Learn effective ways to discipline your children. You can start discipline as young as with your baby! Learn tips for correcting and training children of all ages, from baby through teen years. Get a solid foundation from my post Discipline 101: The Basics of Correcting Children. Read all about my Discipline Phrases to be prepared to respond to children when they misbehave. You can read up on consequences and find different discipline methods.

Love Languages

I recently wrote a post about getting to know your child’s personality (see http://babywisemom.blogspot.com/2008/02/get-to-know-your-childs-personality.html). In it, I listed different things I find valuable to discover about your child as early… View Post

Understanding Why vs. How When Parenting

Humans are creatures of habit. Once we get an idea of how something should be, we will stick to it rather stubbornly. This is as true in parenting as anything… View Post

How to Teach Your Baby Highchair Manners

How to Teach Your Baby Highchair Manners. Tips to help baby have good manners while eating. A baby CAN have good manners! To a new parent watching their child eat for… View Post

Hand Folding: Establishing Self-Control

In Toddlerwise, it talks about the idea of hand folding. This is referred to as self-control training with hands. “When you begin to see those early signs that your kids… View Post

Tips for Avoiding and Responding to Tantrums

Tips for Avoiding and Responding to Tantrums. Strategies to avoid tantrums and strategies for how to respond when tantrums do happen (because they will). Toddlers are going to have tantrums;… View Post

Teaching Your Baby “No”

Teaching your baby to listen to the word “no.” Baby can understand what no means and respond appropriately. This post discusses how to accomplish this.  Many people believe a baby… View Post

How to Know What Freedoms to Give Baby

How to Know What Freedoms to Give Baby. Understanding the concept of freedoms and knowing how to respond when baby tests those limits.  The idea of freedoms is talked about… View Post