Brinley Pre-Toddler Summary: 15 Months Old

This is a summary for Brinley from 14.5-15 months old.


Eating is the same. She is just eating foods she can eat by herself.


Playing is good. 


For naps, during this period we went to one nap a day. She wasn’t quite ready for one nap every day, so we did an every other day plan. This worked nicely for our schedules of what we do each day. 

Brinley has this new thing of liking to throw her blankie out of her crib. Okay, she doesn’t like it being out of the crib, but she likes to see what happens when it is thrown. 

Brayden also loved his blankie. My other two girls weren’t highly attached to anything for sleeping, so we never had this issue, but I did with Brayden. With Brayden, he threw it out once, maybe twice, and then stopped. I think if I remember right, he threw it out, I gave it back, then he threw it out again during the same nap, so I didn’t give it back, and he never threw it out again.

I tried the same thing with Brinley. She has gotten significantly smarter about it, but she still test by throwing it out every so often (though maybe she accidently drops it as she is throwing other stuff out). Most of the time, she throws everything but the blanket out. This isn’t upsetting to her. But if the blankie makes it out, you know immediately.

The good news is she typically doesn’t do this all until after she has slept, so it isn’t preventing her nap from happening. 

I can talk to her through our video monitor, so when she has hung her blanket over the edge, I will talk into it and tell her not to throw her blanket out. The first time I did it, she looked pretty shocked 🙂 But she has always listened.


Brinley had a cold during this time period. She was not happy about it. The first night, she woke up crying about 1 AM. I went in and sucked out her nose (used Little Remedies Saline Spray/Drops and a plain old Bulb Syringe Aspirator), put some oils on her (I use doTERRA Breathe Essential Oil Blend), and put some baby vics on her (Vicks Babyrub Soothing Ointment). Then I held her for a bit before putting her back in her bed.

Funny story about the nose sucking. I was doing it with as little light as possible so I wouldn’t wake us up more than necessary. As I was squirting the snot onto a rag, it bounced off and hit me right in the eye! So gross.


At the beginning of this period, Brinley started yelling MAMA!!! in about as annoying of a manner as you can imagine when she wanted me. Amusing initially, but quickly not something I enjoyed. Happily, before this two week period was up, she was done with the annoying yelling.


I LOVE when babies start doing things like nodding yes and shaking head no. She is nodding yes now, which is very fun.


Oh yes, we have them. The mini-fits. Any time she doesn’t get what she wants, she throws a little fit. I think this is highly compounded by her siblings. Any time she cries, they try to make sure she stops. They will basically give her whatever she wants in order to stop her from crying. Can we say spoiled much? I am having to work with them. They have such a soft spot for her, but it obviously is not the way to react with mini-fits. It will be interesting to try to teach them how to be gentle and loving during a fit while not giving in to the fit–children are so “black and white” that they can have a hard time understanding things like this sometimes, but they will get it. See The “Mini-fit”


Two naps:
8:45–sippy of milk, fruit, cereal, yogurt, finger foods. Independent Playtime happens in this block.

11:15–nap starts

12:45–wake up, sippy with solids (veggie, fruit, other foods we are eating)

3:15–nap starts

5:00–wake up, sippy with solids (veggie, fruit, dinner) 

7:30–Sippy of milk, then bedtime. In bed by 8:00-8:30.

One nap:

8:45–sippy of milk, fruit, cereal, yogurt, finger foods.

Get ready. Clean with mom.

Independent Playtime.


Play with McKenna.

1:00–Nap starts

4:00-4:30–wake up. Snack. Play.


7:30–Sippy of milk, then bedtime. In bed by 8:00.