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Halloween Playlist for Children

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Christmas Gifts for Children: The Ultimate Guide

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How to Have a Wholesome Halloween

How to have a wholesome Halloween. What you can do to celebrate Halloween with your family without focusing on the gore and creepy things. I love, love, super-love the Fall… View Post

Halloween Movie List for Families

Halloween Movie List for Families. Top Halloween movies for families to watch together during the month of October as they celebrate Halloween. There are not many Halloween movies we will… View Post

Halloween Costumes for the Whole Family

Halloween Costume Ideas for the Whole Family. Over 36 ideas for Halloween costumes. There are costume ideas for kids, costume ideas for siblings, and costume ideas for families. We have… View Post

The Best Christmas Treats to Make with Kids

The Best Christmas Treats to Make with Kids during the holidays. These are great treats to make and eat and to share with neighbors, family, and friends at Christmas.  … View Post

Top Christmas Albums to Listen To

Top Christmas albums to listen to. A great variety of family friendly Christmas items to listen to this holiday season.   I love music in general, but I have a… View Post