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The book 
Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child is full of help on getting babies to sleep well for naps and night. On page 123, Weissbluth offers some ideas for helping your child to nap better.

  1. During your waketime activities, go outside. “…briefly but intensely…” stimulate your little one. Do physical activity. Play in the sandbox, go to the park, take her for a walk, etc.
  2. During waketime and while outside, “…expose your child to light, wind, clouds, voices, music, traffic sounds…” etc.
  3. As nap time approaches, tone it down. 
  4. “…spend an extra long time soothing” with baths, massage, etc. Do your routine in a dark and quiet room.

Those are some ideas for you to try with nap time. If baby isn’t sleeping well for nap, considering your waketime activities and your sleep routine is important. Children definitely need enough physical exercise to sleep well. Some experts say that any person, child or adult, who has trouble sleeping at night will do better if he/she goes outside around noon for some sunshine. And remember, the weather does not have to be perfect to spend time outside. You can dress your baby/child for the weather.


I have noticed physical activity to be a huge help in getting mobile children to nap well and sleep well at night. Our nap routine, however, is pretty short.


Have you found outside time and physical activity helpful for naps? What about the wind down? How long is your routine?

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  1. Hello first Thank You so much for starting this I read daily! My wonderful Jaron is 3 months and 3 weeks. I follow Babywise as close as possible.Our day is as follows. 7:30-8:00 feed/wake1 hr later nap10:30 feed/wake11:30 nap1:30 feed/wake2:30 nap4:30 feed/wake5:30 nap6:30-7:00 wake7:00-7:30 feedBed at 7:30 or 8:00 now here is the problem He wakes up 50% of the time 1 hr into his nap sometimes for a poopy diaper but not that often. This has been ggoing on for a month and a half or two.I thought the binky was the problem so I took it away a week ago, I have shortened and extended his wake time, Changed day time lighting. I know he is still tired His eyes are closed. nothing seems to be working. Its not one certain time either it can be any given nap though out the day. Some times he crys of and on till I get Him up at His scheduled feeding other times He will go back to sleep. anywhere from 10 minutes till feeding(1hr). So Can You help me? am I doing the right thing by letting him cry that long? Thank you for taking Your time to do this it is greatly appriecatede! Becky

  2. Hi! I am having the same problem right now. My soon is about that age and I am doing the BW schedule. Would you be able to give me some incite on what I should try?Thanks!


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