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Goodness Bee Eczema Balm {Giveaway}

This post is written in partnership with Goodness Bee. All opinions are my own. 

A few months ago, I was contacted by Justin from Goodness Bee.  He told me he had developed a cream for eczema to help his daughter. They had tried multiple solutions to help their daughter out and nothing was working. Necessity is the mother of invention, and love can drive us to do more than we think we can, so he experimented and produced a cream. He asked if I would be interested in trying it, which I definitely was! He sent me a complimentary balm and asked me to share with you my findings.

It is amazing. You may know McKenna has eczema. Brinley came along and also had it, though we were able to keep it under control with our tricks--other than one spot on her face. I recently realized that (duh) that dry spot on Kaitlyn's face by her lips that is almost always an open wound is eczema. We have tried many, many products over the years. Some work better than others, some not at all.

We tried this cream on Kaitlyn. For her entire life, she has times of the year that she just has this open wound on her face. It cracks and it hurts. Staying on top of it has proven to pretty much just leave a red streak instead of a crack, but if we miss one day, the crack appears. Also, she is getting old enough that she feels self conscious having a red sore on her face.

This Goodness Bee cream has made it so Kaitlyn has not cracked at all. I only apply it when the skin starts to get red. One application cures it right away and it stays find for many days and sometimes more than a week. Oh how I love this cream! I don't have to apply it daily, and as soon as I see an issue, I apply it and the skin is healed within hours. In past years, we have had to stay on top of it daily, and one slip up meant at least  week of daily applications to get it back under control.

Brinley had her eczema spot pop up on her face during a cold. A little cream and it was gone! I have used it on myself on just dry, irritated areas of skin and it is better right away.

I love that I don't have to use much of this--the stuff will last a very long time.

If you want to see before and after pictures, check out their website:

I have always said different things work for different people, but I would say if your child has eczema, try this first. It is 100% organic. They also use minimal amounts of ingredients to prevent further irritation from other ingredients. It works so well and so fast that it is so worth the monetary risk. Though I must point out that they offer a 100% money back guarantee, so your only risk is shipping cost.

June 2016 Update: This stuff is still absolutely amazing. I will definitely be purchasing a new balm when ours runs out, but it hasn't run out yet!

Goodness Bee is giving away a free Baby Eczema Balm! Enter below. 

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the honey home said...

Anselm gets little dry patches on his arms and legs in the winter. I would love to try this with him.

MeganRuth said...

My son has a patch of irritated skin just below his chin I've tried do many different things and I can't seem to help him. I hope this will.

Guillermo and Sue said...

My almost 2-year old daughter has patches of dry skin around her lower lips and chin. This looks like a great product to try!

Mara Kreiling said...

My son's eczema always flares up in cold weather so it's starting. I'm always looking for new products to try on it!

Joy said...

OH I wish this was in stores, so I could go grab some tonight! My one-year-old has eczema on her legs, and it just looks so uncomfortable. My niece and nephew also suffer from it, and this would be a great product for them to try--they've tried them all.

Peyton said...

My daughter has eczema! I would love to try this for her!

Stephanie Burnham said...

My 7 month old has dry patches on her legs and elbows and I haven't found anything that helps. Would love to try this!!

AllieK said...

My son gets that same dry, sore spot on his mouth this time of year! I'd love to try this on him.

Michael and Yvonne said...

Hmm interesting i have noticed on DD a trouble spot that seems to recur in the winter and i thought it was irritation from when she has a cold (it's above her upper lip) but i'm rethinking this....will need to check this out!

mommymoran said...

Both my son and I would love to try this.

GingerG said...

I signed up for their email list!

GingerG said...

My daughter could use this. She recently developed a dry, red patch of skin and I think this would help!

Aubrey said...

I signed up for their emails!

Aubrey said...

Both of my kids would benefit from this!

Mol moll said...

Hi there! I am actually commenting in response to your current giveaway, because the comment link on that one won't work for seems to be broken. I hope this will count! I visited the website and read the powerful testimonials. Thanks!