Over 60 White Elephant Gift Ideas People Will Want

Get over 60 different white elephant gift ideas. Find nice white elephant gifts, funny white elephant gifts, white elephant gifts under $10, and white elephant gifts under $20.

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We have a few Christmas parties we attend every year that have a white elephant gift exchange. Two are with friends and we often go for funny white elephant gift ideas and another is with family where we go for nicer white elephant gift ideas under $20.

This post outlines some of the best ideas for your white elephant gift exchange this holiday season. Scroll to the type of gift you are looking for to see my ideas. I have nice gift ideas, funny gift ideas, and gift ideas in different price ranges.

I always love a party where we steal from each other, so it is fun to have good gifts out there that people want to fight over.

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Nice White Elephant Gift Ideas

Some white elephant gift parties are nice and not intended to be funny. Here are some ideas for those occasions.

Card Game

A card game, or any game, can make a great white elephant gift. There is such a variety of prices of games that you can find something in your budget, also. 

Uno Flip is a very fun upgrade to the original Uno game. Cover Your Assets is a super fun card game that is on the newer side, and the company has a lot of other card games. Coup is probably our current favorite card game as a family right now.

Head Massager

This is one of those things that people might look at and think, “I am interested, but I am not going to buy it.” Then it comes along in a white elephant gift and they are happy to try it out. We gave this out one year and everyone at the party wanted to try it.

Pop Socket

Pop sockets or other similar phone accessories can be quite popular right now. You can get something neutral that would appeal to all or you could go for something specialized for your audience. For example, my family almost all love the New York Yankees, so a Yankees pop socket would be a huge hit.

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Food or Treats

Food and treats are always a great gift. I mean, who doesn’t love chocolate? Some homemade cookies or a salty snack can be a big hit for the recipient.

Note Pads

These sticky notes have all sorts of variety that are funny. You can find one that will suit your crowd.  

Fact Book

Many people out there love random facts, so this could be nice for some and funny for others. 

Astronaut Food

Astronaut food is fascinating, unique gift and pretty novel. This makes a nice white elephant because most people are interested in trying it out, but wouldn’t spend money on it.

Kitchen Gadget

There are so many kitchen gadgets out there that have one job. They can be handy, but I for one am hesitant to spend money on something that does one job. These are uncommon goods people might be curious about. These gifts can be funny and nice all at once. Here are some fun examples:

Sandwich maker

This makes a breakfast sandwich all at once!

Electric Egg Cooker

Get your eggs cooked easily with this gadget!

Giant Ice Cream Scooper

If you love ice cream, why not scoop it up in a giant scooper?

Waffle Bowl Maker

I really want to try this out!

Selfie Light

This is equal parts funny and potentially nice for people. It is great for the younger crowd or maybe for that coworker who always has poor lighting.

Gift Pack

You know those gift packs that aren’t personalized but you can buy them at most superstores, Khol’s, TJMaxx…those all make great nice white elephant gifts. 


Everyone loves a good candle. One really great place to get candles is Bath and Body Works, but you can find good ones on Amazon, too.

Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Tap into the music lover’s good side with this bluetooth shower speaker that is waterproof. Who doesn’t love to sing in the shower?

Winter Gloves

Everyone loves warm hands. These winter gloves are unisex and work with touchscreen devices.

Adult Coloring Book

An adult coloring book is a nice gift that even kids can enjoy. It is a great gift that people of all ages can get excited about.

Hot Dog Toaster

This is funny and yet some might find it useful. I actually got this for my husband one year and he loves it. We have taken one to a white elephant party before, also, and it was a popular gift everyone was going for.

White Elephant Gifts Under $10

Here is a list of white elephant gift ideas that are under $10. The best white elephant gift ideas do not have to be expensive–they can be budget-friendly also.

Old Book With Gift Card

One of my favorite gifts we ever got was an old book with a gift card to Coldstone hidden in the pages. 

Desktop Cornhole

For the person with a desk job who needs some entertainment in life. This isn’t the only desktop game out there. There are many to choose from, including tetherball and curling. These can be fun ideas for your work party gift exchange, so long as your boss is a good sport.

Screaming Goat

Oh this is sure to annoy someone!

Bob Ross Bobblehead With Sound

Similar to the goat but probably less annoying. 

Visor with Hair

We have a neighbor who wears this to soccer games and it totally transforms his look. It is very funny!

Unicorn Farts

This is simply cotton candy with funny packaging.

Harry Potter Cookbook

This cookbook actually has really great recipes in it. We love it at our house. It is practical and yet unique enough to make an appearance at your gift exchange.

Neck Phone Mount

Perfect for that lazy friend in your life. This will hold the device so your friend doesn’t have to. We have used this at a party and it was a huge hit.

White Elephant Gifts Under $20

These are all white elephant gift ideas for under $20. Some are funny, some are nice, and some could go either way.

Mini Waffle Iron

This is super impractical but someone might try it and find they love it. It could be handy for someone with kids who want a little bit of breakfast in the morning.

Cereal Killer Spoon

Taking the classic Halloween costume and making breakfast funny. 

Star Wars Tiki Tumbler

Star Wars is always a big hit. They have all sorts of characters available in these tumblers. 

Face Socks

Put your face on socks. You can customize these with any face. If you don’t want to do face socks, search Amazon for funny socks or just get a pack of nice socks if you are looking for a nicer gift.

Mini Vacuum

For those pesky messes on desks that you don’t want to have to wipe off. This could be funny for the neat freak in your life, also.

Push Pin Fridge Magnets

These magnets look like push pins. They make a fun gift that is humorous and practical.

Wallet Ninja

For the person who wants a multi-tool but doesn’t want to carry around a knife…we have the wallet ninja. This fits nicely in your wallet.

Ice Roller

I actually have one of these. It is really nice when you have a headache. I also like it for icing my knee when it hurts. It comes in handy!

Photo Calendar

Make a photo calendar or buy a calendar your fellow party-goers will love. You could do all sorts of photo gifts. Here is a nice Awkward Family Photo Calendar.

Funny White Elephant Gift Ideas

These ideas are all funny for those funny white elephant parties. Sometimes a gag gift is really fun and exactly what you are looking for at your party.

Classic CD/Video Tape

You might have a classic Michael Jackson Thriller video or cassette tape sitting around at home. Or maybe a CD from the 90s…these things are always funny and bring up good memories. 

Funny Game

Find a funny game. These might actually be fun games. One that comes to mind is Exploding Kittens. Funny, but also fun. Another is Bears vs. Babies. This is pretty random and one of Brinley’s favorite games right now.

Signed Photo of You

One year, one of my friends printed, signed, and framed a photo of himself. This has been one of my favorites so far as funny gifts over the years. 


There are a lot of t-shirts you could go with. I think this one is very funny.

Raining Men Umbrella

Everyone can use an umbrella, and why not a raining men umbrella?

Chia Pet

The Chia Pet is classic and hilarious. They also have Bob Ross Chia Pets.

Crystal Growing Hedgehog

A twist on the chia pet is the crystal-growing hedgehog.

Old Toys or Decorations

If you have old toys or decorations you want to get rid of, they can make for funny gifts. One year, I wrapped up some old, creepy porcelain clowns I had. My little sister had collected clowns in her youth but didn’t want them anymore. One of those clowns ended up getting passed around from person to person…and that is still happening! You never know when or how the creepy clown will make an appearance at your house. 

Adult Onesie

An adult-sized onesie is sure to get a laugh. Who knows, it might end up being someone’s favorite pajamas.

Moo Moo Dress

Along the same line, I have a friend who loves her moo moo for hanging around the house. I think it would make a hilarious gift for a gift exchange.

Hairy Belly Fanny Pack

This is one we have done before and I find it quite funny. 

Toilet Mug

This coffee mug is pretty funny if you do not mind some bathroom humor.

Christmas Story Lamp

I love the Christmas Story and this leg lamp nightlight is super funny.

This is handy for the hall or for a toilet night light.


Wisdom from Mr. Rogers

This is funny and nostalgic all at once. 

Oh The Meetings You’ll Go To

This is kind of a jaded look at your future in the workforce (but not really wrong!)

Dad Jokes Book

Not that dads need any help…

Public Toilet Survival Kit

Hey, it isn’t usually fun to use a public restroom. This can come in very handy.

White Elephant

Get a literal white elephant. There are many on Amazon. You have some made to hold rings, some that are mugs, stuffed animal, sugar bowl, pencil holder, succulent pot…all sorts of ideas.

Beanie Hat Fake Beard

Super funny way to stay warm!

Pizza Socks

Pizza lovers will go head to head over these pizza socks.

Socks for Dog Lovers

A lot of people have dogs now, so these socks will resonate with many people.

Light Saber Chopsticks

I mean…why not? Light saber chopsticks are super novel and will catch everyone’s eye.

Dinosaur Taco Holder

Who wants to hold their own tacos? This dinosaur taco holder holds your taco in an upright position for you so you don’t lose your toppings everywhere when you set it down. This is actually very handy for parents with young children. You can set your taco down and help your child.

Never Have I Ever Parent Edition

This would be so much fun to play with friends!


I hope you have found the perfect gift for your white elephant exchange, yankee swap, or secret Santa gift. These gifts are a lot of fun that are sure to have the participants laughing and fighting over your gifts.

Pro Tip: think about your crowd and how they will view the wrapped gift. Some will be drawn to the beautiful wrapping, while others will think beautiful wrapping is a trick to lure them in. Wrap accordingly for your gift swaps.

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