! Nobody talks about Babywise where I live. The thought of schedule repels mothers reminding us of Soviet era, cause rigid schedule was forced on moms back then with all the other intervention of government into private life. So now we are almost exclusively on the wave of attachment parenting. It's common knowledge no breastfed baby STTNs. Nobody even tries.

So. To my success finally. My baby-boy is happy, he's content, he wakes up from his long, predictable nap not crying, but with a smile on his face! He is happy to see me and hear my voice, not just demanding me to pick him up right away and give him all the attention forever. He doesn't need to be constantly held to stay calm, he's curious staring around the room, following me around with his eyes from the playmat, responding to my silly talk to him. I see he is just more happy to be in this world with us, his family. His smile is my best reward

Olga - follow my Instagram


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