Sleep Problems

When you are facing sleep problems, these posts will help you problem solve those sleep problems and get great sleep happening at your house.

How Pacifiers Might Be Ruining Your Baby’s Sleep

The pacifier might be ruining your baby’s sleep. Sound odd? The pacifier is supposed to help soothe your baby and help her sleep better, right? How can it possibly be… View Post

How To Help a Baby With Gas Pain

“Yep, that is gas pain. You need to use some gas drops.” Brayden was only six weeks old and I had never heard of gas drops, nor bad gas pain… View Post

Common Reasons for Poor Sleep

  Sleep can be all consuming when you are a parent of young children. When your baby or child starts sleeping poorly, you want it fixed immediately! The list of… View Post

10 Reasons Your 5-8 Month Old Stopped Sleeping Well

  I get asked for help solving sleep problems far more than any other topic. Sleep is a concern for you and sleep problems creep up frequently throughout baby’s first… View Post

The First 5 Things to Check When Your Baby Is Taking Short Naps

What To Do When Your Baby Is Taking Short Naps {The first five things to check} When your baby is taking short naps, solving that can become all-consuming. You care… View Post

To the Mom of the First-Born Poor Sleeper

See those eyes? He kept his eyes like that ALL.THE.TIME. The kid avoided sleep like I avoid spiders. Try as I might, Brayden, my oldest, did not nap longer than… View Post

Surviving 45 Minute Naps

45 minute naps! Oh how those naps torment mothers. Every baby has short naps sometimes; every baby has growth spurts, sickness, or pain while teething…Some babies, however, have 45 minute… View Post