2016 Year in Review

One of my favorite past-times around New Year’s has always been watching the shows with the countdowns of the “best of” the previous year. That obsession has naturally flowed into my blogging, and each year I share the best of the last year, plus the best of the blog to date. 

Top Ten Posts of All Time

These are the stats on all of the posts on this blog compared to each other. Naturally, older posts have an advantage here since they have had a longer lifespan of opportunity to be viewed. This is the first year that the top ten didn’t change out–all of these were on the list last year. Some just traded spots.

#10 Dropping the Dreamfeed (down from number 8 last year)

#9 45 Minute Intruder ((same spot as last year))

#8  Your Babywise Baby: First Year Overview (up from #10 last year)

#7  Growth Spurts (down from number 5 a year ago)

#6  5-6 AM “Night Wakings” (up from #7 last year)

#5  Reader Sample Schedules: 12-24 Months Old (up from number 6 last year)

#4  Dreamfeed FAQs (same spot as last year)

#3  Sleep Training: The Four S’s (same spot as last year)

#2  Blog Index for Newborns (same spot as last year)

#1 Reader Sample Schedules 0-12 Months Old (same spot as last year)

Top Ten Posts of 2016

These are the posts that were the most popular that were published in the year 2016.

#10 How To Help Your Spouse Succeed as a Father (in a non-nagging way)

#9 Schedule Overview: 13 weeks (3-6 Months)

#8 What To Do When Your Baby Is Taking Short Naps {The first five things to check}

#7 How To Calculate Waketime Length

#6 5 Sleep Training Tips

#5 Dropping Naps: A Quick Guide

#4 Optimal Waketime Lengths for Toddlers (12-24 Months Old)

#3 What Age Should You Start Cry It Out?

#2 Schedule Overview: The Newborn Weeks

#1 The Cornerstone for Good Naps (Optimal Waketime Lengths)

 The Cornerstone for Good Naps

Most Popular Guest Post on This Blog This Year

Habits of a Successful Stay at Home Mom {Guest Post}

Habits of a Successful Stay at Home Mom

Top 10 Originating Countries (where you readers are)

#10 Ukraine (same spot as last year)

#9 Singapore (same spot as last year)

#8  China (down from #6 last year)

#7 Germany (same as last year)

#6  New Zealand (down from #5 last year)

#5 Russia (up from #8 last year)

#4 Australia (down from #3 last year)

#3 United Kingdom (up from #4 last year)

#2 Canada (same as last year)

#1 United States (same as last year)

Top 10 Operating Systems

#10 Other Unix (down from #10 last year)

#9 BlackBerry (down from #8 last year)

#8 Unix (new to the list this year) 

#7 iPod (same as last year)

#6 Linux (same as last year)

#5 Android (same as last year)

#4 iPad (same as last year)

#3 Mac (same as last year)

#2 Windows (same as last year)

#1 iPhone  (same as last year)

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