You want your baby taking great naps. These posts will help you get there.

Chronic Short Nappers {Poll Results}

  This poll is for babies who were at some point a chronic short napper. This is a baby who pretty consistently takes short naps. This wouldn’t be for the… View Post

Poll Results: 2-1 Nap Transition

  Moving from two naps down to one is a BIG deal! It is the first huge step that makes you realize that your little one is growing up! Let… View Post

Reader Nap Questions for Babies

Falling Asleep Problems   Hamilton’s Blog said…     Valarie, I just have to say a big Thank you to your blog. It has really helped me try and get this… View Post

Set Naps

“Set Naps” describes when you have your child’s nap time be at the same time every day no matter what time the child woke in the morning or woke from… View Post

Nap Hints

image source The book  Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child is full of help on getting babies to sleep well for naps and night. On page 123, Weissbluth offers some ideas for… View Post

Timing the First Nap

In the book  Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child  (HSHHC), Weissbluth gives a lot of details on when and how to time naps. Many moms report following these with great success. His… View Post

What To Do When Your Pre-Toddler is Taking a Short Morning Nap

When your child in the 12-18 month age range is waking early from naps, you are left wondering not just “how to do I fix this?” but “should I fix… View Post