Tantrums are a normal part of life with little ones. Learn how to handle tantrums and how to prevent tantrums from taking over your life.

Frustration Tantrums

A frustration tantrum can be difficult to deal with. Your child is upset because she can’t get what she wants. This is when your child is trying to do something,… View Post

Logical Consequences: Public Tantrums

Last month, I asked you readers for specific situations you needed help applying logical consequences in, and we got quite the response! I will take each response and tell you… View Post

Controlling the Young Temper

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The “Mini-fit”

What to do when your child has a mini-fit. How to solve the early tantrums your pre-toddler and toddler have. Strategies to stop tantrums. The mini-fit. Ugh. The first time… View Post

Don’t Stress Mama: Good Behavior Progress is a Spiral

When working on obedience with your child, progress is a spiral. Good behavior comes in stages. Positive results from discipline happens incrementally. As you walk up a spiral stair case,… View Post

When Your Child Has a Tantrum, Stop and Think

When Your Child Has a Tantrum, Stop and Think. Do not give in to the tantrum. Do not react before evaluating and assessing the situation. It is okay to pause… View Post

How to Stop a Tantrum by Addressing The Choice Addiction

How to stop tantrums by addressing the choice addiction. Common choices given to children they shouldn’t have and how to stop the tantrums that go with them. When a tantrum… View Post