The Happiest Baby on the Block: The Cuddle Cure


Chapter 13 is about the Cuddle Cure, which is combining all of the 5 S’s and using them simultaneously. Karp says for a mildly fussy baby, one S might suffice to calm him (page 186). Fussy babies, however, require 2, 3, or 4 S’s to be calmed. Really colicky babies require all 5 (page 187).

Karp says you probably will need to continue the cuddle cure after baby is settled, and even after baby has fallen asleep (page 189).

Karp says that if the cuddle cure is not working for your baby, first make sure you are doing the 5 S’s correctly. See The Happiest Baby on the Block to review the 5 S’s; however, if you have a colicky baby and are wanting to use these methods to soothe your baby, please do not rely on the posts on this blog. These are intended as a review so you can know if it is a book you want to purchase or not. Also, I know I say this a lot, but you might be more interested in the DVD than the book, especially if you learn better by watching someone do it than by reading about how to do it.

Once you are sure you have the method down, Karp encourages you to practice. He says it is good to practice on a doll or on your baby while he is calm (page 192). Through practice, he states both you and your baby will get better at the Cuddle Cure.

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4 thoughts on “The Happiest Baby on the Block: The Cuddle Cure”

  1. Hi! My boy will be one next wk, can’t believe it. I know he’s been teeting for the past two wks, he has missed naps, or wakes up early from them (good thing is that he still sleeps well at night). Some days I don’t give it to him b/c I think I’m giving it to him too much. I do make sure I give the right dose and wait the prescribed time. Is it ok to give him Tylenol every day for 2 wks? I haven’t been and I noticed the days that I don’t, he wakes up early from naps crying. He must be in pain. And on top of it, exhausted b/c some days he just won’t sleep at all.

  2. Reds, that is a better question for his doctor and/or the product label. The label will say to not give the product for more than X amount of time. See the blog label “teething” for ideas on teething remedies that don’t involve medication. See also this post in case this is an issue:Dropping the Morning Nap (from 2 to 1 naps): Transition Time :

  3. Well, I found out the culprit of the missed naps, crying. He had bloodwork done and is allergic to eggs! I feel so bad but had no idea. He is back to his normal self now! Thanks for the info and support, you are fantastic!

  4. I am glad you figured that out! That is a good thing to keep in mind for possible problems. I will have to remember that. 🙂


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