All About the Babywise Friendly Blog Network {BFBN}

All About the Babywise Friendly Blog Network {BFBN}

In 2007, I started by blog in order to help parents with their Babywise questions. The internet was not a friendly place for Babywise inquiries and I wanted to be a voice for people who needs help and encouragement.
Four years later, in 2011, I wanted to expand that vision just beyond myself. Hearing from one person who does Babywise is nice, but wouldn’t several be even better? So I started the Babywise Friendly Blog Network. My vision was to have a group of bloggers who all follow Babywise who could work together to create one massive resource collectively for Babywise parents. Everyone has different life experiences in general, and this is especially true in parenting. Among all of us, we could more fully address the needs of parents out there.
Nearly 6 years later, the Babywise Friendly Blog Network (BFBN) is stronger than ever! We have had so many great bloggers join over the years and we have a fantastic group today. I will share them in order of who has been in the BFBN the longest.

Chronicles of a Babywise Mom
You are here. This is me 🙂 

The Journey of Parenthood


Emily is married to Zach and has three children, ages 8, 5, and almost 3. She is a stay at home mom and loves being a mom! She has a deep love for Disney. They are a Dave Ramsey family and she is full of frugal living tips. She aims to raise children who love Jesus. She is structured but fun and she really tries to make fun memories with her children. Some of my favorite posts of hers are:

Birth-Six Month Babywise Schedule

Newborn Sleep Guide

How to Start Babywise!



Team Cartwright


Kimberly is mother to three children, ages 3 and 17 months old. She is a mom to identical twins! She


has been married to Pat for 8 years. She is a former chemist and accountant. She currently works from home as a bookkeeper and of course a mother. She loves coffee and reading. She loves to help parents find solutions that work for them and fit into each family’s individual priorities. She is also very passionate about helping people embrace STEM and stop fearing math and science. She says, “They are not esoteric things that are only for some intellectual elite. It is the world around us and we should encourage all kids to ask why about the world around them, to not be afraid to not know something, and to try to find answers.” Some of my favorite posts of hers are:





Wiley Adventures


Carrie is the mother to four children, ages 9, 6, almost 5, and 2. She is married to Kyle who is the director of operations for a Missions Org. She is a travel agent who specializes in Disney destinations. She is passionate about raising kids to be world changers who love God and people. She survives motherhood with a good routine and schedule. She loves to drink hot tea, read books, plan trips, and read Gilmore Girls. Some of my favorite posts of hers are:

babywise and cry it out (or don't!)


why we chose (and love) babywise

5 ways to encourage your kids to become world changers


Mama’s Organized Chaos


Katrina is the mother to a 2.5 year old with one on the way. She went through fertility treatments for her first pregnancy. She is a former engineer and high school chemistry teacher, and is now a stay at home mom. She went to Texas A&M and now resides in Maryland. She is passionate about breastfeeding on a schedule. She also used cloth diapers, made her own baby food, and loves baby wearing, so she is a mom with some seemingly opposite interests that often are true of Babywise moms. Some of my favorite posts of hers are:


Babywise FAQ & A




Let’s Be Brave


Natasha has been married to Gary for 7 years. She is a foster/adoptive mama and has also done IVF. She has four children, ages 6, 5, 2, and 2 months. She lives in Texas where she is a CPS and adoption lawyer. She is an extreme extrovert, and is an open book says sometimes she is an oversharer. She loves God and people, wine and ice cream, and books and games. Some of my favorite posts of hers are (hover over to see post title):

 babywise myths {babywise works for you (not the other way around)}.


how we transition a new foster kid into our home.

11 ways to support foster families.




Twinning Babywise

ColeCole is the mother to four children, ages 4, 2, and one year old twins. She lives in San Diego. She loves to cook and read. She is also proud to say she survived the first year with twins with four children three and under, and she loved it! Cole is always blunt and tells it like it is. Some of my favorite posts of hers are:

Five Tips for Getting a Twins on a Schedule

Childproofing (Or How To Stunt the Development of Self-Control)

Send ’em Outside

Rogers Party of 5


Caitlin is our newest BFBN member! She is the wife to Ben and mother to three children, ages 3 and 16 months (twin girls). Her twins were born 8 weeks early, so she has preemie experience. She has a Masters degree in Flute Performance and is a former music teacher. She loves eating healthy and to exercise, but also loves fancy cupcakes. She also loves black coffee and wine. She grew up by the ocean and misses it like crazy. She is not a sugarcoater and strives to keep her blog a judgement free zone. Some of my favorite posts of hers are:

How I Got My Twins to Sleep Through the Night

How I Got My Twins to Stay on a Schedule

5 Ways You Can Help a NICU Family



There you have it! We have some great ladies with a lot of different life experiences and stages. These are great ladies to turn to when you have Babywise questions. 


Babywise Friendly Blog Network (BFBN)


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