Best Toys for Preschooler: 4 and Up


I think it gets easier to have an idea of what to buy for your child as he/she gets to age 4. You see a real personal preference for toys at this age. Here are my favorite toys for the four year old.


I always like to start these posts out by highlighting any toys in a previous age group that are still great for the current age group. This is a great thing about toys as kids get older–if you get the classic toys, they don’t get old for years and years. Many of your favorites at age three are still going to be favorites at age four. So…


Old Favorites: Review past posts on best toys for your child at this age. It really varies from child to child. The four year old will still like cars, trains, trucks, tractors, lawnmowers, balls, baby furniture, kitchens and accessories, play doh, Geo Mags, Little People, etc. Kaitlyn still loves her My Little Ponies–there are so many different sets and ponies you can get. She also loves the magnetic dolls (They make everything from princesses to firefighters). Dress up is also a huge hit with all of our children.


Build On Favorites: If you already have some of those “old favorites,” remember to slowly add to your child’s collection if there is something he loves. One example of that for us is Thomas the Tank Engine toys. We slowly add new trains and new destinations to Brayden’s set-up. And it is good to note that my girls love the trains as much as Brayden. You can add trains, toy food, aprons, new Little People sets etc. You might add to the baby doll collection…


Board Games: Board games only get more fun as the child gets older. The four year old is able to play with much patience and understanding. Check out my board games post for my list of games and reviews on each game we have.


Educational Toys: There are lots of things geared toward learning. Children love to learn. See the blog label “Learning Activities” for ideas in this area.


Puzzles: Keep puzzles in mind as you are choosing toys. Let me just say I don’t think you can go wrong with puzzles by Melissa & Doug. You also view my puzzle post:


Books: I always give books at each birthday and Christmas. There are more great books out there than you could ever own. For book help, see Great Children’s Books.


That is our review. Time for some new ideas.


Fisher Price Camera

The  Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera is a great gift for a child who loves taking pictures. Kaitlyn has this and just loves it. She gets to take pictures of whatever she wants to.

Melissa and Doug Cupcakes and Cookies
The Melissa & Doug Bake and Decorate Cupcake Set is an absolute favorite in our house. I know I have talked kitchen things and Melissa and Doug things in the past, but we love this so much I had to be specific for you. I think one reason it works so well for Kaitlyn is she loves to draw and decorate. Another set we have and absolutely love is the Melissa & Doug Slice and Bake Cookie Set.



Building Toys: Lincoln logs, legos…

This is a category that Brayden has loved since a young age and continues to love to this day. At age four, he got this 
Poof Slinky Frontier Logs Building Set. It is just one of the many building toys sets he loves to play with. See Toy Review: Building Toys for more.


Nintendo DS

Age four is the age we got Brayden and Kaitlyn a Nintendo DS Lite. We actually purchased them off of a local classified ad, so if you are considering this, you might want to check craigslist or your local classifieds. We did the lite because you can’t connect to the Internet with them. If you do buy off of Amazon, pay attention that different colors are different prices. Kaitlyn’s favorite game is My Little Pony: Pinkie Pie’s Party. I am considering Pinkalicious for Christmas this year. Brayden likes the basic New Super Mario Bros..


Littlest Pet Shop

This is Kaitlyn’s current love. She has this Littlest Pet Shop Exclusive Playset. It is all she has in the Littlest Pet Shop line, but she seems to love them so I am guessing there might be a pet shop something included in Christmas this year. You can probably tell Kaitlyn loves animals, so anything with animals will be a hit for her.


Figurines: Star Wars 

Even though Brayden has never seen a Star Wars anything, he managed to hear about Star Wars and love it. At age four, he got some Star Wars Figurines. Four is a good age for figurines–whether in the form of ponies and pets or heroes.



Along the same lines as action figures is the Imaginext line. Brayden has this Fisher-Price Imaginext Space Shuttle. He actually got it as a five year old, but it is rated for 3 and up. He still plays with it today. There are several different Imaginext toys. It is definitely worth looking through to see if there is something that would interest your child.


Jewelry Box

For Kaitlyn’s fourth birthday, my parents gave her a Jewelry Box similar to this one. She loves it. A jewelry box is very fun to put treasures in. Brayden has a wood treasure chest similar to this one but about the size of a jewelry box. We got it at Michaels. 




If you don’t have stamps yet, age four is a great time to get them. Stamps are great for building muscles in the hand–not to mention fun 🙂  Melissa & Doug Animal Stamp Set


Roller Blades

Just before turning four, Kaitlyn took ice skating lessons. She enjoyed it so much we thought roller blades would be a fun idea. These Roller Blades are adjustable as trainers and then in-line skates. 


Video Games: Just Dance Kids

We love to play fun Wii games together as a family. Just Dance Kids is a favorite of ours. Every member of the family has fun with it.

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  1. The four year old will still like vehicles, trains, trucks, tractors, lawnmowers, balls, baby furniture, kitchens and accessories, play doh, Geo Mags, Little People, etc. Buy Online Toys


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