Poll Results: Thumb/Finger Sucking


You can find the original poll and responses to this poll here. Here are the results:


Did/does your child suck fingers/thumb?

Yes: 26

No: 2


If so, which?

Thumb: 13

Middle Fingers: 4

Index and Middle Finger: 3

Ring and Pinky Fingers: 1

One Finger: 1

Thumb and Finger: 4

N/A: 2



Did you encourage the sucking, or did it just happen?

Just Happened: 21

I Encouraged It: 0

Happened Even Though We Tried Pacis: 5

N/A: 2


Have you seen any problems associated with the sucking? If so, what?

N/A: 2

No: 13

Yes: 13



  • Callous/Blister: 2
  • Teeth/Gums: 5
  • Can Aggravate Skin: 4
  • Addicted: 1
  • Communicated with thumb in mouth: 1

Do you limit the sucking at all?

N/A: 2

No: 6

Child Limits: 6

Yes: 14

  • Allow only at sleep time: 12
  • Didn’t at first but do now:  1

What age did you wean from the sucking?

N/A: 18

Under 12 Months: 2

12-15 Months: 2

15-18 Months:

19-24 Months: 

2-2.5 Years: 1

2.5-3 Years: 1

3 Year Old:

4 Year Old: 2

5 Year Old: 2

If you have weaned, what method did you use?

N/A: 18

Weaned Self: 4

Limiting Sucking: 5

Glove on hand at night: 1


Andrea said: “I told him one day that he could only suck his thumb in his crib. He almost started crying. When he started to suck again, I picked him up and started walking toward his crib to put him in it. He stopped immediately.”


Ranae said: “Right now we are just reminding, but I think we’ll have to try something more. I’ve heard good things about the book “David Decides About Thumbsucking.”

How did your child handle the weaning?

N/A: 18

Great!: 8

Too Soon to Know: 1

Hard But Trying: 1

Any tips for moms of thumb/finger sucking?Emily said: “his dr warned that finger-suckers tend to get sick more often which makes total sense, so we try to be careful about hand washing.”

Jillian said: “It is more convenient then trying to find a paci all night long, but I do think weanin from a paci would be easier.”


Nikole said: “Don’t allow them to do it during the day, because that can more negatively affect their teeth. Only allow it for soothing at naps/bed”


Emily said: “Personally I love it because once he started doing it (around 4 months) he slept MUCH better and was able to self-sooth better. 🙂 Of course we haven’t tried weaning yet (he is 2) so that might be a whole other ball game – but so far I’ve had no issues.”


Ashley said: “He associates thumb sucking with having his blanket, so we try to keep his blanket in his crib only. ”


Jessie said: “I did a bit of research, and what I found at the time is the less you make a big deal of it, the easier it is to wean. That is why I decided not to pull it out of his mouth. However, only time will tell!”


Kathelle said: “With regards to weaning, my son wouldn’t take food as he was too busy sucking his thumb so I gave him his own spoon to concentrate on. Then he ate fine.”


Alex said: “Try to teach them to only do it at bed and nap time! I’m so glad he always associated it with his lovey.”


Andrea: “At times it’s wonderful! You never need to think about bringing it with you, losing it, or dropping it. But weaning is definitely tough because their thumb is always with them.”


The Teacher said: “I did my own research( ha) and I think they sleep better, can soothe themselves better and are healthier because constant bombardment of germs- immune system in high alert always ”


Amanda said: “I have a finger sucker and one that takes a paci, I think they both have their pros and cons although I have not dealt with weaning either (23 months and 8 months). In the long run I do think the paci may be easier to wean from, but we will see” 


me said: “Obviously in my daughter’s case there were no problems. I myself however sucked my thumb for many years and I know my parents tried everything.”


Leigh said: “Start saving for braces now!”


ziggyslp said: “I like that it is limited to bedtime simply for the germ factor. Part of her bedtime routine is washing her hands so I know they are at least mostly clean. If we are out and about I really don’t want her putting her thumb in her mouth.”


Allison said: “I would recommend not letting it go as long as we have.” (five years)


Jessica said: ” Just let it happen.”


Emily said: “Do everything U can to avoid finger sucking!!!!! I hope to never have a finger sucker again but I truly don’t think it was up to us. She instantly took to them and it’s not really something in a parents control!”


Would you allow thumb/finger sucking again?

Yes: 15

No: 1

Undecided: 2

Try Not To, But Okay If Happens: 4


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2 thoughts on “Poll Results: Thumb/Finger Sucking”

  1. Shoot! I'm so disappointed I missed this poll because I have a finger sucker (4.5 years old) and a pacifier lover (21 months). Neither is weaned. I agree there are pros and cons but I also would NOT recommend encouraging a baby to be a finger sucker! For mine, she has callouses and spits out all the spit that builds up in her mouth from it onto her pillow. So yes, her pillow is wet and stinks. It's awful. But I try not to shame her and just tell her that one day she won't want to do it anymore. (fingers crossed!)

  2. I also wanted to add what my daughter's dentist told us last visit in regards to finger sucking:He said that once she starts losing baby teeth she will not find the same gratification in sucking her fingers because the pressure will be different inside her mouth. Sounded interesting. I'll be hoping it's true in about a year or two!


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