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As college-aged students get more and more unable to handle the pressures of college, people are starting to try to analyze why this is. As I have read over the many articles circulating on this topic, I have noticed that most (if not all) articles talk about the importance of having your children do chores while raising them. And so, that is the topic of our current poll. You can find full original answers here.



1-What is the age of your child?








2-Do you have your child do chores?

Just Introducing–1



3-What are 3-5 examples of chores that your child currently does?

Take care of pet–3

Cleans up toys–7

Help with garbage/recycling–3

Help with dishes–4

Sort laundry–1

Move laundry–2

Fold laundry/socks–2

Put laundry away–3

Set table–1

Clear table–4

Help clean bathrooms–3

Clean own room–3





Base moldings–2

Clean out car–2

Water plants–1


4-What age did you start chores?

Starting simple as a baby–3



5-Do you think it is important for your child to do chores?




6-In reference to question 5, why yes or why no?

Ashley said: I wholeheartedly believe it is important for a child to do chores. I was never expected to do chores and regret the lack of skills and bad attitudes I left my teen years with. I believe chores are a building block to establishing good work ethic, and also make life as a family more like a family (and less of a group of workers vs. slackers.)


Baylock Bunch said: We are a part of a family and we all have to help out. I want my kids to know how to take care of themselves, and realize that nice things don’t just magically happen. You have to work hard to have nice things. I also think there is great satisfaction in accomplishing a project; even if it is just scrubbing a toilet.


Jessie said: It teaches a child that it takes work to keep the house together, responsibility, and taking pride in a job well done.


Kristy said: The attitudes of everyone are more cheerful once the whole family accepts that we are all helping each other when we clean house. It creates a culture of everyone helps, everyone cares.


McMom said: I think it helps teach responsibility, helping others, work ethic, focus and follow through, as well organizational skills. Also, having responsibility inside of a group also instills pride and belonging in that unit.



7-Any words of advice of comments on chores?

Ashley said: Keep on keeping on, expect bad days, reward good days, and commit to moving toward your ultimate goal! As with everything else I have learned from this blog and child rearing in general, practice makes great improvement.


Baylock Bunch said: While I believe chores are important, and there is a need to start early, I don’t want to overwhelm my children with responsibility just yet. I want them to spend most of their day playing because they will only get that for a short time. I also had 3 babies in 3 years so maybe when I am no longer pregnant and/ or nursing I will have time to do more chores during the day, and can actually teach my kids how to do them as well. I’m thinking that maybe school age will be a good time to start that.


Jessie said: I don’t do a chore chart, I simply ask her to help out when I’m doing chores and it works great. Depending on the day we don’t do more than cleaning up toys and others I have multiple loads of laundry and she wants to offer a hand cleaning windows or such. To me it’s about learning and helping out at this age and not a check list.


Kristy said: Some chores seemed too hard for my children at different ages, so I sometimes lost consistency in having them do chores. If I had to do it over again, I would choose chores carefully each year and break them down into small steps and repeat, repeat, repeat. I would try not to overwhelm the kids but have them do chores on a very, very regular basis. No system is going to be absolutely perfect, though. 🙂


McMom said: We have no set schedule yet. I’m not sure when that will come. We sing a “clean up” song pretty much every time we clean up toys in a room we are leaving. They both like that. Some chores are non negotiable (make bed, pick up toys), while others are still voluntary. He chooses to help with these about 80% of the time, if i make them look fun enough 🙂


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