Babywise Sample Schedules: The Fifth Month


Babywise Sample Schedules: The Fifth Month. 18-22 week old Babywise sleep schedule. These are real schedules used by real Babywise moms.

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This post gives sample Babywise schedules for the fifth month. The fifth month of baby’s life comprises weeks 18-22ish.

Your baby is four months old during the fifth month.

Months and weeks don’t line up exactly, so sometimes weeks can be in more than one month of life. Your baby is no longer a newborn and is simply a “baby.”

Fifth Month Overview

During the fifth month, aim for the following:

  • 4 Months: Baby is usually at 3 naps. If not, by 5 months baby should be at 3 naps in a day.
  • 4 Months: Baby might be ready for 10-12 hours of sleep at night. Some will not be ready for this until 6 months, and the normal range is always 10-12, so some babies might just be 10 hour a night people.
  • 4 Months: Often a rough age for sleep. This can be a rough month for sleep with a major Wonder Week going on.
  • 4 Months: Baby will move to 4-6 feedings in a day.
  • 4 Months: Baby’s feedings will be about 3-4 hours apart.
  • 4 Months: Baby might be ready for blanket time.
  • During this month, naps will ideally be 1.5-2..5 hours long.
  • Teething can start to impact sleep this month.

Our Sample Schedules

Here are the schedules we used in this age range.

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Week 18

5:30-6:00 AM–eat from one side
8:00 AM–wake and eat
8:50 AM–nap
11:00 AM–eat
12:00 AM–nap
2:00 PM–eat
3:00 PM–nap
4:30 PM–eat
5:45 PM–nap
7:00 PM–eat and straight to bed
10:00 PM–dreamfeed







5:00 or 5:30–feed

6:30–nap (80 minutes after waking)

7:30–feed, then bedtime


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Week 19

5:00-6:00 AM–eat from one side
8:00 AM–wake and eat
8:55 AM–nap
11:00 AM–eat
12:05 AM–nap
2:00 PM–eat
3:30 PM–nap
5:00 PM–eat
6:30 PM–nap
7:00-7:00 PM–eat and straight to bed
10:00-10:30 PM–dreamfeed





2:30 or 3:00–feed

3:45–nap (75 minutes later)

5:00 or 5:30–feed

6:30–nap (80 minutes after waking)

7:30–feed, then bedtime

9:45–dreamfeed–until it was dropped

Morning Routine Cards
Ultimate Back to School Planner
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Chronicles of a Babywise Mom Book of Logs
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Morning Routine Cards
Ultimate Back to School Planner
Overcoming the Mental Load of Motherhood
Chronicles of a Babywise Mom Book of Logs
The Babywise Mom Nap Guide
Morning Routine Cards
Ultimate Back to School Planner
Overcoming the Mental Load of Motherhood
Chronicles of a Babywise Mom Book of Logs
The Babywise Mom Nap Guide


The first couple of week of 4 months old were a bit unpredictable due to early morning feeds. Once she hit 19 weeks, though, things smoothed out.

10:30–nurse and cereal
4:30–nurse and sweet potatoes toward the end of the month
6:30–she would wake, or I would wake her. Some days, she didn’t take this nap
7:00–nurse then straight to bed

Week 20

Kaitlyn’s schedule didn’t change much, but she did drop a nap. We also started solids at 4 months, so solid feeding times are listed as they were once we had all three.
7:30–nurse + solids
1:30–nurse + solids
6:30–nurse + solids then bed
9:45–nurse the bed (dreamfeed). I was starting to move it back in preparation for dropping it.

6:30-7:00 AM–nurse
55 minutes later–nap
10:00 AM–nurse (if she ate closer to 7, she will often go until 10:30)
60-65 minutes later–nap
60-90 minutes later–nap (I try to watch for cues for this nap
6:00–usually a nap
7:00–nurse then bed







5:00 or 5:30–feed

6:30–nap (80 minutes after waking) until it was dropped

7:30–feed, then bedtime

Week 21

7:15 AM–wake and nurse
8:10 AM–nap
10:30 AM–nurse and rice
11:30 AM–nap
1:30-2:00 PM–nurse
2:40-3:10 (70-90 minutes later) PM–nap
4:40-5:00 PM–nurse and sweet potatoes
7:00-7:20 PM–nurse then straight to bed
10:30 PM–dreamfeed

7:30–feed with solids


11:30–feed with solids




5:30–feed with solids

7:30–feed, then bedtime (no dreamfeed)



7:30 AM–wake, nurse, solids (1 T rice. I will add 1 T peaches this next week)
8:30 AM–nap
11:00 OR 11:30 AM–nurse, solids (at least 4 T bananas)
12:00 OR 12:30 PM–nap
2:00 OR 2:30 PM–nurse
3:15-3:45 (75-90 minutes later) PM–nap
4:30 OR 5:00 PM–nurse and solids (2-4 T sweet potatoes)
7:00 PM–nurse and straight to bed

Sometimes she eats after only two hours in the evening since she is extending her day out right now. This is a temporary situation and it is fine with me for now. I know it won’t last too long. I find that preferable to having a fourth nap and eating at a 3 hour interval, and thus having a later bedtime. I want bedtime consistent.


Our schedule typically looks like this:

7:30–feed with solids–half of a banana and 2 T of oatmeal mixed in


11:30–feed with solids–4 T of pears and 2 T of oatmeal mixed in




5:30–feed with solids–half a banana mixed with 2 T oatmeal and sweet potatoes (1-2 T)

7:30–feed, then bedtime

Sample Baby Schedules fifth month pinnable image

Your Sample Schedules

Here are your schedules that you have shared over the years.

4 Month Old

4 Months girl

7:20 – wake up/eat (55 minute wake time)8:15 – nap (2 hour nap)10:15 – eat (60 minute wake time)11:15 – nap (2 hour nap with help of swing ½ way through)1:15 – eat (65 minute wake time)2:20 – nap (2 hour nap with help of swing ½ way through)4:20 – eat (65 minute wake time)5:25 – nap (65 minute nap)6:30 – wake (1 hour, 30 minute wake time before bed)7:00 – eat8:00 – bed10:00 – dream feed/10:30 bed

4 month old boy

6.30-7am wake & nurse
8am nap
10am wake & nurse
11.30am nap
1.30pm wake & nurse
3pm nap
4.30pm wake & nurse
6pm catnap
6.45pm wake (7pm nurse)
8pm sleep
We dropped the dreamfeed 2 weeks ago and he’s slept through the night ever since (would love to have a morning waketime of 7-8am, but maybe in a few weeks?).
We’re also thinking about dropping the last nap to get him to sleep longer in the morning, but we haven’t quite figured that out without dropping a feeding.

4 month old boy

6:45- wake, nurse, play
7:45- 1st nap (usually 1.5 hr)
10:00- nurse, play
10:40- 2nd nap (if he woke early from 1st nap, if not i’ll put him down around 11)
1:00-nurse, play
2:00-3rd nap
4:00-nurse, play
6:45-bath, nurse, bedtime
I’m exclusively breastfeeding so I pump around 9:30 to keep my supply up and I have extra bm in the freezer in case I need it!

4 months:
7:00 WEP
8:15 nap1
10:30 WEP
12:00 nap 2
1:30 WEP
3:00 nap 3
4:30 WEP
6:45 eat
7:00 bedtime
Usually wakes between 6:30 and 7:00am, but stays in crib until close to 7:00. He’s EBF, no solids.

4 months old:
Our schedule varies by a half hour or so right now since our son is going through a Wonder Week AND teething, but here you go:
7:00 Wake, feed (5-6 oz formula at each feed)
7:30 Play
8:15 Nap
10:30 Wake, feed
11:00 Play
11:45 Nap
1:30 Wake, feed
2:00 Play
2:45 Nap
4:30 Wake, feed
5:00 Play
6:00ish Cat nap
6:45ish Wake, play, some nights bath
7:30 Feed, bedtime
10:30 or 11 Dreamfeed

4 Month Old Baby Girl
7/730 – wake, reflux meds, dressed for day, BF
830/9 – nap
1030/11 – wake & BF
1230/1 – nap
230/3 – wake & BF
430 – nap (sometimes)
5/530- BF (5 if she didn’t take a nap prior to, 530 if she did)
630 – reflux meds, bath and baby lotion massage (this starts our night-night routine)
7 – BF, read book after, if awake enough
730 – bedtime
10 – dreamfeed and STTN
Her naps are the most inconsitent right now because 1) 4 month sleep regression and 2) teething. Her wake time typically lasts 1.5 hours though sometimes it’s more or less. I am a SAHM and watch her for her sleep cues. There are times she will wake in the middle of a nap, chat/lightly fuss for a few minutes (sometimes as long as 15) then go back to sleep. I personally do not check on her unless she’s crying or the fussing is different than a “transition cry” because it makes it worse and she will not go back to sleep. If she doesn’t take her naps, I do my best to keep feeding times the same and fit in several cat naps (hopefully 6 – 30 min naps). Bedtime is almost never later; she doesn’t make it later – she winds up screaming at us for even trying OR falls asleep 🙂 Also, I change up what activity she does during her wake time. She is a VERY particular baby and will not always go for the same exact wake time routine. As such I just switch up activities and/or toys to help keep her content.

4 month old boy

8:00 am wake up, 8 oz bottle, cereal and a fruit
9:30 am nap
11:30 am wake, 8 oz bottle fruit and vegetable
1:00 pm nap
3:30 wake, 8 oz bottle, cereal and a fruit
5:00 nap
5:45 wake, bath, get ready for bed
6:45 bottle and bed
typical flexible routine, it varies by 20 or 30 minutes sometimes

5 Months Old Girl 

7:00 – wake up/eat
8:00 – nap
10:30 – eat
11:30 – nap
1:30 – eat
2:30 – nap
4:30 – eat
5:30 – nap
6:30 – wake
7:00 – eat
8:00 – bed
10:00 dream feed/10:30 bed

5 Month Old Boy
7:00 – wake, 6 oz formula, solids
9:00 – nap
11:00- wake, 6 oz formula, solids
1:00- nap
3:00- wake, 8 oz formula
5- 6:00- nap
6:30- 8 oz formula, solids
7:30- bed

5 Month Old (girl)
She sleeps through the night, but her naps are very spotty. Her “normal” nap is 45 minutes long, but she usually has one longer nap (1.5 – 2 hours) each day, but not always at the same time. If she wakes up before it’s time to eat, she plays for a bit.
7:00 – get up and nurse (she is often awake, but quiet, so I don’t know exactly when she wakes up)
8:15 – nap (varies in length)
10:00 – nurse
11:30 – nap (varies in length)1:00/1:30 – nurse
3:00 – nap (varies in length)
4:30 – nurse
6:00 – nap (30-40 min)
7:30 – nurse
8:30/9:00 – bedtime

5 Month Old Girl7:00 – wake up
7:15 – bottle & oat cereal w/ fruit
8:15 – nap
10:30 – wake
11:00 – bottle & rice cereal w/ veggie
12:30 – nap
2:30 – wake
3:00 – bottle, fruit & veggie
4:30 – cat nap
6:30 – bathtime/bedtime routine ending with bottle
7:00 – bed

Combo ages:

4-6 month old girl
typical flexible routine, it varies by 20 or 30 minutes sometimes
6:45 wake, eat (6 oz. breastmilk)
7:30 long nap every day
10:30 eat (6 oz. breastmilk)
11:45 nap some days
2:15 eat (6 oz. breastmilk)
3:45 nap some days
6:00 eat (nurse)
7:00 nap most days
8:30 bath and bedtime routine
9:00 eat (6 oz. breastmilk)
9:15 bed, sleeps through the night
I find that her nap routine is the least consistent since I work part-time and different family members keep her on those days. Her bedtime, morning waketime, and feeding time is very consistent. I would like for her naptimes and activity times to be more consistent. After charting everything for several days as suggested by the Baby Whisperer, her naptimes really depend on who keeps her that day.

4-6 Months
Since 4 months (he will be 6 months this week) we have been working on transitioning to 3.5-hour schedule. After a few days of the longer schedule, he wakes up early from naps and we end up doing the 3-hour schedule above, so for the last little while we’ve just done the longer schedule 2-3 days a week which allows me to decide which days rather than him. Hopefully we’ll do this all the time soon!
6am Nurse, then some playtime
7:15 Nap
9:30 Nurse, tummy time, playtime
11:00 Nap
1:00pm Nurse, tummy time, playtime (or errands)
2:30 Nap
4:30 Nurse, play time, family time
6:00 (sometimes a little later) Nap
(Sometimes he doesn’t take the 4th nap, but most of the time he needs it.)
7:30 Nurse
Bedtime routine
Bed by 8:15

4-8 Months: 
8:00 wake, nurse
9:30 nap
11:30 wake, nurse
12:00 independent play time
1:30 nap
3:30 wake, nurse
5:30 nap
6:30 wake, nurse
8:00 nurse, bed

Babywise Schedules for the First Year

This is a compilation of sample schedules for baby's entire first year!

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12 thoughts on “Babywise Sample Schedules: The Fifth Month”

  1. Hi there,
    I am interested in starting the baby wise schedule for my 5 month old. However, I live far away from town, usually takes about 30-45 min to get to desired location. I have a hard time staying inside all day and get cabin fever so not sure how this would fit into my lifestyle. Any suggestions?

  2. My baby will be 4 months on Saturday. We are on a really good schedule,
    730/8 eat
    Between 9/930 down for nap
    11 eat
    Between 12/1230 down for nap
    2 eat
    Between 3/330 down for nap
    5 eat
    Catnap/lay happily in crib around 615
    7/715 bath
    730 eat/bed

    I’m wondering how I start to stretch some feedings to 4 hours while still keeping wakeup time and bedtime the same. Sometimes I have to wake him up from naps when it is time to eat. I also know that if it’s anything less than 2.5 hours between feedings he won’t eat well. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

    • You can’t really lengthen the time between feedings without changing something else. You either need to shorten time between other feedings or just drop a feeding all together.

  3. Hi! I read On Becoming Babywise – in fact it was the only baby book my husband and I read. Our son has been a Babywise baby from day 1. However, he just turned five months old and I think we need to adjust his schedule. I’m scared to adjust anything as he is sleeping 9-9.5 hours a night! Here is is current schedule:
    DWT 7am feeding 5 oz
    830 nap
    10am feeding 4.5oz
    1130 nap
    1pm feeding 4.5 oz
    230 nap
    4pm feeding 4.5 oz
    530 cat nap
    630 feeding 4 oz
    8 bed/cat nap
    9 feeding 6.5oz

    Help a first time mom out!

  4. Hi There, we have come to babywise late with a 4.5 month old. We are following the “eat, wake, sleep” routine as much as possible, however, at the moment our baby boy does not want to sleep longer than 35mins at a time. He has four naps a day. We put him to bed at 7, he wakes erratically, averaging three times a night, and rarely wakes at 7, often at 6 or just after, some times half 6 or 6 40. I therefore find it hard to keep the days consistent. Also due to lack of nap time he is also quite sleepy on the breast when feeding after a nap.

    I am just wondering if you have any advice about how to improve his nap times/ lengths? I believe he has the ability to self soothe as he is able to put him self to sleep when I put him down for nap/ night. However, it seems to be keeping him asleep that is the issue! Also is there a reason why he might be having such erratic sleep at night? Past three nights the first wake ups were: 2am, 12am, 10pm.


  5. My daughter is 5 months old and only doing 1-hour week windows still. Is it okay to have a 60 minute wake window at this age?

    • Most babies this age are a minimum of 1 hour 20 minutes. BUT that doesn’t mean one hour doesn’t work for her. If she is sleeping well at night and naps AND she is alert and interactive during her awake time, then you are fine. Always go for what works for your baby. This waketime would be perfect for the baby who needs a two hour nap and is eating every three hours. If she seems lethargic during wake time, I would talk to her doctor about it. If she doesn’t nap well or wakes in the night, I would look at changing wake time length.

  6. Hello,

    my now 4 month old son started the scheduling method around 6-7 weeks ago. He now has more or less good routine with here and there adjustments:
    between 6:45-7:00 eat wake play
    between 8:00-8:15 nap
    10:00 eat wake play
    between 11:00-11:30 nap
    12:45 eat wake play
    between 13:30-14:00 nap
    15:15 eat wake play
    between 16:15-16:45 nap
    17:45 eat wake play, getting ready for bed
    between 18:30-19:00 bed
    between 21:15-21:45 dreamfeed
    between 3:45-5:00 eat, sleep

    I don’t know how to get rid of this night breastfeed at 3:45-5:00. I tried some late night feeding at 23:30, but there weren’t any changes in the waking time. He also eats both sides totally empty at this time, what he normally doesn’t (most of the time one side and a half or so, exept for the dreamfeed he eats also both sides), so I think he is really hungry.
    Do you have any suggestions for me? Any tips are welcome :).


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