You want your baby taking great naps. These posts will help you get there.

Nap Hints

image source The book  Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child is full of help on getting babies to sleep well for naps and night. On page 123, Weissbluth offers some ideas for… View Post

Timing the First Nap

In the book  Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child  (HSHHC), Weissbluth gives a lot of details on when and how to time naps. Many moms report following these with great success. His… View Post

What To Do When Your Pre-Toddler is Waking Early from Morning Nap

When your child in the 12-18 month age range is waking early from naps, you are left wondering not just “how to do I fix this?” but “should I fix… View Post

The Impact of Dropping the 3rd Nap

When you drop naps, you usually don’t drop that sleep all together. Sleep is rearranged, not dropped, when a nap is dropped. As your baby gets older, sleep time does… View Post

Inconsistent Napping

    I have some news for you. It might come as good news, but it might come as bad news. I always give it to you straight, so here… View Post

Help a Reader Out: Toddler Not Napping

noblesvillemom said…   Hi Val, my DD has been having trouble with naps and bedtime for about a year. She gave up the second nap at about 13 mths (would just… View Post

Help A Reader Out: Toddler Crying Before Naps

Hello readers! Please share any experience/insight you have with this situation: Sum said… Hi Val – I scanned all of these questions/comments and even the link to Reader Nap Questions, but… View Post