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How To Decide What Time Should Be Bedtime

What time is bedtime on the Babywise schedule. When to consider it bedtime and when to consider it nap time. Bedtime for babies and toddlers. I get a lot of… View Post

Is Baby’s Night Waking from Hunger?

Is Baby’s Night Waking from Hunger?  Or is baby just feeling hungry after waking up? About two weeks ago, Brayden, age three, woke up at 4:45 AM. He was sick and… View Post

How to Solve Baby’s 4 Month Sleep Problems

4 month old not sleeping well? Find out resons why this happens and how you can fix those 4 month sleep regression issues. How to Solve Your Baby’s 4 Month… View Post

5-8 Month Sleep Disruptions

Why does my baby not sleep well? Solving baby sleep problems for 5-8 Month olds. I have had several questions as of late about difficulties with a 5-8 month old… View Post

How to Solve Baby Sleep Issues: Experiment

Inside: How to Solve Baby Sleep Issues: Experiment to see if your solution works. When you are solving a baby sleep issue, you can spend a lot of time wondering… View Post

Poll Results: If your baby experienced sleep troubles around 4 months of age, how long did those last?

Results: 1 week or less: 0 votes 2-3 weeks: 8 votes (25%) 4 weeks: 1 vote (3%) 1-2 months: 5 votes (16%) 2-3 months: 2 votes (6%) 3-4 months: 1… View Post

When To Stop Swaddling Your Baby

When to stop the swaddle varies from family to family. Some swaddle up to a year. Others never swaddle at all. You might be sick of reading this, but exactly… View Post