Baby Whisperer

The Baby Whisperer is a great resource for helping babies sleep and setting up a consistent daily schedule. Find great posts inspired by the information found in the books Secretes of the Baby Whisperer and The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems by Tracy Hogg.

How To Use Cluster Feeding to Get Baby Sleeping All Night

Read for great tips on how to get baby sleeping through the night using cluster feeding. Read for other great benefits of cluster feeding. There are many simple things you… View Post

Must-Follow Tip for Starting a Routine Late

If you are trying to establish a predicatble schedule or routine with your baby, you MUST follow this tip to get there quickly. In The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your… View Post

Hunger Cues: How To Know if Baby Is Hungry

Discover what baby hunger cues are and learn how to decipher if your baby is actually hungry or not. Learn when to feed baby, baby is tired, or more. Babies… View Post

Gentle Sleep Training: The Four S’s

How to sleep train a baby without crying. This is a gentle baby sleep training method to get baby sleeping independently. No-cry sleep training method.   Can I let you… View Post

Baby Whisperer Personality Types: Spirited Baby

Tracy Hogg, aka the Baby Whisperer, describes five different personality profiles that babies fall into. We have been going through them. “Spirited” is her fourth. A quick overall description:   Spirited Baby:… View Post

The 4 S’s (three years later)

  When McKenna was a baby, I used Tracy Hogg’s Four S’s to help her sleep (though we only used the first three). It seemed to really help her settle… View Post

Baby Whisperer Personality Types: Touchy Baby

We all have our own distinct personalities. Babies are included in that we. Some babies are easier than others, even if they are treated essentially the same and in the… View Post