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This is my newest eBook, The Babywise Mom Nap Guide. This book helps you establish successful naps from birth through the preschool years. Right now it is on sale for an introductory price of $9.99. You can buy it here and get an instant download.
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This is my Book of Logs PDF. It is only $3, which is a major steal! This is invaluable to troubleshooting naps, night, and other problems you encounter with a baby. To read more about it, visit this blog post. To purchase, click the Add To Cart button below. You will then have an instant download. It is that simple. NOTE--if you are clicking and going to Pinterest, click the side of the button rather than the middle. The Pinterest "Pin Now" button is sometimes getting in the way.
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This is another invaluable resource. This is an eBook I co-authored. It has 52 weeks of preschool you can do from home. It is for ages baby on up through Kindergarteners. We have written it so you can do it with all of those ages at the same time, so it is perfect for moms of multiple kids or of course even just one child at a time can do it. We spent years writing this! You will love it.


L'ANGE is one of my very favorite brands for buying hair tools and hair products. I love to use their products to get beautiful looks quickly. Click here for an incredible sale - and to get 50% off everything else --->>>  L'ANGE products are great for busy moms to get a beautiful, fast hair-do. CODE: BABYWISE (affiliate) If you want to see it in action, see this video I did on Facebook with L'ANGE


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