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#LIGHTtheWORLD Christmas Initiative

  I have never found it harder to have the Christmas spirit than I have as a mother. Ironically, I have never so desperately wanted that feeling in my home… View Post

Getting Ready for Christmas in 4 Steps

Getting Ready for Christmas in 4 Easy Steps. All of the preparation for Christmas broken down into four manageable steps so moms can easily prepare. How to get ready for… View Post

How to Easily Put Together a Halloween Costume

How to Easily Put Together a Halloween Costume. Simple ways to recreate your favorite characters to dress up for Halloween. We LOVE dressing up for Halloween. It can be pretty… View Post

8 Great Ways Moms Can Prep for Christmas

Eight steps to take to prep for Christmas. Get your gifts organized, get the Christmas spirit in your home, decorating your tree, teaching about Jesus Christ, decorating your home intentionally,… View Post

Thankful Playlist

After years of thinking about it, this year I finally compiled a Halloween playlist (My Halloween Playlist). This sparked my thinking. The Halloween list was fun and all, but how… View Post

Favorite Toys: Great Christmas Gift Ideas

Favorite Toys: Great Christmas Gift Ideas. Great gift ideas to get for your children for Christmas.  Christmas is coming!!! I love Christmas. I am a major non-procrastinator when it comes… View Post

To Dress Up or Not to Dress Up for Halloween

Dress up at Halloween. Is it a good thing to do or not? Can you dress up and celebrate Halloween without being dark? Yes you can dress up and have… View Post