Brinley Preteen Summary: 11 Years Old

Daily life and schedule for an 11-year-old tween who was raised on Babywise. See her daily life, the activities she is involved in, and her daily routine.

11 year old Brinley

This is a summary for Brinley from 10.75-11 years old.


Sleeping is great! Brinley likes to read for a bit before she falls asleep. She says it helps relax her mind. I think all of my kids are that way. If you have a child struggling with settling into sleep, have them try reading in their bed for a bit before the go to sleep.


The school year ended great! Brinley absolutely loved her teacher and her class. She was awarded the “Hope of America” award. This is given for leadership and potential. Brayden received the award, also.


At the end of fifth grade year, our school gets together with all of the other elementary schools from the southern end of our valley and they do a mile race.

Brinley did no prep outside of what they ran at school. She as the fastest girl in her class going into the race and ended up being the first girl to finish from our school! She was 5th overall. It was fun to see. She has always enjoyed running and doesn’t seem to tire.


Summer was good. We didn’t do much this summer with Brayden leaving to Africa. Some highlights for her were doing a theater camp and camping. She also did a few soccer tournaments.


Brinley ended up switching soccer clubs and joined a new team. Her old team was great, but there were some things that were not her vibe. They had 4 teams her age that all practiced together and were coached collaboratively. From the perspective of a coach, this was great and makes a lot of sense. But for her, she often just felt lost.

She also didn’t have a single person from our town on her team–as crazy as that seems with that many players. The home base for it was a 30 minute drive, so that made practices really long when you add in driving there and back.

She has really liked her new team. There are two teams in the club her age. They practice separately twice a week and together once a week. I think that strikes a nice balance to enable teams to bond as one unit but also allows collaboration and scrimmages.


Brinley really enjoyed orchestra and plans to do it this upcoming school year. Her arms are so long that she needs a size 16 viola–which is the largest standard size there is. I don’t know if she will pursue orchestra long-term or not, but it is a fun thing for now.


She is still taking piano lessons. She is enjoying the piano more and more over time. Brinley does NOT like to be corrected, so something like piano is an emotional struggle for her. She is a perfectionist.

I find things like piano to be perfect for perfectionists. 99.9% of people will have to work and practice to get better at the piano. I love for my kids to learn that it takes work and effort. I love for them to be able to look back on piano efforts when they face something else difficult.

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As you may know, Brayden (her oldest sibling and only brother) graduated high school and left to serve a mission in Africa. Brinley ADORES Brayden. She was not happy he would be leaving and she has missed him. She has done a great job of sending him emails that are uplifting and still let him know we love and miss him.


Here is her typical school schedule:

7:00 AM – wake up and get ready for school.
8-9 AM – at school. The time varies depending on if it is an orchestra day or not.
4:00 PM – home. Piano practice. Chores. Activities. Play.
5:30 PM – dinner. Then free time and technology time.
8:00 PM – get ready for bed. She used to always shower in the morning, but she is starting to like to shower in the evening instead.
8:30 PM – bedtime.

And her typical summer schedule:

8-9 AM – Wake up. Breakfast. Get ready. Morning chores.
Noon – Lunch. Electronics can happen after lunch if daily chores are done.
5 PM – Dinner. Then family time, scriptures, and often soccer practice.
9-10 PM – Bedtime.

We like a block schedule in the summer for tweens and teens. With a block schedule, you have tasks you do in the morning block, tasks in an afternoon block, and tasks in the evening. You can do it any time you want to as long as it happens.

Sample block schedule for summer for kids


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