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It’s time to take the guilt out of sleep training

By Rachel Rowell from Sleep training gets a bad rap. You don’t have to talk to too many moms or look on the internet for too long to get… View Post

Finding the Right Temperature for Sleep

My children amuse me. I know everyone is amused by their own children. Children are like most people–incredibly quirky. My children are no different, and I find quirks both fascinating… View Post

Sleep and the Strong-Willed Child

Parenting the Strong-Willed Child is a book on how to help children be obedient who are otherwise difficult to get to comply. The authors, Forehand and Long, include a short… View Post

Top Sleep Tips to Get Your Baby Sleeping

by Rachel Rowell from My Baby Sleep Guide This list will work for any age child, but it is especially made for younger children and newborns. I hope it helps!… View Post

Sleep Problems: Morning Wake-up Time is Too Early

It is hard to stay on track each day if the first wake up time of the day is off. When baby is waking too early, it leaves you wondering… View Post

The Impact of Dropping the 3rd Nap

When you drop naps, you usually don’t drop that sleep all together. Sleep is rearranged, not dropped, when a nap is dropped. As your baby gets older, sleep time does… View Post


image source   In many ways, babies and children are miniature adults. It is not true, however, in all areas of life, and definitely not true when it comes to… View Post