How to Keep Track of Life

image source With each child that we have had, I have felt a chunk of my brain become all consumed. There are a lot of things to keep track of:… View Post

Poll Discussion Post: Time Allocation of Activities Each Day

For today’s poll, I wanted to talk about how your child’s time is allocated through the day. This can help people get an idea of what trends are for these… View Post

“Flexible-izing” a Baby

This is the cute baby of my friends Bree and Travis Yes, yes I did just make up a new word. “Flexible-izing”–to make one more able to withstand disruptions to… View Post

Shifting Your Schedule {Time Change, Time Zones, etc.}

Tips for shifting your schedule. This post outlines how to change your child’s schedule for the time  change or for traveling to different time zones. You can also use these… View Post

Managing the Entire Family’s Schedules

One of the bigger challenges in having multiple children is keeping everyone’s schedules straight. Even just having two children involved in one activity each creates a situation that requires some… View Post

Scheduling Homework Time/Piano Practice Time/etc.

When Brayden and Kaitlyn were both young (Kaitlyn was a baby), I sat in a meeting with moms in various stages of life (we all were in a presidency together… View Post

How I Do It: My Schedule

    A reader asked that I share my daily schedule in this series.   Right now, my daily schedule can vary quite from day to day due to school,… View Post