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Reader Sample Schedules: 0-12 Months

You are probably wondering what a sample Babywise schedule might look like. In this post, I have compiled sample Babywise schedules from readers over the years. 

Over 100 sample Babywise schedules for 0-12 month olds |  Babywise | #babywise #babywiseschedules

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Comment on this post to add your individual children's sample schedules. Please include the age for the sample schedule. As you comment, I will organize the sample schedules into the main body of this post. Add them for any age; you don't have to do all of them.

0-1 Month Old

1 Month Old
  • The Parkers said...
    1-mo old boy:

    6:00am Bottle
    6:50 Nap
    9:00 Bottle
    9:50 Nap
    12:00pm Bottle
    1:00 Nap
    3:00 Bottle
    4:00 Nap
    6:00 Bottle
    6:30 Bath / Bedtime routine
    7:00 Bed
    10:00 Bottle
    2:00 Bottle

    Bottles are all BM. Amount varies from 3 - 6 oz per feeding. Initially, I was concerned by the variability in how much he eats per feeding, but then I realized that this could be happening if I were nursing him (as I did with my first son) and I'd never know that was the case.

    Naptimes are approximate -- I am still working on trying to figure out the optimal waketime for him for each nap.

  • Sarah said...

    6 weeks - 4 months
    We have used this schedule from 6 weeks til now at 4 months. It's working so we are not changing it! Although we did switch the 10 o clock feed to the after bath feed around 12 weeks.

    7:00 - 7:30am wake time, Feed (5 ounces) & dressed for day care (I try to let her wake herself up but won't let her sleep past 7:30).

    7:30-7:45 (if she got up early optional independent play while I finish getting ready)

    8:05 arrive at day care and have play time

    9:00 - 10:00 nap

    10:00 feed (7 ounces) followed by play time

    11:30 - 1:00 nap

    1:00 feed (7 ounces) followed by play time

    3:00 - 4:00 nap

    4:00 feed (7 ounces) followed by playtime

    5:30 Pick her up from Day care, arrive home, greet Daddy when he arrives, say hello to puppy dogs then relax in cradle swing.

    6:15 ish cat nap

    7:00 feed (6 ounces) followed by snuggle time or play time depending on her mood.

    8:00 nightime routine (in the bath every night at 8 follwed by pj's, a healthy dose of desitin, and last bottle.)

    Asleep no later than 8:40

    STTN 11 hours since 11 weeks.
2 Month Old
  • Jen said...

    2 month old:

    8am - wake up & eat (4 oz)
    10:30 - bottle
    11:30/12 - nap, if I can get him to go down
    1:30 - bottle
    2:30 - nap
    4:30 - bottle
    7:30 - bottle
    9 - bottle, then in bed by 10
    3 AM- wakes up and eats 6 oz. This isn't "scheduled," but he is waking up at the same time every night for this last bottle.

    We're still working on our schedule. Especially naps. Sometimes he just won't go down, and CIO isn't an option.

  • roberjen said...
    Almost 3 month old:

    7:30 am - eat
    8:30 am - nap
    10:30 am - eat
    11:30 am - nap
    1:30 pm - eat
    2:30 pm - nap
    4:30 pm - eat
    5:30 pm - will take a catnap usually wakes up a little fussy - will usually have to hold - may feed early
    6:45 to 7:30 pm - eat
    Bed by 8 (if eats at 7:30pm)
    10pm - Dreamfeed
    wakes at 5am for "night" feed - start day at 7:30
  • Amy said...
    10 week old boy

    we are on a 3 hour or 3 hour 15 min schedule. The day starts somewhere between 7:30 or 8 am and he goes down to sleep around 9 pm. We watch for signs of tiredness and put him down for naps when we see that. Some days he can stay awake longer and some days he seems more sleepy. We just try to read him. So far its working out wonderfully. Since week 5 he has been sleeping 8-10 hours a night straight through til morning. I know we're blessed! :) This is a typical day...

    ~wake up between 7:30 and 8 - 5oz bottle
    plays or swings for about 15 minutes
    ~between 8:30 and 9 - nap
    ~wakes up around 10:30, 10:45- 5 oz bottle
    plays in play pen, tummy time, we read a book...
    ~noon - nap
    ~wakes up around 1:30, at 2:00- 5 oz bottle
    swings, plays in play pen
    ~3:00 - nap
    ~wakes up between 4 and 4:30
    plays with Daddy
    ~5:30- 5 oz bottle
    around 7 he takes a 30 or 45 min catnap in his swing or sometimes in his crib
    we give him a bath every other day and massage
    ~8:45 last bottle- 5 oz
    in bed by 9:15
  • Tricia Whittaker said...
    2 month old girl
    6:00 Wake/nurse/diaper change/wake time7:00 Nap9:00 Nurse/diaper change/wake time10:00 Nap11:30 Nurse/diaper change/wake time12:30 Nap2:00 Nurse/diaper change/wake time3:00 Nap4:30 Nurse/diaper change/wake time5:30 Nap7:00 Nurse/diaper change/bedtime routine8:00 Down for bed10:00 Dreamfeed/diaper changeMiddle of the night - will usually wake up at 2-3:30am

    Total wake times 50-75 minutes per cycle. We put her down for a nap when she starts to show signs of being tired (yawning, not engaging with us or toys, bringing hands to month/eyes).
  • KirbiKnop said...

    2-3 Months

    7:30 Wake, Nurse
    8:20 Nap
    10:30 Wake, Nurse
    11:25 Nap
    1:30 Wake, Nurse
    2:25-30 Nap
    4:30 Wake, Nurse
    5:30 Cat nap
    6:30 Bath, bedtime routine
    7:00 Nurse (Sometimes earlier if really tired)
    7:30 Bed
    10:30/11 Dreamfeed

    No MOTN feeding since about 10 weeks
  • Janice said...

    12 week old girl (but same schedule since 9 weeks or so)

    I also work very early, so I have to leave the house by 6:30 am and get home at 5. So I always want to make sure she starts the day with a breastfeeding before getting breastmilk from a bottle all day.

    5:30 wake
    6-6:15 independent playtime while I get ready for work
    6:15 nap
    8:30 feed
    9:00-9:30 play time with daddy and tummy time
    9:30 nap
    11:00 feed
    12:15 nap
    2:00 feed
    3:15 nap (she has a very hard time with this nap)
    4:45 or 5:00 feed
    6:00 nap (she has a hard time with this nap sometimes)
    8:00 feed
    8:30-9:00 bed, depending on cues

    My husband pointed out that I should mention we don't dreamfeed. I tried it, and she actually wouldn't sleep through the night on nights that I did one. It started because I was so tired I skipped the dreamfeed for a couple of nights and she slept through. Then I picked it back up and she woke at 3:30. Perhaps because of gas? Either way, she currently doesn't eat between 8 and 5:30
  • Katy said...2 Months

    7:00am – eat
    8:00am – nap
    10:10am – eat
    11:10am – nap
    1:20pm – eat
    2:30pm – nap
    4:30pm – eat
    5:40pm – nap
    7:00pm – eat, bed
    10:00pm – dreamfeed
    (MOTN feeding ~4am?)
  • D & H said...

    Here's the schedule we used between 2-5 months.

    6:00am Wake, nurse, then some playtime
    7:00 or 7:15 Goes down for a Nap
    9am Wake, nurse, then tummy time and playtime (sometimes errands)
    10:30 Nap
    12pm Wake, nurse, then tummy time & playtime or errands
    1:30 Nap
    3:00 Wake, nurse, playtime
    4:30 Nap (sometimes this nap starts a little later. He usually takes longer to fall asleep for this nap.)
    6:00 Nurse, playtime and family time
    8:00 Nurse and then bed (8:30pm)
    (about 12pm feeding until he dropped it at approximately 6 weeks)
    (about 3am feeding until he started sleeping through the night consistently at 3.5 months)
  • Vanessa said...

    10 week old TWINS

    I have them on the same schedule. Sometimes one isn't as hungry or tired yet, but whoever is "dominating" wins, and they both get the bottle or bed time. Otherwise, I don't think I could survive!

    7am 3&4oz bottles
    wake time getting ready, but no play time
    drop off at day care
    8am nap

    10am 3&4 oz bottles, play time
    11am nap on and off (my boy doesn't nap well, girl naps solidly)

    1pm 3&4 oz bottles, play time
    2pm nap on and off

    4pm 3&4 oz bottles, play time
    5pm nap on and off

    6:30pm family dinner (usually the babies scream the entire time while we eat since they wake from their naps early)

    7:00pm 3&4oz bottles
    cuddle time watching TV and reading books with babies and our 3yo

    7:30 baths for each baby
    8:00pm lay down for bed

    10:00pm dream feed

    approximately 4am middle of the night feeding. Going to start reducing ounces and try to drop this feeding soon.

    Susana said...

    Almost 3 months

    6am-waking time-feeding
    11:30am-feeding-and usually we go out and doesn't fall asleep until his last feeding,stays awake all that time.Very happy and calm,sometimes fussy.(i know he is tired)
    8pm-feeding,and goes to bed at 8:30pm,50% of the feedings i wake him up,specially on this one.
    2am-feeding,he wakes up for this one. I'm still working on getting him to STTN, the longest interval so far is 6.5 hours but that is about it. and i usually pump before going to sleep(10-11pm) to keep my milk supply.
    God bless you all for sharing!
    And Val if i am missing something, or doing something wrong please feel free to give me some suggestions so i can achieve the 10-12 hours of sleep, thank you!!

    Angie said...

    10 - 13 week old boy

    7:30am - 8am - Feed
    wake time usually consists of baby in bouncy chair watching mom have her coffee.
    9:30am - Nap
    11am - Feed
    wake time consists of some sort of exercise for mom, either stroller ride or front carrier hike.
    12:30pm - Nap
    2pm - Feed
    wake time: bath then errands.
    3:30pm - Nap
    5pm - Feed
    Wake time: bouncy chair or playpen time. Mom makes dinner.
    7pm - Nap or awake usually put in swing because tends to be fussy at this time.
    7:45-8:15pm - Last Feed
    Have not done dreamfeeds as we are usually in bed early and up early so found dreamfeeds would actually make me lose some of my sleep.
    3-4am - Feed (when baby wakes up) straight back to bed. Still trying to drop this feed.

    MSW said...

    Here is my current schedule for my 9 week old girl. (She was a premie so her adjusted age would be closer to 5 weeks.) She is a good sleeper and started STTN at 7 weeks. We never did a dream feed because she goes to bed later than most.

    6am: wake and nurse and she goes right back down.
    9am: wake and nurse and play time.
    10:15: nap
    12pm: wake and nurse and wake time.
    1pm: nap
    3pm: wake and nurse and independent play
    4pm: nap
    6pm: wake and nurse. She will sit in her bouncy seat while family eats and then we all go for a walk together. Sometimes she sleeps and other times she stays awake the whole time.
    8pm: She is awake by this time if she even took a nap after 6. We start our bedtime routine of bath and 4 oz bottle of either formula or pumped BM.
    9pm: Bed! She sleeps through until 6am.

    I always pump both side around 11:00 before I go to bed to keep up my supply since she is STTN at such a young age! We also utilized CIO for about a week and now she is napping well throughout the day. It took work, but it is so worth it!
    Emily and Ian said...
    2 month old boy

    7:00 wake & nurse
    8:00 nap
    9:45 wake & nurse
    10:40 nap
    12:45 wake & nurse
    1:40 nap
    4:00 wake & nurse
    5:10 nap
    7:00 wake & nurse
    7:45/8 bedtime
    10:00 dream feed
    Then usually wakes around 3:00am to eat.
3 Month Old
Over 100 sample Babywise schedules for 0-12 month olds

  • Katy said...
    3 Months Girl

    7:00am – eat
    8:00am – nap
    10:00am – eat
    11:00am – nap
    1:00pm – eat
    2:00pm – nap
    4:00pm – eat
    5:00pm – nap
    7:00pm – eat
    8:00pm – bed time
    10:00pm – dreamfeed
    (5/6:00am) – shortened feeding
  • Ceejay said...

    14 Week Old Boy

    We just moved to this schedule about 4 days ago after weeks of battling the 45-minute intruder and thinking he needed less awake time. I finally went with my gut that he was undertired and so allowed more awake time (almost 2 hours sometimes!), dropped the dreamfeed, and moved to a 3.5 hour schedule during the day. It has worked like a charm so far--he sleeps 1.5-1.75 hours each nap, 10-11 hours at night, and is happy and alert during awake times! He also still averages 15-15.5 hours of sleep a day, so it seems like enough. And he is not overly sensitive about the exact amount of wake time. We just watch for yawns, stillness, or sometimes fussiness before putting him down.

    7am Wake, nurse both sides. (Sometimes he wakes between 6 and 7 but goes back to sleep or lays quietly.)
    Wake time--independent play in gym, some play with mom and dad.

    8:45-9am Nap

    10:30am Wake, nurse both sides.
    Wake time - tummy time, reading, playing in gym, playing with mommy, etc.

    12-12:15pm Nap

    2pm Wake, nurse both sides
    Wake time - playing with mom or dad, reading, more independent play, etc

    3:45-4pm Nap

    5:15-5:30pm Wake, nurse both sides
    Wake time - Bath, playing, errands or a walk, hanging out with us while we eat dinner

    7:30pm Nurse both sides
    Into pjs, read a book, sing a lullaby, and into bed by 8pm.

    No dreamfeed since 13 1/2 weeks. No MOTN feed since 8-9 weeks.

    9:30pm Pump right before going to bed. I started doing this when he dropped the dreamfeed, since he's still pretty young and I don't want to compromise my supply. Not sure how long I'll continue.

    EaglesWings said...

    I love your blog, Valerie and it's helped me so much as I became a new mom in April. My daughter Bekah is 3 months this week. Here is her schedule:

    3 month old
    7 am: wake, nurse
    7:50: nap
    10:30: wake, nurse
    11:30: nap
    1:30: wake, nurse
    2:30: nap
    4:00-4:30ish: wake, nurse
    5:00-5:30ish: nap (This is the shortest nap of the day)
    6:00-6:15: wake, take a bath
    7:00-7:30: bedtime (I nurse right before I put her to bed)
    10:30: Dreamfeed (About 4-5 oz of pumped breastmilk)


    qylie said...

    3month He is only on BF milk)

    5:30 - I wake and pump
    6am -wake/feed (bottle)
    8am - 1st nap
    10am- feed
    12 - 2nd nap
    2pm -feed
    4pm -3rd nap
    4pm - I pump here too
    6pm- Feed
    8pm - Bedtime + Feed

    He was going so long at night I started to pump twice a day to make sure my supply didn't drop.
    I typically can freeze 6oz but it can range up to 12oz. He moved to a 4 hour schedule at 2 months.
    Claire @ My Devising said...
    I am a first-time mom and loving Babywise. I blog at if you'd like to check it out. :)

    11 week old boy:

    8:00-8:30 Feed

    11:15-11:30 Feed

    2:15-2:45 Feed

    5:15-5:30 Feed

    8:15-8:45 Feed

    11:00-11:15 Feed

    4 month old boy:

    8:30-8:45 Feed

    11:45-12:00 Feed

    2:30-3:00 Feed

    5:15-5:45 Feed
    Possible Nap

    8:00-8:15 Feed

    10:00-10:15 Feed

    6 month old boy:

    8:30 Feed (nurse then fruit and cereal)

    12:00 Feed (nurse then fruit and veggie)

    3:15 Feed

    6:15 Feed (nurse then fruit, veggie, and cereal)

    9:15 Feed

    8 month old boy:

    8:15 Feed (nurse then fruit and cereal)

    12:00 Feed (nurse then fruit and veggie)

    3:00 Feed
    Cat nap

    6:00 Feed (nurse then fruit, veggie, and cereal)

    8:45 Feed

    9 month old schedule is the same as 8 month except we've added meats into the dinner time feeding.

4 Month Old
  • Katy said...
    4 Months girl

    7:20 – wake up/eat (55 minute wake time)
    8:15 – nap (2 hour nap)
    10:15 – eat (60 minute wake time)
    11:15 – nap (2 hour nap with help of swing ½ way through)
    1:15 – eat (65 minute wake time)
    2:20 – nap (2 hour nap with help of swing ½ way through)
    4:20 – eat (65 minute wake time)
    5:25 – nap (65 minute nap)
    6:30 – wake (1 hour, 30 minute wake time before bed)
    7:00 – eat8:00 – bed
    10:00 – dream feed/10:30 bed
  • Lonica said...

    4-8 Months:

    8:00 wake, nurse
    9:30 nap
    11:30 wake, nurse
    12:00 independent play time
    1:30 nap
    3:30 wake, nurse
    5:30 nap
    6:30 wake, nurse
    8:00 nurse, bed
  • Brooke and Scot said...

    4-6 month old girl

    typical flexible routine, it varies by 20 or 30 minutes sometimes

    6:45 wake, eat (6 oz. breastmilk)
    7:30 long nap every day
    10:30 eat (6 oz. breastmilk)
    11:45 nap some days
    2:15 eat (6 oz. breastmilk)
    3:45 nap some days
    6:00 eat (nurse)
    7:00 nap most days
    8:30 bath and bedtime routine
    9:00 eat (6 oz. breastmilk)
    9:15 bed, sleeps through the night

    I find that her nap routine is the least consistent since I work part-time and different family members keep her on those days. Her bedtime, morning waketime, and feeding time is very consistent. I would like for her naptimes and activity times to be more consistent. After charting everything for several days as suggested by the Baby Whisperer, her naptimes really depend on who keeps her that day.
  • D&H said...4-6 Months

    Since 4 months (he will be 6 months this week) we have been working on transitioning to 3.5-hour schedule. After a few days of the longer schedule, he wakes up early from naps and we end up doing the 3-hour schedule above, so for the last little while we've just done the longer schedule 2-3 days a week which allows me to decide which days rather than him. Hopefully we'll do this all the time soon!

    6am Nurse, then some playtime
    7:15 Nap
    9:30 Nurse, tummy time, playtime
    11:00 Nap
    1:00pm Nurse, tummy time, playtime (or errands)
    2:30 Nap
    4:30 Nurse, play time, family time
    6:00 (sometimes a little later) Nap
    (Sometimes he doesn't take the 4th nap, but most of the time he needs it.)
    7:30 Nurse
    Bedtime routine
    Bed by 8:15
  • Steffi said...

    4 months old boy
    6.30-7am wake & nurse
    8am nap
    10am wake & nurse
    11.30am nap
    1.30pm wake & nurse
    3pm nap
    4.30pm wake & nurse
    6pm catnap
    6.45pm wake (7pm nurse)
    8pm sleep
    We dropped the dreamfeed 2 weeks ago and he's slept through the night ever since (would love to have a morning waketime of 7-8am, but maybe in a few weeks?).
    We're also thinking about dropping the last nap to get him to sleep longer in the morning, but we haven't quite figured that out without dropping a feeding.

    Jessica said...

    4 month old boy

    6:45- wake, nurse, play
    7:45- 1st nap (usually 1.5 hr)
    10:00- nurse, play
    10:40- 2nd nap (if he woke early from 1st nap, if not i'll put him down around 11)
    1:00-nurse, play
    2:00-3rd nap
    4:00-nurse, play
    6:45-bath, nurse, bedtime

    I'm exclusively breastfeeding so I pump around 9:30 to keep my supply up and I have extra bm in the freezer in case I need it!

    Jamie said...

    4 months:
    7:00 WEP
    8:15 nap1
    10:30 WEP
    12:00 nap 2
    1:30 WEP
    3:00 nap 3
    4:30 WEP
    6:45 eat
    7:00 bedtime
    Usually wakes between 6:30 and 7:00am, but stays in crib until close to 7:00. He's EBF, no solids.
    Chrysti Hedding said...
    4 months old:

    Our schedule varies by a half hour or so right now since our son is going through a Wonder Week AND teething, but here you go:

    7:00 Wake, feed (5-6 oz formula at each feed)
    7:30 Play
    8:15 Nap
    10:30 Wake, feed
    11:00 Play
    11:45 Nap
    1:30 Wake, feed
    2:00 Play
    2:45 Nap
    4:30 Wake, feed
    5:00 Play
    6:00ish Cat nap
    6:45ish Wake, play, some nights bath
    7:30 Feed, bedtime
    10:30 or 11 Dreamfeed
    Megan said...
    4 Month Old Baby Girl

    7/730 - wake, reflux meds, dressed for day, BF
    830/9 - nap
    1030/11 - wake & BF
    1230/1 - nap
    230/3 - wake & BF
    430 - nap (sometimes)
    5/530- BF (5 if she didn't take a nap prior to, 530 if she did)
    630 - reflux meds, bath and baby lotion massage (this starts our night-night routine)
    7 - BF, read book after, if awake enough
    730 - bedtime
    10 - dreamfeed and STTN

    Her naps are the most inconsitent right now because 1) 4 month sleep regression and 2) teething. Her wake time typically lasts 1.5 hours though sometimes it's more or less. I am a SAHM and watch her for her sleep cues. There are times she will wake in the middle of a nap, chat/lightly fuss for a few minutes (sometimes as long as 15) then go back to sleep. I personally do not check on her unless she's crying or the fussing is different than a "transition cry" because it makes it worse and she will not go back to sleep. If she doesn't take her naps, I do my best to keep feeding times the same and fit in several cat naps (hopefully 6 - 30 min naps). Bedtime is almost never later; she doesn't make it later - she winds up screaming at us for even trying OR falls asleep :) Also, I change up what activity she does during her wake time. She is a VERY particular baby and will not always go for the same exact wake time routine. As such I just switch up activities and/or toys to help keep her content.
    The Hecks said...
    4 month old boy

    8:00 am wake up, 8 oz bottle, cereal and a fruit

    9:30 am nap

    11:30 am wake, 8 oz bottle fruit and vegetable

    1:00 pm nap

    3:30 wake, 8 oz bottle, cereal and a fruit

    5:00 nap

    5:45 wake, bath, get ready for bed

    6:45 bottle and bed

5 Month Old
  • Katy said...
    5 Months girl

    7:00 – wake up/eat
    8:00 – nap
    10:30 – eat
    11:30 – nap
    1:30 – eat
    2:30 – nap
    4:30 – eat
    5:30 – nap
    6:30 – wake
    7:00 – eat
    8:00 – bed
    10:00 dream feed/10:30 bed
  • Michelle Oettmeier said...
    5 month old boy:

    7:00 - wake, 6 oz formula, solids
    9:00 - nap
    11:00- wake, 6 oz formula, solids
    1:00- nap
    3:00- wake, 8 oz formula
    5- 6:00- nap
    6:30- 8 oz formula, solids
    7:30- bed
    Krystal said...
    5 month old (girl)

    She sleeps through the night, but her naps are very spotty. Her "normal" nap is 45 minutes long, but she usually has one longer nap (1.5 - 2 hours) each day, but not always at the same time. If she wakes up before it's time to eat, she plays for a bit.

    7:00 - get up and nurse (she is often awake, but quiet, so I don't know exactly when she wakes up)

    8:15 - nap (varies in length)

    10:00 - nurse

    11:30 - nap (varies in length)

    1:00/1:30 - nurse

    3:00 - nap (varies in length)

    4:30 - nurse

    6:00 - nap (30-40 min)

    7:30 - nurse

    8:30/9:00 - bedtime
    Tricia Dukes said...
    5 Months girl

    7:00 – wake up
    7:15 - bottle & oat cereal w/ fruit
    8:15 – nap
    10:30 – wake
    11:00 – bottle & rice cereal w/ veggie
    12:30 – nap
    2:30 – wake
    3:00 – bottle, fruit & veggie
    4:30 – cat nap
    6:30 – bathtime/bedtime routine ending with bottle
    7:00 – bed
    Lindsay said...
    Almost 6 Month Old Girl

    7:00 Wake/Nurse/Rice Cereal
    Play in PlayPen
    9:00 Nap in Swing
    10:30 Wake/Nurse/Rice Cereal
    1:00 Nap in Crib
    2:30 Wake/Nurse
    4:45 Cat Nap
    5:15 Wake/Nurse/Rice Cereal
    8:00 Nurse
    8:30 Bed

Sarah said...
5 month, almost 6 month old girl (who has Down Syndrome):
Between 7-7:30am Wakes, Breastfeeds, plays
Between 8:30-9am Down for Nap
Between 10:30-11:30am Wakes, Breastfeeds, plays
Between 12:30-1:30pm Down for Nap
Between 2:30-3:30pm Wakes, Breastfeeds, plays
Between 4:30-5pm Nap(although is transitioning away from this nap)
Nurses between 5-6pm
Plays, Bedtime Rountine, Bath
Between 7-8pm Breastfeeds and bed
Dreamfeeds between 9:30-10:15, depending on the night.

6 Month Old
  • anna said...
    6.5 month old boy

    7:30 am wake/nurse
    7:50 IP in crib
    8:15 mommy and baby time
    8:30 BLW breakfast
    9:00 free time
    9:15 - 9:20 nap
    11:30 wake/nurse
    11:50 blanket time
    12:30 BLW lunch
    1:00 bath
    1:30 nap
    3:30 wake/nurse
    3:50 activity center/play mat/read book
    4:15 playtime with mommy
    4:45 blanket time
    5:15 catnap
    6:00 wake + BLW dinner
    7:00 nurse
    7:20 bedtime
  • Lauren said...

    8 month old girl, 6 month adjusted age for prematurity. All bottles are 1/2 BM and 1/2 formula

    8:00am-eat 5oz bottle, cereal, fruit
    8:30-8:45- 15 minutes excersaucer
    8:45am- walk or sit at window if too hot, read book, play on mat
    9:30-10 minutes playpen time
    1130am-eat 5oz bottle, cereal, fruit or veggie
    12:00p- excersaucer
    12:15p- baby in carrier for about 1/2 while I clean
    1:00p- 10 minutes playpen time
    3:00p- eat 5oz bottle
    3:30p-3:45 Excersaucer
    4:00p-floor time
    6:30p- eat 5oz bottle, meat, veggie
    7:00p family walk, out to dinner, church bible study, usually doing something during this awake time.
    8:30p between 9:30p eat 4oz bottle and bed
  • Katy said...6 Months girl

    7:30 – wake up/eat
    8:40 – nap
    10:50 – eat
    12:20 – nap
    2:20 – eat
    3:50 – nap
    4:50 – eat
    6:30/45 – eat
    7:30 – bed
    10:00 dream feed/10:30 bed (until it was dropped)
  • grace said...

    6-8months girl

    just a rough schedule..

    7-7.30am wake - formula (5-6oz) - play with sibling, daddy
    8.30am - bath
    9am - nap
    11-11.15 wake - formula (5-6oz)
    11.45 - solids (puree, cereal, steamed veg/fruits)
    12pm - IP (45min IP in playpen, or 30min in jumperoo), the rest is floor time
    1pm - nap
    3.30pm - wake - formula (5oz) - play on the floor, with sibling
    5.30pm - dinner (puree, cereal, steamed veg/fruits)
    6.30pm - bath - 5-6oz formula
    7pm - sleep
  • D&H said...4-6 months

    Since 4 months (he will be 6 months this week) we have been working on transitioning to 3.5-hour schedule. After a few days of the longer schedule, he wakes up early from naps and we end up doing the 3-hour schedule above, so for the last little while we've just done the longer schedule 2-3 days a week which allows me to decide which days rather than him. Hopefully we'll do this all the time soon!

    6am Nurse, then some playtime
    7:15 Nap
    9:30 Nurse, tummy time, playtime
    11:00 Nap
    1:00pm Nurse, tummy time, playtime (or errands)
    2:30 Nap
    4:30 Nurse, play time, family time
    6:00 (sometimes a little later) Nap
    (Sometimes he doesn't take the 4th nap, but most of the time he needs it.)
    7:30 Nurse
    Bedtime routine
    Bed by 8:15

    At nearly 6 months old, his waketimes are still 90 minutes and he still needs 4 naps. Most of the time his nighttime sleep is only 9 hours and I would like to move to 10 hours, but so far that hasn't happened.
  • mindibz said...

    8 month old boy (6 weeks premature)--variety of activities during waketime

    7:30 Wake/6 ounce bottle/Fruit
    9:30 Nap
    11:30 or 12:00 Wake/6 ounces/Green veggie/Fruit
    2:00 Nap
    4:00 Wake/6 ounces
    6:00 Orange veggie/Fruit
    7:45 Bath
    8:00 Bedtime routine: Book/Prayers/6 ounces
  • Austyn said...

    6 month old boy

    We have *just* transitioned from 5 meals/day to 4, dropping the early morning meal before I leave for work. Now I pump there instead. I sought Val's advice a few months ago before my transition back to work, and she was spot on. That early morning "dreamfeed" starting affecting his naps a week before he turned 6 months. She's a BW genius ;)

    My sister nannies for us, so the activities vary, but this is the report I usually get when I call home while pumping. Naps and meals are very regular.

    5:30 mom pumps
    7:30-8 wake, play in crib if up before 8
    8:00 Bottle (breast milk)
    8:30 Mat time/tummy time/practice sitting up
    9:00 Nap #1
    12:00 Bottle (usually formula)
    12:30 Outside time/storytime/singing
    1:30 Nap #2
    4:00 Nurse (I'm usually home by this time)
    4:30 Mommy time
    5:30 Catnap
    6:15 Wake/Daddy time
    7:00 Nurse
    7:30-7:45 Bed for the night

    Kelly said...

    6 month old Twins
    7am: 6.5oz/7.5oz bm bottle
    7:20-8:15: playtime - usually play mat or tummy time
    8:15-10: nap (I pump once they go to sleep)
    10: 6.5/7.5oz bottle
    10:30 go to park for walk and run errands
    1:00 formula bottle
    1:20 watch baby einstein video while I pump then play in exersaucers and jumperoo
    2:30/2:45 nap
    4:00 bm bottle -sometimes mixed with 2oz of formula
    4:20 play in playroom, practice sitting - 5:30 daddy comes home and we either all go for a run or Daddy takes them while I stay home to pump, do laundry, wash bottles and have some "me" time.
    7:00 6.5/7.5 oz bottles, just started baby food (sweet potatoes, green beans, and carrots)
    then we have bath, songs/stories
    7:45/8 Bed
    10pm I pump and then wake up again at 3am to pump.
    I'm really trying to keep up with them as much as I can. we have also been playing with the four hour schedule. The above schedule is if I manipulate it. Sometimes they go a little over.
    Tonight we gave them a bottle at 4:15, then green beans at 6 then a four oz. bottle at 6:30 then Bed.

    I feel like I run out of wake time activities. I just got babywise II and see that I need to do Independent play. We set up our pack and play this weekend so I plan to start using it tomorrow :)
    Katie {My Paisley Apron} said...
    6mo girl

    7 wake, nurse, solids
    8:40 nap
    10:30-10:45 wake, nurse, solids
    12:30 nap
    2:00 wake, nurse, solids
    4:00 nap
    5:00 wake, nurse a little, solids
    6:20 bath, pajamas
    6:40 nurse, stories
    7:00 bed
    4:00am short nursing, back to bed

Lacey Thibodeaux said...
My daughter is 6 months old, on a 3 1/2 hour schedule, and NOT a big eater at all! She could easily go 4 hours without eating and be totally fine, but I'm not sure I can lengthen her awake time or naps at this point in time. When I say she is not a big eater, at some meals she only eats 3-4oz and is perfectly happy until her next feeding! I tried introducing rice cereal last week. On the first day, she willingly opened her mouth it eat it and she hasn't eaten it/opened her mouth since. I've decided to take a break for a few days with the solids and will start back with green veggies next week! Her schedule now is:

6:30-7:00am - eat 6.5 oz
7:00-8:30am - play
8:30-10:00am - sleep
10:00-10:30am - eat 6 oz
10:30-12:00pm - play
12:00-1:30pm - sleep
1:30-2:00pm - eat 6 oz
2:00-3:30pm - play
3:30-5:00pm - sleep
5:00-5:30pm - eat 6 oz
5:30-6:45pm - play
6:45pm - bath
7:00-7:30pm - eat 6 oz
7:45pm - bedtime

7 Month Old
  • Carolyn said...
    7 months:

    7am - Eat (nurse and solids)
    7:45am - Activity
    9:00am - Sleep
    11:00am - Eat (nurse and solids)
    11:45am - Activity (10 min playpen time)
    1:00pm - Sleep
    3:00pm - Eat (nurse and solids)
    3:45pm - Activity (10 min playpen time)
    5:00pm - Catnap (most days)
    5:45pm - Awake (bath time, walk, etc)
    6:30pm - Nurse
    7pm - Bed
  • Katy said...
    7 Months girl

    7:30 – wake up, eat, play
    8:50 – nap
    11:00 – eat, play
    12:30 – nap
    2:20 – eat, play
    4:00 – nap
    4:45 – eat, play
    6:40 – eat
    7:30 – bed
  • PamKlip said...

    7 1/2 Month Old Girl

    8:00 - wake/6oz formula/cereal & fruit/time in jolly jumper
    9:30 - nap
    12:00 - 5oz formula/veggies & fruit/independent play or "swimming" in kiddie pool
    1:30 - nap
    3:00 - wake & run erands
    4:00 - 5oz formula/veggies, fruit & cereal
    5/5:30 - occasional catnap for 15-30 min.
    6:45 - bathtime
    7:00 - 6-8 oz fomula
    7:30 - bedtime

    *should note: eats fruit at every meal b/c she doesn't like them and only eats a small amount at a time

  • Hollie Shepard said...

    7 Month Old boy

    Wakes up around 6:45 or 7

    7AM 1/4 cup of cereal mixed with formula and small amount of fruit with 6 oz bottle

    8:30- Nap

    10- Wakes up from nap has some play time

    11- Lunch Fruit and some veggies with 6 oz bottle

    12:00 - 2:ish - Nap

    2:00 - playtime

    3:00- 6 oz bottle

    4:00- 5:30ish last nap

    7:00 - dinner veggie and fruit (also starting to add chicken) with 6 oz bottle

    8:00 - bedtime

    Great idea!!
    Katie {My Paisley Apron} said...
    7mo girl

    7:00 wake, nurse, dress, solids
    8:40 nap
    10:30-11 wake, nurse, solids
    12:30 nap
    2-2:30 wake, nurse, solids
    4 nap
    5 wake, nurse a little, solids
    6:20 bath, pajamas
    6:40 nurse, stories
    7:00 bed
    4am short nursing, back to bed
    AmberCHenson said...

    7 Month Girl

    6:30 - 6oz. Bottle
    Swing Time
    8:00/8:30 - 9:30 Nap (1 - 1 1/2 hours)
    9:30 - 2oz. Bottle + 3T Cereal + Fruit Serving
    Play Time
    11:00 - 12:30 Nap
    12:30 - 2oz. Bottle + Veggie Serving
    Play Time
    1:30/2:00 - 3:30 Nap 1 1/2 - 2 hours)
    3:30 - 6oz. Bottle
    Play Time/Snack while I cook dinner
    5:30 - 6:30 Nap (sometimes)
    6:30 - Veggie Serving + Fruit + Serving + Water
    Bath and Nap (45 min. - 1 hour)
    8:30 - 6oz Bottle and Bed

Carrie Aultman said...
7 mo Schedule Twin Boys
7:00 DWT
8:00 Breakfast
10:00 Nap
11:30 Eat
12:30 Lunch
2:30 Nap
4:00 Eat
5/5:30 Dinner
6:45 Start bedtime routine and last liquid feeding

8 Month Old
  • Kristin said...
    8 month old:

    6:30/7 am - wake up & eat (8oz)
    7:30 - cereal with fruit
    7:45 - independent playtime in pack-n-play or on the floor
    8:30/9 am - nap
    10/10:30 am - wake up - snack - finger foods and water/juice
    11/11:30 am - lunch - veggie and fruit/yogurg
    12 pm - nap
    1:30 pm - wake-up
    2 pm - bottle (8 oz)
    2:30 pm - outdoor/indoor playtime
    3:30 pm - catnap
    4:30 pm - wake-up
    5 pm - dinner (meat, veggie, fruit cereal)
    6 pm - start bedtime routine with bath
    6:30 pm - bottle (8 oz)
    7:00 pm - bedtime
  • Katy said...
    8 Months girl

    7:30 – wake up, nurse, solids
    9:20 – nap
    11:20 – nurse, solids
    1:30 – nap
    3:30 – nurse
    4:45 – solids
    5:30 – finger foods at dinner
    6:50 – nurse
    7:30 – bed
  • Elizabeth said...

    8 month old boy:

    6:00 - wake/play in bed
    6:30 - nurse
    6:45 - play with Mom (floor time)
    7:15 - breakfast (baby oatmeal and banana or applesauce)
    8:30 - nap
    10:30 - wake/nurse
    10:45 - play (Jumperoo)
    11:00 - lunch (5 oz. solids, usually 2 different veggies, and puffs)
    11:15 - play (usually more floor time)
    12:30 - nap
    2:30 - wake/nurse
    2:45 - play
    4:30 - nap
    6:00 - wake
    6:30 - nurse
    6:45 - dinner (5 oz. solids)
    7:00 - start bedtime routine (change to pj's, read books, etc.)
    7:30 - bedtime (sleeps all night)
  • Lonica said...
    8-11 Months:

    8:00 wake, nurse, breakfast
    10:00 nap
    12:00 wake, nurse, lunch
    3:00 nap
    5:00 wake, nurse
    5:15 independent play time
    6:00 dinner with family
    8:00 nurse, bed
  • S. Davis said...

    8 1/2 month old (girl):

    7:00 wake and play in bed
    7:30 solids (plain yogurt and fruit or cereal and fruit) and bottle (6 oz)
    8:30-9:00 IP in playpen
    9:00-10:00 floor time with mommy
    10:00-12:00 nap
    12:00 wake, solids (vegetables and fruit) and bottle (6 oz)
    1:00-3:00 errands, playtime, and/or swimming
    3:00-5:00 wake, solids (vegetables and fruit) and bottle (4 oz)
    6:00-6:30 playtime
    6:30 bath and playtime with daddy
    7:15 bottle (8 oz)
    7:30 story and bed

    I moved the naps back a little because she just doesn't seem tired after only 2 - 2 1/2 hours of wake time. But even now, she is playing in her crib for 30 minutes before falling asleep at the beginning of each nap. I am having to wake her to eat lunch and dinner, but I don't think I should push her naps back anymore...I mean she is already going 4 1/2 to 5 hours between meals during the day. Do you have any suggestions for other adjustments I should make?

    Thanks! And thanks for all the schedules; it really helps to see what other families are doing!
9 Month Old
  • melissa said...
    9 month old BOY

    6:00-6:45am: wake-up/stay in bed
    6:45am: diaper change/dressed
    7:00am: b/f
    7:30am: breakfast (rice cereal and fruit or waffle/pancake...)
    8:00am: playtime
    9:00am: diaper change / nap
    10:30am: wakeup / diaper change
    10:45am: bottle of formula,8 oz
    11:30am: Lunch (meat, veggie, starch)
    12:15pm: diaper change / story
    12:30/12:45pm: nap
    2:30pm: wake-up
    2:45pm: b/f & snack
    3:15pm: outdoor walk or indoor playtime
    4:30pm: (optional nap if fussy, and if mama remembers)
    5:00pm: dinner & family time
    6:15pm: bathtime & quiet time activity (I have a two-year old as well, which is why this time begins so early).
    6:45pm: b/f & 3-4oz bottle of formula
    7:15pm: To Bed
  • Ryan & Amber said...

    9 month old little girl

    7:30 - wake/nurse
    8:00 - breakfast
    8:20 - Mommy works out (baby in stroller or at gym daycare)
    9:00 - IP time
    9:20 - wind down routine
    9:30/45 - nap (I've noticed the last 2 days she'll take a better nap if up 2.25-2.50 hours instead of just 2 hours, so I'm tweaking her waketime)
    11:30 - wake/nurse
    12:00 - lunch
    12:20 - jumparoo, physical skills or errands
    1:30/2:00 - nap (same as above with nap length)
    3:30/4:00 - wake/nurse
    6:00 - nurse/dinner
    6:30 - bathtime
    7:00 - in bed

    The end of the day's a little crammed in there, but it works for us. When I start weaning her, I'll just give her a snack at 3:30/4:00
  • Katy said...
    9 Months girl

    8:00 – wake up, nurse, solids
    9:50 – nap
    11:50 – wake, nurse, solids/finger foods
    2:00 – nap
    4:00/30 – wake, nurse
    5:15 – solids, finger foods at dinner
    7:30 – nurse
    8:00 – bed
  • amykpt said...

    9 month old boy

    7am wake, 6 oz formula
    730 breakfast
    930-11 nap
    1115 6 oz formula
    1145 lunch
    2-345/4 nap
    345/4 6 oz formula
    6 dinner
    630 bath, bottle, bed by 715/730 

  • D & H said...

    Our schedule at 9-months (boy):
    6:30am wake, nurse, solids, IP, bath
    8:30am Nap
    10:30am Nurse, solids, errands/outing or playtime
    12:30pm Nap
    3pm Wake, nurse, play
    5:30pm Nurse, Solids & finger foods for dinner, family time
    7:30 Bedtime routine (song, scripture story, prayer, nurse, pajamas & diaper change) then in bed by 8:00pm or earlier

    Emily Anne Russ said...

    9 month girl. Eliza.
    6:30am wake/stay in crib
    7am get up/nurse
    7:30 breakfast
    8:00 play/go for a walk
    9:30 nap
    11:00 get up/nurse
    11:30 lunch
    12:00 independent play in pack n' play/or errands
    1:00 read/play with mom
    1:30/1:45 nap
    3/3:30 get up/nurse
    3:30 snack/errands/or free play
    6:00 dinner with family
    6:30 bath
    7:00 nurse/bed
    Alan Tierney said...
    My little girl is 9 weeks old and her schedule which she has kind of fallen into herself is...

    Change to day clothes, change & feed: 0700 - play with after for a while
    Nap: 0830 - 1130
    Wake, change & feed: 1200 - play after
    Nap: 1400 - 1600 ish
    Wake, change & feed: 1700 - play after
    Nap: 1830 - 2030
    Bath: 2030
    Change into PJ's & feed: 2100 - read to after
    Nap: 2330 - 0100
    Try to 'Dream Feed' at 0100
    Sleep till 0700
    She has quite bad nightmares so her 'nap time' is disturbed sometimes with this.
    katie martin said...
    9 month old boy:

    6:45-wake/stays in crib

    7-nurse/breakfast(banana and oatmeal

    8-IP/get dressed

    9-nap(2hours on a good day) Always on the go with the 3 year old/running errands in morning so not always at times only a 45 minute nap.


    12-IP/some sort of floor activity


    3-wake/nurse/snack (usually sits in bumbo while sister has art time.

    4:30-sometimes has a cat nap depending on how the morning nap went. If not then just plays with sister on the floor.

    5:30-6- nurse/Dinner

    6:30- Bath

    jennc said...
    9 month boy

    8 a.m. - Wake/nurse/play
    9 a.m. - Solids/play
    10 a.m. - Nap
    12 p.m. - Wake/nurse/play
    1 p.m. - Solids/play
    2 p.m. - Nap
    4 p.m. - Wake/nurse/play
    5 p.m. - Solids/play
    6 - 7:30 p.m. - Family time/play/bath
    7:30 p.m. - Nurse & bed
    Katie {My Paisley Apron} said...
    9mo girl

    7 wake, nurse/bottle, solids
    9 nap
    11 wake, nurse/bottle, solids
    1:15 small bottle, nap
    3:15 wake, bottle, solids
    6:15 bath
    6:30 nurse/bottle, stories
    6:50-7 bed
    5am short nursing, back to bed

valerieadele said...
9 month old boy: Currently, we are in the process of dropping the 3rd nap, as well as adding minutes to Independent playtime.

6:45-7:00 Wake/4 oz formula
7:30-8:00 Breakfast: cereal & fruit
8:00-8:15 Independent playtime in pack n play
8:15-8:45 Play on playmat with mom or dad
8:45-9:00 Read story
9:00-10:30 Nap
10:45-11:15 Lunch: green veggie, fruit & yogurt & 4 oz formula
11:15-12:45 Outdoor play (usually swimming right now being that it's July)
12:45- 1:00 Read story
1:00-2:00 Nap
2:00-2:15 Snack & 6 oz bottle
2:15-2:30 Independent playtime
2:30-3:45 Baby hangs out with mom or dad (run errands, household work, prep for dinner, play)
3:45-4:00 Read story
4:00-4:15/4:30 Catnap (trying to drop this one, but until his second nap gets longer, he needs this one)
4:30-5:00 Dinner (cereal, yellow or orange veggie, fruit & 3 oz bottle)
5:30-6:00 Play in pack n play or on playmat while I fix dinner
6:00-6:30 Sits in highchair and has finger foods while family eats
6:30-7:30 Plays with mom & dad (stroller ride, Wednesday evenings-Bible study)
7:30-7:45 8 oz bottle, bedtime routine
8:00-8;15 Baby is asleep

10 Month Old
  • Katy said...
    10 Months girl

    8:00 – wake up, nurse, solids
    10:00 – nap
    11:45 – wake, nurse, solids/finger foods
    2:00 – nap
    3:45 – wake, nurse
    5:15 – solids, finger foods at dinner
    7:15 – nurse
    8:00 – bed
  • Lonnie and Aymee said...

    10 month old boy who seems not to need as much sleep:

    6:30 - wake/play in bed
    7:00 - nurse, then breakfast (oatmeal with prunes or peaches and flax meal)
    9:00 - nap
    10:30 - wake (he might sleep longer sometimes, but most times he naps for 1 1/2 hour)
    11:20 - nurse, then lunch (meat and veggies)
    12:10 - play pen, then some play time (blanket time, independant play, jumper, depends on what I am doing)
    1:30 - nap
    3:00 - wake
    3:30 - nurse, snack (some veggies)
    4:30 - play pen, then blanket time, go out on a walk, independant play, bath time (this is his longest time of the day, so we do a lot of different activities). He doesn't take a cat nap anymore
    7:00 - dinner (baby oatmeal and fruit)
    7:10 - PJ's, read a book, pray
    7:30 - nurse and bedtime
  • Catherine Robbins said...
    10 month girl (same schedule from 8mo, except at around 9mo she dropped formula at lunch)

    -630/645am - wake & 8oz bottle (if wakes early then it's around 6am but she stays in her crib and rolls around, talks, etc)
    -Breakfast - Fruit + oatmeal (sometimes banana pancakes or scrambled egg yolk)
    -Playtime and Walk
    -830-10/1030am - Nap #1
    -Lunch - sippy with water + finger food veggies, bread, fruit + spoon meat or beans and green veggies
    -1230-230/3 - Nap #2
    -Snack - sippy with water, + yogurt or cottage cheese + fruit, bread or cheese cubes or cheese sandwich pieces
    -Playtime and Walk
    -5pm - Dinner - sippy with water + finger food veggies, fruit + spoon meat and orange/red/yellow veggies
    -Family time/outside swing
    -Bath & PJs or just PJs
    -6pm - 8oz bottle
    -Book & Prayers
    -630/645 - Bedtime

Yooli said...
10 month old boy - on a 4.5 hour schedule (same schedule since 8.5 months). Has been reducing his bottle ounces recently - went from 24oz at 6 months to about 12-16oz per day since 9.5 months. We offer a sippy of milk or water all day if he's thirsty and might get another ounce or two that way. Not a big eater overall. Has access to a snack trap in his playroom - seems to be happier about eating on the go which I don't like but am allowing the playroom Cheerios while he is learning how to feed himself.

Wake, 4-6oz bottle, and solids at 730am
Nap #1 from 10-12pm
Wake, 4-6oz bottle, and solids at noon.
Nap #2 from 230-430pm
Wake, 4-6oz bottle, and solids at 430pm. (If he eats well at this meal it's dinner and he sits with us at gets a snack at 6pm-ish when we eat dinner. If not, 430pm meal becomes the snack and we try to feed him again at our dinner time).
Sit with us at dinner at 6pm and has puffs or other finger foods.
Bath and PJs at 630pm
7pm light play and wind down for bed
715pm bedtime bottle (3oz)

11 Month Old
  • Katy said...11 Months girl

    8:00 – wake up, nurse, solids (read, independent play time, dress, music time)
    10:00 – nap
    11:45-12:00 – wake, nurse, solids/finger foods (play yard during lunch prep, free play or errands)
    2:00 – nap
    3:45-4:00 – wake, nurse (exersaucer, walk/outside time, play yard during dinner prep)
    5:20 – solids, finger foods at dinner (free play, walk/outside time, bath)
    7:15 – nurse (pajamas, brush teeth, story time)
    7:45 – bed
  • Caroline said...

    11 month old girl (been pretty similar since 8 months)

    8am - get up, have breakfast (porridge + a banana)

    9am - 20-30mins of independent play in cot while mum gets dressed!

    10am - milk (3/4oz)

    10.30/11am - Nap (1.5-2hours)

    12.30pm - Lunch (whatever I cooked for dinner the night before, plus a yoghurt and some fruit)

    3pm - snack

    3.30/4pm - Nap (45mins-1hour. Recently she's sometimes not gone down for this though)

    5.30pm - Dinner (finger-food eg cheese on toast, fruit)

    6.45pm - Bath

    7.15pm - Milk (6oz)

    7.30pm - Bedtime

    Katie {My Paisley Apron} said...
    11mo girl

    6:45 wake, dress, breakfast
    8:45 bottle, nap
    10:45 wake, lunch, play
    1:20 bottle, nap
    3-3:30 wake, play, dinner
    6:15 bath
    6:30 bottle, stories
    6:45 bed
    sometimes at 5am small bottle, back to bed
12 Month Old
  • Katy said...12 Months

    8:00 – wake up, nurse, breakfast (read, independent play time, dress, music time or free play)
    10:00 – nap
    11:45-12:00 – wake, nurse, lunch (play yard during lunch prep, free play or errands)
    2:00 – nap
    3:45-4:00 – wake, nurse, snack (walk/outside time, play yard during dinner prep)
    5:20 – solids, finger foods at dinner (free play, walk/outside time, bath)
    7:15 – nurse (pajamas, brush teeth, story time)
    7:45 – bed
  • ashley said...

    12 month old boy

    7:30 - wake, get dressed
    7:45 - breakfast (cereal/waffle w/ fruit & milk)
    8:15 - run with mommy outside
    9:30 - Nap #1
    11 - wake, learning activity w/ mommy
    11:30 - IP in playpen
    11:45 - lunch (dairy, fruit/veggie & milk)
    12:15 - outside "baby centric" activity (playground, play date, baby class, etc.)
    2 - Nap #2
    4 - wake, milk and snack in stroller, errands
    5 - structured play (motor skills/music)
    5:30 - IP in playpen
    6 - DVD time, or jumper in kitchen if I'm still cooking
    6:30 - dinner (protein, carb & veggie)
    7 - bath w/ daddy, milk, bible story & prayers
    7:30 - bed

Related Blog Post:


Monica and Adam said...

Amy (10 week old boy)- thanks for posting your schedule! My son is practically on the same schedule, and seeing yours laid out has helped me alter mine some! I do have a question for you.

In the afternoon, if your son wakes at 4, do you still keep him up till his 7 o'clock catnap? Or do you put him down earlier for that catnap?? That seems to be our current problem. If he has a catnap at, let's say 6..he's fussy and tired before his 8:45 bedtime. But he can't stay up 3 hours either! I haven't figured out a way to remedy this yet. Any ideas?


Amy said...

Hey Monica! About your just depends on the day and how his naps have been. If he has had a couple really long naps (2-3 hours) during the day then he usually does fine with just that catnap, but if hes been having 1 to 1/2 hour naps all day then we will put him in his crib after his 5:30 feeding and see if he'll nap awhile. Most times he does. I've been wondering if we should put him down a little earlier like 8:00 so we've been slowly trying to ease into that. Last week we started to give him his last bottle at 8:45, this week we'll give him his last bottle at 8:30, etc. I just want to make sure he's still sleeping til his desired wake time of 8 am. So far he has been. Maybe your little guy is ready for an earlier bedtime too. Gibson's fussy time is around 8 and we feel like maybe he's ready for bed by then. Try putting him down in the early evening and see if he'll sleep for a real nap not just a catnap, and start easing into an earlier bedtime and see if that helps... :) Let us know how it goes.

danielle said...

I'm curious if anyone is getting their kid up earlier than 7 or later. Unfortunately I work at 7am so I have to feed my 7 month old at 6am (BF and solids). I'm having trouble getting him on a routine that coincides with my 3 1/2 year old and the family meals. He is ready for a nap by 730am, sleeps until 930am. Eats again at 10 (bf only) then wants to nap again at 1130. I have him up at 1230 to eat lunch (BF or bottle and solids) at 1-130. Then both boys are napping at 230. My 3 year old is exhausted by then, but I want them down at the same time for the sitter and my sanity! Then I race home after work at 530 to feed him (bf and solids) while trying to get dinner ready for the rest of the family. His bedtime is 730 with a feeding (BF). He sleeps well through the night, but I just can't keep him on schedule - I feel like we are chasing the clock because of having to be up so early in the AM. Any suggestions are welcome.

D & H said...

Danielle, if it were me, I would not worry about the baby's mealtimes coinciding with family mealtimes yet. We start the day at 6am and I think my baby's meals won't coincide with ours until he's closer to a year old and has longer waketimes. It just won't work out with his waketimes and length of naps. I think Babywise or Babywise II says that it is a goal to get mealtimes to align by the end of the first year, but if he's 7 months you still have plenty of time to get there.

Plowmanators said...

Thank you everyone for adding your schedules! I have added them to the main body of the post and will be deleting your comments that have your sample schedules in them.

Readers are still welcome to add sample schedules!

Plowmanators said...

Danielle, I agree with D&H. I wouldn't worry about meals coinciding right now. You have an extenuation circumstance. I actually don't really have them coincide until the baby is about 1. No need to rush it.

Tom said...

*****Help me ************
Hi I have a real big problem. My 10 mo old DD isn't nursing anymore, she pushes me away or bites. I try and use a sippy cup/ staw/ medicine spoon/ and a bottle and she bites those too and doesn't drink much, throws them or pushes them away. Only drinks maybe 2 oz. I called my pedi. and he said just to keep trying if she's not wanting to nurse and my milk supply goes down to start trying formula. I'm so emotional about this because we're so close to the 12 month mark. And it took me so long to Bfeed her without any problems. She wont take ANY milk, formula, my milk and the dr told me NO cows milk. what do I do? Help me PLEASE!
Plus she's been very fussy, she might be teething becuase her second nap has been a hit or miss with crying and if she does go down it varies 45 min- 2 hrs. Should I try and pump every 4 hrs? I only get maybe 2 oz at most when I do pump at night so I dont go more than 10 hrs without pumping/feeding. What do I do if she won't drink any milk?

Plowmanators said...

Tom, if she won't nurse and you want to try to shoot for 12 months, I would pump at least every four hours. Maybe three unless you have a strong electric pump.

So far as her nutrients, she won't let herself starve. I know it is distressing, but if she is healthy, then she will nurse when she needs it or she will take other liquid offered. But I would also consider possibilities like an ear infection or something else that might be affecting appetite and causing poor naps. Teeth can also do that.

Plowmanators said...

Thank you D&H! You are awesome for continually adding.

Aly said...

Thank you so much for your blog! I've just discovered it and love it!
My baby boy is 3 months old now, and I've read in babywise he can start going to four hours for feedings. It looks like most people that posted schedules for around his age are still on a 3 hour schedule. Should I go back down to 3?
He wakes at 9- eats
Sleeps at 1130 or so
Wakes at 1 (He's still transitioning to 3 naps a day so he usually wakes up at 12 or so and I'll give him his binkie after 10min to go back to sleep)
Goes to sleep at 230
Eats at 4
Naps at 6
Eats at 8 then bed time routine and he's a sleep by 930.
Also, what are your thoughts on the binkie?

Plowmanators said...

Aly, if four hours is working for him, then that is no problem. You can stick with it.

The binkie--I have no personal experience, but if you click on the "pacifier" blog label, then you will see a link to a great post with good guidelines for using it wisely.

Becca Anne said...

So glad to have found your blog! I've read it soo many times in the middle of the night while feeding/rocking my LO. Thank you!

I have a couple questions about scheduling. My LO is 7 weeks old and I have had him on a 3-hour schedule since he was about 3 weeks old. We do CIO during the day (after I sing and rock to him - usually he's awake/drowsy when I put him in bed), and he has been doing okay with that, although lately he has been digressing a bit. He'll be calm for about 10 minutes, then start wailing. Is this normal after he's been doing CIO since week three?

He is not a good napper -- the most I can usually get is 1.5 hours, if that. I've read all your posts about waking early from naps, and I can't think of anything that could be causing this except that he's just not tired. However, if I pick him up and hold him for a while, he will eventually fall back asleep... which is frustrating and makes me think he IS tired! Should I let him CIO for longer than 10-15 minutes when he wakes early? He will occasionally fall back asleep after he's cried for a while, but it's rare and his sleep doesn't last long. Could it be that he's just like your son and hates to sleep?

Also, we are having absolutely no success with sleeping through the night. He usually goes to bed around 9, dreamfeeds anywhere from 10:30-11, and will inevitably be up by 2 or 3. And a lot of times he's wide awake at that point. I realize a lot of BW babies don't sleep through the night till they are 12 weeks, but we can't even get him to go for a longer stretch. And he is consistently waking up at 5:30 and 6:30, even though our day doesn't start till 7-7:30. I try to put him back to bed, but don't always have success with that. He does have a TON of tummy issues, but there's not a whole lot you can do about those! Should I expect him to sleep longer than 4 hours at this point? I am feeling frustrated and worn out, even though I think I'm being pretty consistent with his scheduling.

Sorry for the long post. Hope I'm not being redundant. I appreciate your help!!

Becca Anne said...

One other thing... when he wakes up at 5:30 and 6:30, he is usually crying and sounds very upset, even he's full. I usually have to rock him back to sleep or give him his paci. Just not sure why this would be...

Also, I did notice your comment about weight. He was 6.8 at birth and is probably about 10 pounds right now. Does that mean I should probably expect less from him?

Plowmanators said...

Becca Anne,

For the crying, he might need a longer waketime.

Nap length, always watch for growth spurts. He might just be getting used to the whole sleeping thing.

For the night, I would move his bedtime up to 7/7:30.

For the tummy, I recommend gripe water (baby's bliss)and gas drops if gas is an issue.

Smaller babies do take longer to STTN. I guess in a way it is a bonus for the mom who had to carry and deliver the big baby :)

ElizabethCourter said...

I'm excited we found this website but there is A LOT of info to sort through! That said, we are desperate to find sample schedules so we can create one that works for us but we can't find one for a newborn. All the newborn ones seem to be with multiple kids (this is our first) or they are for 3 months and up. Any help out there???

Plowmanators said...


See this post: Sample Schedules :

It has samples of my different kids.

For a week by week play, go through my "newborn summary" posts (click on the blog label) and you can see how the schedule changed weekly for my third.

Angie said...

10 - 13 week old boy

7:30am - 8am - Feed
wake time usually consists of baby in bouncy chair watching mom have her coffee.
9:30am - Nap
11am - Feed
wake time consists of some sort of exercise for mom, either stroller ride or front carrier hike.
12:30pm - Nap
2pm - Feed
wake time: bath then errands.
3:30pm - Nap
5pm - Feed
Wake time: bouncy chair or playpen time. Mom makes dinner.
7pm - Nap or awake usually put in swing because tends to be fussy at this time.
7:45-8:15pm - Last Feed
Have not done dreamfeeds as we are usually in bed early and up early so found dreamfeeds would actually make me lose some of my sleep.
3-4am - Feed (when baby wakes up) straight back to bed. Still trying to drop this feed.

Susana said...

Angie. My baby has the similar schedule than yours,same fussy time,and same edge, and i am still trying to drop the 2-3am feed, so if you did something different and worked, please let me know!i also don't have a dreamfeed

Angie said...

Hi Susana,
My boy seems to be transitioning to longer time b/t feedings. He is now 13w+2 days old. Last night he went 8.5 hours b/t feedings (8:30pm - 5:00am) He has always gone right back to sleep, so this morning started with a 8:30am feed and he stayed up in his bouncy chair until 10:30am, i put him down for a nap and its now noon so i'm going to see if maybe going to a 3.5hr schedule works. Night time sleep is anywhere from 7 - 8.5 hours, we're getting there....

Susana said...

That is awesome! congratulations for doing all the work and now is paying off!
my baby boy is going to be 12 weeks this next Monday!, and it doesn't look like he is ready to transition between feedings yet... but last night i added a dreamfeed, ate a full meal! and woke up at 3am, which is one hour later than usual!! and then woke up again at 6am his waking time, so yeah! a little bit of a change by himself!! so i guess i just gotta wait , be patient and see if he can STTN pretty soon like your baby boy!!
thank you!!

S. Davis said...

8 1/2 month old (girl):

7:00 wake and play in bed
7:30 solids (plain yogurt and fruit or cereal and fruit) and bottle (6 oz)
8:30-9:00 IP in playpen
9:00-10:00 floor time with mommy
10:00-12:00 nap
12:00 wake, solids (vegetables and fruit) and bottle (6 oz)
1:00-3:00 errands, playtime, and/or swimming
3:00-5:00 wake, solids (vegetables and fruit) and bottle (4 oz)
6:00-6:30 playtime
6:30 bath and playtime with daddy
7:15 bottle (8 oz)
7:30 story and bed

I moved the naps back a little because she just doesn't seem tired after only 2 - 2 1/2 hours of wake time. But even now, she is playing in her crib for 30 minutes before falling asleep at the beginning of each nap. I am having to wake her to eat lunch and dinner, but I don't think I should push her naps back anymore...I mean she is already going 4 1/2 to 5 hours between meals during the day. Do you have any suggestions for other adjustments I should make?

Thanks! And thanks for all the schedules; it really helps to see what other families are doing!

Plowmanators said...

S. Davis, how does she do when you put her down after two hours?

ejemama said...

Just wondering about your 3 week old is currently on a 3 hour schedule. I feed him approximately at 9,12,3,6,9 and then wake him at 11:30. Then he gets up like clockwork around 2:45 or 3am and then sometime between 6 and 6:30am. I can't get him to go any longer than those 3 hours between feeds in the middle of the night. I notice though that he is super sleepy and doesn't eat well, either at the 11:30 feed or the 3am feed. Would it be better to just stop waking him at 11:30 and let him go after the 9pm feed? And also, it normal for him to not sleep any longer than 2.5 hours in the middle of the night. I know he is super young still, but b/c he wakes at the same time every night I am concerned about him making a rut for himself. And I doubt how hungry he really is b/c he doesn't eat super well either.

Plowmanators said...


It can be slight night/day confusion. I would feed her at 11 or just stick with 9. Good luck!

Hannah said...

Hi, I'm a mom of 8.5 month old B/G twins. They are awesome.
Our schedule looks like this:

5:30-6:00 a.m. wake, bottle (4oz)
6:00 a.m. get dressed, play time in room
7:00 a.m. breakfast
8:00 a.m. nap
9:00 a.m. wake, change diapers, play time in room
10:00 a.m. bottle(4oz)/lunch
10:30 a.m. independent play time/blanket time
11:00 a.m. jumpy seats, or walkers
11:30 a.m. nap
12:30-1:00 p.m. wake
1:00 p.m. bottle (4 0z)
2:00 p.m. free time, mommy time, walk (we change it up all the time what we do. usually we'll run errands at this time if we need to go out)
4:00 p.m. cat nap, some days, they get pretty cranky if we don't take a nap, but they usually just talk in their cribs if i do put them down.(at least they rest a little, right?)
5:00 p.m. Daddy home, dinner together
5:30 p.m. Daddy gives baths, I clean dinner dishes, and get bed time bottles ready.
5:45-6:00 p.m. Family play time in kids room while getting p.j's on
6:00-6:30ish Bedtime
9:00 p.m. Dream Feed

They will sleep all night, usually between 11 and 12 hours.

Our schedule works for us. I just wonder if their naps should be longer? I'm lucky if I can get an hour of sleep during a nap from them. My girl sleeps better than my boy. They usually wake at 45 minutes and then fuss/cry/talk for the next 30-45 mintues. Should I just get them up at 45 mintues? It's not that I haven't tried for those 90 minute naps. We try ALL the time. They just rarely take them.
And, I wonder if i still need a dream feed? i feel like maybe i do since they go to bed so early? But, i've tried to drop it and they are usually awake crying around midnight, and don't stop until fed, or they get up at 4:30 a.m. (not cool). so, for this reason, I keep the dream feed, which really isn't a big deal being so early.

I guess my question is : Do I still make them take 90 minute naps? Or if the little guy wakes up after a 40 minute nap, and starts to cry and continues to fuss, do I just get him up. They are both always happy when I get them up.

It's so hard to know what to do, isn't it? I wish I could just relax about it sometimes, but I'm always worried I should be doing something different!


Plowmanators said...


Ideally they would have a longer nap. They might need to be up for only two hours before starting their nap.

Their bedtime is not early compared to what time they wake up. So they could drop the dreamfeed if ready. Since they wake when you don't do it, however, I would say they need it.

What you do when they wake early is up to you. If my child were crying, I think I would get them up. See my post on "waking early from naps/won't fall asleep for naps" for more ideas. Good luck!

Lily said...

Hi I am a Mummy to a four years old toddler and 8 weeks old baby boy. I am trying to aim for a 8pm bedtime for my baby boy. I am wondering:
(1) if his last nap ends at about 430pm / 5pm (I usually give him a feed at that time and he will wake up for it too), should he still take a catnap before the bedtime?

(2) There have been cases where we put him down at 7pm or 7pm plus, he will wake up after a while - how do i prevent him from treating the bedtime as a catnap? It takes us hours to put him to sleep again.


greektwins11 said...

Hello! I'm the momma of two 10 month old twin boys...who are in the 95th percentile for weight (at 24.3&24.7 pounds). I'm wondering when/how/if I need to drop a solid feeding around 1 year old.
So far, our schedule is like this (I say like because my husband has his own agenda...ugh).
8:00 am. Wake, 6oz formula, cereal with fruit
8:30am. Nap
10:30 am. Wake, play
12:00pm. 6oz formula, veggies & meats
2:00pm. Nap
4:00pm. Wake, 6oz formula, veggies & meats
7:30pm. Bath time
8:00pm. 6oz formula, cereal & fruit (they eat a lot here!!)
8:30pm. Bed.

I haven't really introduced snacking, I'm not quite sure how. And I'm afraid to cut that last feeding because they do eat a lot. I've read the sample schedules, and it seems as though I should give formula at 4, a snack at 530, and then dinner around 7? Does that make sense? Please help!

Plowmanators said...


Yes, I would do a catnap before bed.

2-He might need a dreamfeed around 10 PM or so.

skatrina19 said...

I have 6.5 month twin girls.. they're schedule is this

On a normal day lol..

7-8 wake with cereal and 6 oz bottle

Playtime till nap at 11

1pm- lunch 1/2 jar each veg and fruit with 6 oz bottle

Playtime then nap at 3

5pm- 6 oz bottle


Then dinner at 8pm 1/2 jar each meats/veg and fruit

9pm- 7 oz bottle and bedtime.

Does this sound right? Just wondering..

Plowmanators said...


You want solids three times a day.

I would probably do

solids at 8, solids at 12

Then formula and solids at 4.

Then if needed, a snack when you and your husband eat dinner.

Then just formula at 8.

And of course formula at 8 and noon.

laura jo said...

Thanks! I needed this today. I came on your website just to check out schedules since my 10 month old boy seems to be fighting his afternoon nap every day. This helped a lot.

Following the Friedmans said...

I notice a lot of people post that for the evenings they feed their baby ad then next is bedtime. Here is my question - are these babies falling asleep while eating, or are you feeding them and then putting them down?

Alan Tierney said...

My little girl is 9 weeks old and her schedule which she has kind of fallen into herself is...

Change to day clothes, change & feed: 0700 - play with after for a while
Nap: 0830 - 1130
Wake, change & feed: 1200 - play after
Nap: 1400 - 1600 ish
Wake, change & feed: 1700 - play after
Nap: 1830 - 2030
Bath: 2030
Change into PJ's & feed: 2100 - read to after
Nap: 2330 - 0100
Try to 'Dream Feed' at 0100
Sleep till 0700
She has quite bad nightmares so her 'nap time' is disturbed sometimes with this.

StephenEWard said...

hey i have a question that has been bothering me for a while. i am not sure how often u respond, but any feedback would be nice. i have a 10 month old boy whos bedtime is 715pm, but his wake times have been inconsistent for months. on average anytime between 6 and 730am. it kinda drives me crazy, because at least once a week he will wake up in the middle of the night. although this has become the norm, he did not used to be this way. he used to sleep 12hrs straight no problem without waking once. he also wakes crying and wanting to eat right away. again any help would be most appreciated;)

StephenEWard said...

this is Stephens wife, shea, btw

Valerie Plowman said...

The first trick is to figure out why he is waking. I have a post called "5-8 month sleep disruptions" that can give you a list of common reasons for this in this age range. I also have a post called "nighttime sleep issues revised and updated" that can give you some guidance.

Think back to what has changed since he started and stopped STTN.

If he is waking hungry, then it is likely a growth spurt and you either need to just wait until the growth spurt is over and he will sleep through on his own again or try to feed him more in the day (either more at meals or more often). If you are breastfeeding, be sure your milk supply is good. Good luck!

Jeremy and Sarah Bones said...

My Kate is 8 months 3 weeks today... Her schedule is:

7:00am - Wake, 5 oz formula, Fruit for Breakfast
9:00am - Down for Nap
10:30am - Minimum wake time (stays in crib if awake before this)
11:00am - 5 oz formula, Veggie/Fruit for Lunch
1:30pm - Down for Nap
3:00pm - Minimum wake time (stays in crib if awake before this)
3:30pm - 5 oz formula
5:30pm - Veggie/Fruit for Dinner
6:30pm - 5 oz formula
6:45pm - Bedtime routine
7:00pm - Down for bed

Allison DeYoung said...

Schedule for our almost 11-month-old who has been on a structured routine since day one. I think we are beginning the slide toward one nap, but are not there yet. She has always been bottle fed.

7:00 = Up for the day, sip on a bit of water, change diaper. Play for a bit if breakfast isn't ready yet.

7:15ish = Breakfast! Followed by play time. There is usually a morning snack around 9:00, something small, like some fruit.

9:45 = Bottle. Then finish playing and get prepped for a nap (clean diaper, sleep sack, white noise, books.)

10:15-noon = Sleep and a diaper change upon waking.

12:15ish = Lunch! Then lots of playtime.

2:ooish = Afternoon snack! Depending how much she ate at lunch, this might be small (some fruit and cheese) or big (veggies, pasta, etc.) More playing.

3:00 = Bottle. Then finish playing and get ready for a nap.

3:30-4:30ish = Nap. I say "ish" because she has been playing in her crib for 15-20 minutes at the start of this nap, and once she falls asleep, I try to let her sleep for an hour.

Diaper change upon waking.

5:00 = Small snack

6:30 or 7:00 = Dinner

7:30 = Bath, bottle, pajamas, books, bed. She goes into the crib at about 7:50 and is asleep by 8:00. Again, she plays around in the crib a bit before sleeping.

bamathews2 said...

7.5 month old boy

7:00 am- nurse, solids (cereal and fruit), independent play
8:15-8:30 am- nap
11:00 am- nurse, solids (fruit and veggie and/or finger foods)
12:30-1:00 pm- nap
3:00 pm- nurse, sometimes finger foods
4:30 pm- nap
6:00 pm- nurse, solids (fruit and veggie)
7:00-7:30 pm- quick nurse, bedtime

Megan said...

6 month old girl...
6:00 am feed and back down to sleep (working on extending her nights!)
8:00 am nurse and solids. Usually about 2 T cereal and 3-4 T fruit
9:05 am Nap
11:00 am nurse with solids. Usually 2 T cereal and 4 T vegetable.
12:30 pm nap
2:45 pm nurse
4:15 pm nap
5:30 pm wake
6:30 solids. Usually 2T cereal and 4 T vegetable
7:00 nurse and to bed for the night

Our schedule is a little weird at the end of the day because she's not ready to eat when she wakes up from her last nap, so we wait and do solids first and nap at bedtime. I'm hoping we will drop that 6 am feeding soon! I Al's think she's ready to be on a four hour eating schedule, but we need to get her naps and wake time to comply!

Julie Meyers said...

9.5 month old girl

It's funny to me that I'm posting this because we've just fallen into this schedule in the last few days. We've been fighting short naps for about 6 MONTHS (since she was 3 months old) until last week. With the help of a little lavender oil on the bottom of her feet, she's beginning to take great naps! I'm actually having to wake her sometimes -- totally unheard of around here!

7:00 - Wake / nurse
7:15 - Breakfast (oatmeal, fruit, yogurt)
7:45-8:45 - Playtime (both structured and free time)
8:45 - Light snack (usually a few puffs) and water in sippy cup
9:00 - Reading on couch
9:15 - Nap
11 -11:15 - Wake / nurse
11:30 - Lunch and finger foods
11:45 - Out of house activity (park, run errands, visit friends, etc.)
1:15 - Light snack and water
1:45 - Reading on couch
2:00 - Nap
3:30 - Wake / nurse
4:00 – 5:30 - Structured playtime, free playtime, walk, or out of house
5:30 - Dinner and finger foods (I do this here because she's usually just not hungry for solids at 3:30)
7:15 - Bath
7:30 - Sing with daddy, then nurse
7:45/8:00 - Bed

Amanda Flannagan said...

Our baby boy will be 14 weeks old tomorrow. Delivered nine days past due date. He's been pretty good to us!

Our routine on a perfect day...can often fluctuate 15-30mins depending on what we are doing for the day.

6:30-7:00 wake/diaper change/eat then play
9:00-10:00 nap
10:00 wake/eat/etc
12:00-1:00 nap
1:00 wake/eat/etc
3:00 nap
4:00 wake/eat/etc
5:30ish nap
6:30 wake/eat/family time/bath every other day
8:30 eat and STTN (except recently, waking briefly 4-5am - he's been breaking out of his swaddle)

I've been tweaking our evening routine over the past couple of weeks and this is what I think is working best for us. We cut out the fifth nap that BW recommends, still kinda trying to figure it out though, not sure if its possible causing the nighttime waking.

Sarah WhitehouseNews said...

7mo 3 week girl

8a- wake, bottle (8oz), diaper, play
9:30- nap
11a- up, diaper, play
12p- bottle, solids (not much, doesn't like solids much so far)
1p- nap
3p- up, diaper, play
4p- bottle
5p- nap
6p- up, diaper, bottle, solids with family at dinner
7:30p- start bedtime routine, PJ's, bottle, story, bed by 8p.

Question- sometimes it's hard to get a 2 hour nap from her. My mother is convinced she should have longer wake times and only two 1hr to 1.5hr naps. She thinks a baby that age should be able to be up 3-4 hours between naps. I was considering going to 2 naps, but scared how she might handle that if she doesn't lengthen her naps. It seems her first cycle and last cycle of the day she can get really cranky if she has to go more than 2 hours awake. Is my schedule too "young" for her?

Binne Gnuferi said...

Thank you so much for your blog!
My girl is on a 3hrs10-schedule. She can stay awake for about 1h40mins and usually sleeps for 1.5h. In the morning she could go longer in between the first and second feed, I guess because the milk is more filling in the morning. I tried 3.30 and 3.45h, no problem. If I wait until she says she's hungry, she even goes up to 4 hours and more. The rest of the day I think 3.15 is best for her.
But because she can't really stay awake longer than 1h40mins and I don't think she would sleep more than 1.5h, I have to feed her at 3hrs10mins, if I want to keep the eat-wake-sleep order, although she's not really hungry then and risk that she doesn't eat properly...
What would you recommend?

Valerie Plowman said...

Hard to say exactly without her age. I would say let her go 4 hours in the morning and then just go as long as she can the rest of the day. She will naturally get longer as she can sleep longer.

Jessie said...

11 week boy
We just increased his wake time and it has really helped the 45 minute intruder. That being said, it's not quite solidified yet.

7:00 wake and eat
8:15 nap
9:45 wake and eat
11:15 nap
12:45 wake and eat
2:15 nap
4:00 wake and eat
6:00 bedtime

1-2 MOTN feeds

The last wake time is a bit too long, so I let him sleep longer to help shift things at the end of the day. A nap after 4 results in lots of wakings early evening.

Jessie said...

11 week boy
We just increased his wake time and it has really helped the 45 minute intruder. That being said, it's not quite solidified yet.

7:00 wake and eat
8:15 nap
9:45 wake and eat
11:15 nap
12:45 wake and eat
2:15 nap
4:00 wake and eat
6:00 bedtime

1-2 MOTN feeds

The last wake time is a bit too long, so I let him sleep longer to help shift things at the end of the day. A nap after 4 results in lots of wakings early evening.

cindy h said...

8 month old boy (who's in transition from nursing to formula & solids)

8am - wake, diaper, nurse for 5-ish minutes
8:30am - breakfast in high chair (4 oz bottle + solids)
9:00-9:45ish - play time (independent play then reading books & getting ready for nap)
10am-11:30am - morning nap
11:30-12pm - wake up from nap, diaper, get dressed for day, etc
**if we go out to run errands this is the time we leave, and and we will stop to eat lunch while out
12pm - lunch (8oz bottle + solids)
12:30pm-1:30pm - play time
1:30pm-3:30pm - afternoon nap
3:30-4pm - play time
4pm - eat (8oz bottle + snack such as cheerios)
4:30pm-6:30pm - play time (if he woke up early from afternoon nap, then sometimes he still takes a short cat nap during this timeframe
6:30pm - dinner with family (solids in high chair)
7:00pm - outdoor play time (baby swing, take a walk, etc)
8:00pm - start of an 8oz bottle
8:30pm - bath time, read books, finish rest of bottle
9:00pm - bedtime. sometimes he'll sleep all night, sometimes he'll wake up once to nurse

Unknown said...

Jolene says;
For our 11-month old boy:

7:00am- wake, bottle (6oz.)
8:00am- breakfast (4oz. fruit/yogurt or scrambled eggs)
9:00am- Nap time
11:00am- wake, bottle (6oz.), independent play
11:45am- Lunch (3 oz. veggies w/ 2 oz. fruit)
Then play time, quick errands...
1:30pm- Nap time
3:00-4:00- wake, bottle (6oz.)
Then play, long walk, errands, park, etc.
5:45pm- Supper (5-6oz. protein and veggies)
6:30pm- dressed for bed, bottle (6oz.),
bedtime routine
7:00pm- bed time

P.S. - if he wakes before the given wake time, I leave him be in his crib until then. If he's still sleeping, I wake him up within 15 min. after the given time. (And "naptime" includes him trying to put himself to sleep... Usually never actually sleeps for the 2 hrs. Average is 1 1/2 hr.)

Amy Warenski said...

3.5 Month Old
(Breast milk only, goes to daycare on weekdays)

7:00am - Wake, eat (BF)
8:45am - Nap
10:15am - Eat (bottle, 5oz)
11:45am - Nap
1:30pm - Eat (bottle, 5oz)
3:00pm - Nap
4:30pm - Eat(bottle, 5.5oz)
6:00pm - Nap
7:15pm - Bath, lotion, story
7:30pm - Eat (BF)
8:00pm - Bedtime
11:30pm - Night feeding (BF)

My boy is a short napper, so he doesn't always make it until the next eating time. I try not to stress too much over it because daycare does a great job of making sure he has waketime after he eats, letting him fall asleep on his own, and keeping to the schedule. The night feeding is sort of a dreamfeed in the sense that he doesn't really wake up and goes immediately back to sleep, but he eats a full meal, so I still consider it part of his caloric needs. I am still doing it for three reasons: 1) to maintain my supply, 2) because he's on a six-feed schedule and his daytime schedule works very well right now, and 3) honestly, it's a quiet bonding time and I'm not ready to give it up! I will probably move from 6 to 5 feeds/day in a month or so, by dropping the night feed, prior to the introduction of solid foods.

ashley's mummy said...

Hi, my little one is 4 months old and I chanced upon baby wise late. We are starting to put him on a schedule but I find that it's almost impossible to keep to it without varying it too much from the 30 mins window as his nap and bedtime is very closely linked to his wake time. For eg. His ideal schedule would be wake 7.30am feed play and down for nap at 9pm as his first nap usually takes place 1.5 hrs after he wakes. However, sometimes he doesn't go down till 9.30am and that throws the following schedule off. At the same time, baby wise says to keep feeding to 3 hrly till he sleeps through the night which hasn't happened but I find that with his 2 hr wake time before nap and 2 hr nap time, it's usually 4 hrs before he gets his next feed. I wonder if that could be a reason why he can't sttn. Would love some advice. Do I keep to a fix time for each activity and nap per day or do I let his wake time after naps dictate the schedule? Currently his wake time of 2 hr after each nap is the deciding factor for the next nap but it doesn't seem to be working so great especially if we are out, he gets thrown and he wouldn't sleep almost the whole night when his bedtime crosses 9pm. Thanks.

Valerie Plowman said...

I would work on being more consistent. It is okay to have a day every so often that is off, but you will want to have more consistency day to day to get sleep regulated. If he is doing fine in the day with a four hour schedule, though, I would personally keep that going.

Jean Martin said...

Hi I have a 4 mos old girl. Her scheduled is mostly based on 3 hour feeding and her optimal wake times.

7am - 4 oz bottle (she can only finish this much. Wake time give or take 15 mins if it changes)

8:40am - nap

10:30 am - bottle (i used to do 3 hours but noticed she never finishes her milk)

11:40am - nap

1:30pm - bottle (sometimes she doesn't finish this one either)

3:00pm - nap

4:30pm - bottle

6:10pm - nap

7:10pm - wake her

7:30pm - bath

7:45pm - bottle

8:00pm - sleep

11-12 - dream feed

3am/4am - she wakes up and we feed her.

We can't seem to get rid of the 3/4am feeding. I don't think she drinks enough which is why we still feed her at this time though. She just isn't able to finish more than 4oz. I almost always have to wake her up after each nap for feeding. And if I'm late it throws off her last nap and the rest of our evening. We really want her down by 8 so that we could have some time of our own. I tried removing the 4th nap but she gets so tired and I feel bad. If I move her bed time earlier she might wake up at 2/3am and we don't want that. :( Please help. Thank you.

ashley said...

I have a 6 month old that is small for his age. He slept through the night from 8 weeks until 4 mon. Then he started waking up 2x a night on good nights and every 2 hrs on bad nights. I let him nurse b/c he seems hungry. At 6 mon. I was hoping he would have gone to sleeping longer at night by now. Here is his schedule:
5-6am he wakes and nurses
6:30 commute 45 min to daycare, sometimes he takes a catnap but less often lately
8:30 6.5 oz bottle, 2 TBSP cereal
9:30 they try for a nap, but it usually doesn't happen
11:30 6.5 oz bottle, 1/2 veg, 1/2 fruit
12-2:30 nap
2:30 6.5 oz bottle
4:45 commute 45 min home, he always catnaps
5:30 he crys to be nursed, nurse
6:00 1/2 veg, meat or 1/2 fruit
7:00 bedtime routine
7:30 nurse then bed
wakes up at 12 and 3am on a good night.

BTW he is very active during the day, rolled over at 4 mon at is now crawling

Jennifer said...

8 Month Old Boy

7:00am Wake, Bottle, Solids
9:00-11:00am Nap
11:00am Wake, Bottle, Solids
12:30/1:00-3/3:30pm Nap
3:30pm Wake, Bottle
5:30pm Solids
6:30pm Bottle
7:00pm Bed

- His solid feelings are at the same time as our meals.
- The start and end times of the second nap are dependent on how well of a first nap he takes. If he wakes early from the first nap I will put him down at 12:30 for the second nap.

Jami Rayfield said...

Jami RayfieldMay 3, 2017 at 12:25 AM
I have an 8 week old and a toddler. My toddler sleeps from 8pm to 8am. The baby always wakes up at 8 am as well. I want the baby to work towards the same schedule as my toddler, But I can't seem to figure out which of allllll the schedules to use?! And I'm too tired to figure it out. Help?!

Amanda said...

8 month old

6:30 - DWT and nure
7:30 - 4oz baby food, and scraps of family breakfast
8:30 - nap
10:00 - awake and nurse (this is when we leave the house with the big kids)
12:00 - 4oz baby food and scraps from family lunch
12:30 - nurse and down for nap
4 - awake and nurse
5:15 - dinner (4 oz solids and family dinner)
6:00 - bath then nurse and in bed at 6:30

Ren said...

Almost 3 months
I wake him up at 9:00 am-breast feed
Go down for nap 10:00
Breast Feed 12:00
Go down for Nap 1:00-1:10
Breast Feed 3:30
Go down for Nap 4:30
Breast feed 6:00
Go down for Nap 7-730
Formula bottle 8:00
Goes to sleep 9:00
Dreamfeed 930-10:00
He sometimes awakes by the 45 minute intruder during 2nd and 3rd nap but if I go in right away and give paci he goes right back to sleep and finishes out nap... he started sttn at 7 weeks!

Nicole said...

3 months

6:30 eat
7:40 nap
9:30 eat
10:50 nap
12:30 eat
2:00 nap
3:30 eat
5:00 nap
5:30-6:00 wake for the evening
7:00 eat
7:30 bedtime

Start time and bedtime are very consistent from day to day, feedings are "on time" about 90% of the time. Waketime and naps are more variable from day to day. Some days she hibernates, other days she seems able to be awake and alert more, so we rely on cues quite a bit for naps. Occasionally chaos ensues and every nap is off! But we are close to the schedule most of the time- I include that info to encourage anyone reading who sees these schedules and wonders what they are doing wrong on off days- I've been there! Bad naps and bad days happen, but they have gotten much less frequent. STTN the full 11 hours most nights, she would occasionally starting around 9 weeks but now she is eating more at each feeding and she has started making it through most of the time. Dreamfeed didn't work for us (we gave it a good effort, but she woke earlier with the dreamfeed than without) and cluster stopped working around 8 weeks.