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Dropping Naps: Moving to Rest Time

I am sure that dropping the one nap of the day is bitter-sweet. On the one hand, the break time is nice for everyone :). On the other hand, your… View Post

Chronic 45 Minute Naps: One Year Later

Do you have a baby who always takes 45 minute long naps? Read these reflections from a mom who has been there as she looked back on a year or… View Post

Reader 45 Minute Nap Questions

image source bradysmom said… I have a question because I am really at a loss. My baby is 20 weeks old. Since about 13 weeks he has consistently been waking… View Post

Reader Sleep Total Questions

Haley said… My son is 10 months old and taking 2 naps a day. He always sleeps well at night but doesn’t always sleep so well for his 2nd nap.… View Post

Reader CIO Questions

Here are many reader Cry It Out questions. tedsfiles said… what’s a CIO? January 28, 2008 11:09 AM Plowmanators said… CIO is Cry it Out January 28, 2008 1:28 PM… View Post

Cry It Out Sleep Training in Action

Read all about how the process of cry it out went for this three month old baby and how she went to peacefully falling asleep independently. I recently went through… View Post

Sleep Training and Trust

Can your child ever trust you if you did cry it out with them as a baby? What are the real impacts of sleep training on trust and the parent/child… View Post