Friday, July 23, 2010

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    The Kring-a-lings said...

    Hi there,
    Question for you about my4 month old son, Wilson. Recently he has not been loving his naps, nor has he been sleeping well in the afternoon (typically his fussier time). As I'm sure you can relate, with a subsequent child I have not read as much as with my first. In any case, I went through the BabyWise book and saw that perhaps he is ready to drop his late nap (typically occurring around 5:30pm) and maybe even move to a 3 hour cycle. My question, though is what are your thoughts on the new research that encourages nursing moms to exclusively nurse until 6months of age, rather than introducing solids at 4 months of age? I have not yet started solids, and am wondering if I should keep my 2 1/2 hr cycle, where Wilson naps one hour after eating....or should I continue to move him towards a longer wake time, and longer feeding cycles.

    Plowmanators said...

    I started solids at four months with all of my babies. I think you should do what you feel is best. Consult with your pedi.

    rachel barth said...

    HELP!!!! We are still having a huge problem with Blakelee. She will not sleep during the day at all so stays fussy and screaming most of the day. She will fall asleep eating for about 10 mins then wake back up and Continue to scream and cry. We have no idea what is going on? Any advice? We went to 4 month check up today and they changed the formula and gave me zantac for her. I am just so exhausted and need help

    Valerie Plowman said...

    If she has reflux, it completely explains her behavior. Reflux babies are just hard--even if they are easy personality types. Is she better now that she has been on meds?

    Brian Seay said...

    Hi again,

    My little boy is 13 weeks now and I have been doing the following schedule:

    wake at 7 am - he gets fussy and ready for nap around 820-830.
    1030 feed - ready for nap around 12.
    130 feed - ready for nap at 3
    500 feed - nap at 630
    800 feed - nap at 930
    dreamfeed - 1100 and down for night

    He has been sleeping consistently through the night for several weeks from the 1100 feeding until 7 am. I have to wake him for the 7 am feeding most of the time, or he begins to stir a little bit around 645.

    I know around this time he should be able to go 9-11 hours at night. He is on formula so more around the 11. I am a nurse and don't get home until 730 or a little later at night so I would like to keep the 800 feeding as his last feeding if at all possible for now so that I can see him when I get home. My question is I think he is ready to drop the dream feed but Im not sure how to be sure. Also, if I drop that feed, do I need to increase his ounces during the day? Also, is it okay for me to still feed him at 8 and play until 930 or is that too late for him?



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