Nap and Bedtime Concerns for Preschoolers

Nap and Bedtime Concerns for Preschoolers. How to know when to drop naps all together and what to do if your child stays up playing in bed past bedtime. Sleep… View Post

Bedtime {Poll Results Post}

The importance of bedtime is probably highly underrated. The timing of bedtime can strongly influence how night sleep goes and what time your child gets up the next morning. For… View Post

Strategies for Making Bedtime Smoother

Bedtime is simultaneously one of the best and worst times of the day. As parents, we are looking forward to getting our kids in bed and having a break. The… View Post


Yes   56 (80%)   No   8 (11%)   Sometimes   6 (8%)   Votes so far: 70  Facebook Results Yes 41 votes 75 % No 3 votes 5%… View Post

Bedtime Routine: Storytime

Storytime has got to be one of the sweetest times of day. Child and parent snuggle up together to read stories before bedtime. If you are not careful, this treasured… View Post

Preschooler Summary: 4 Years Old

Kaitlyn is now four years old! As I write this, Kaitlyn is going on a few days in a row of seriously perfect obedience–and beyond. She is doing things before… View Post

Preschoolers and Bedtime

When you get to the point of having a preschooler, you might not think bedtime is all that important–especially if you have a more flexible child like Kaitlyn (2.5). This… View Post