McKenna Toddler Summary: 35 Months Old

A full summary of life for this 35 month old. Find out what daily life was like and find a 35 month old toddler sample schedule to follow.

McKenna is now one month away from three years old!


We have had zero ear infections since she got tubes put in and tonsils taken out. She is such a happy, pleasant person when she is not sick and in pain constantly 🙂

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Eating is relatively normal. One difference is that she no longer will just eat anything in front of her without thinking–if she hasn’t seen it before, she will think it out.

She will smell it, look it over, and taste a small bite before committing. I am actually glad for this development because she used to not discern at all, and I think a person should discern before they eat something 🙂 I wouldn’t like it if she were picky, but she isn’t. 


Playing is pretty normal. She is getting less content to play alone. She plays well for independent play, but at free time, she will not play alone if a sibling is home.

She loves to play with her siblings. What is happening is she is outgrowing the “side-by-side” play tenancies of toddlers and growing into interactive play of preschoolers. 

As I mentioned in a recent pregnancy post, my friend Serra has McKenna come over to play for a couple of hours one day a week. She has a daughter about four months older than McKenna and they love to play. She has had a lot of fun playing.

I wouldn’t let McKenna go play at just any house at this age (well, at any age, but at almost three I am very particular). I know I can trust Serra because she has my same standards and values, so I can trust McKenna to play there.

I think you have to be careful with children this age because they are very impressionable. 


Sleeping is great. Typically around this time of year, my kids don’t nap as well due to less activity in winter months. However…


I have been working out my winter game plan for my kids. February tends to be a rough month after being cooped up by winter for months. Sure, you can play outside in the snow, and it can wear you out, but it does not provide the same level of exercise that running around for hours brings. 

This was McKenna’s first year being old enough to participate in activities. She is taking swimming lessons and ice skating lessons. She loves both.

She isn’t getting real training in the water because we don’t want her ears in the water this soon after surgery (all doctors have their own policies). She still gets some exercise and has some fun. Ice skating she is great. She loves, loves, loves it and can actually ice skate–like, move on the ice without falling down. I didn’t expect that of her, so it was a pleasant surprise. 

This is much younger than Brayden ever started any sort of activities. I think three is a good age for some things, but I also don’t think it is necessary. If Brayden and Kaitlyn weren’t doing it, she wouldn’t be; however, I don’t think it is bad for her to be doing these things. 


8:00–Wake up and eat breakfast
9:15–Get ready
10:00–Learning Poster and read stories with Mommy
10:30–Independent Play
11:30–TV time possibly
12:30–Learning activity and free play with sibling
4:00 or 4:30–Get up–or free play. 
6:00–Family Activities
7:30–Get ready for bed

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35 month old McKenna