Poll Results: What was/is baby’s approximate optimal waketime length for 11-12 months? (includes feeding time)


75-90 minutes 3 (1%)
1.5-2 hours 13 (8%)
2-2.5 hours 36 (23%)
2.5-3 hours 51 (33%)
3-3.5 hours 38 (24%)
3.5 hours or more 13 (8%)

Total of 154 votes


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8 thoughts on “Poll Results: What was/is baby’s approximate optimal waketime length for 11-12 months? (includes feeding time)”

  1. I have a question about waketimes/naptimes. My DD is 6.5 months and has been doing great on a 4 hour since about 4.5-5months 🙂 But as she is getting older she can stay awake more. Will there come a time when we break w/ the eat/play/sleep cycle b/c waketimes get longer and she'll need longer naps than would be allowed under that cycle? B/c if she continues extending waketimes, as i understand she will still take 2 naps (after she drops her last shorter nap) and i cant imagine them being short (<1.5hrs) but maybe they will be until they are condensed into one? IDK. Help. Thanks.

  2. Kelly, yes, you break the cycle once you drop the third nap. She will most likely take 2 two hour naps until she is somewhere between 14-22 months, with most dropping the morning nap around 18 months.

  3. So, to make sure i understand, would i keep her on a 4 hour or would it be more of a lose 4 hour? Now we do 7, 11, 3 and 7 but she (just this week) started dropping her 3rd nap fairly consistently and we just put her to bed a little early. We broke the e/p/s pattern in the evening but does the rest of the day change? I'm wondering when the meals line up w/ the family, is that solids or bottle AND solids? B/c i dont think i'd want to give time between bottle and solids as that could lead to snacking…Thanks!!

  4. Kelly,Meals lining up with family kind of depend on when the family eats. There are BW moms of preschoolers who don't have all meals lined up for the family because Dad gets home late and eats at 8 PM…but a 4 year old isn't going to make it that late.SO, I assume that eating breakfast at 7 is doable for your family? 11 might be doable for lunch. 3 is an early dinner. So I would feed at 3, then feed baby finger foods at the family's dinner. Then nurse/liquid feed at 7 and to bed.But if your baby can go longer, by this age you could go longer. So you could do 7, 11:30, 4:00, 7:00 (or whatever)

  5. Thanks!!!We're getting closer to the age of dropping the bottle/formula and i'm just trying to wrap my brain around what life will look like. So i'm sorry for repeating ?'s. I should have clarified that she's currently eating breakfast closer to 7:30 just because thats when we get to her sitters. Not that it matters, but Anyways…Would it mess up her metabolism to do breakfast at 7:30, lunch around 11:30 (if she can make it), a snack around 3:30 and then dinner with the family around 6pm? That would be doable for us and i'm just trying to figure out if i can move her to more of that before she drops the bottle or if i should wait (IF it would be an okay schedule).

  6. Kelly, do a liquid feeding at 3:30. I would probably feed her a fruit and veggie at that time, then give her samples from what the family is eating at 6. But if you want to stick with how you are doing it, that is fine.

  7. my baby is 49 weeks old (11 months) and has had difficulty napping. when i lay him down after a two hour wake time he does not take a morning nap. if i lay him down after a three hour wake time he always naps but skips his afternoon nap. could he already be ready to drop his afternoon nap? it feels too early and i remember reading that they drop their morning nap first. so frustrated!


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