Summer Break Week!



It is time for my summer break! I definitely need it right now.


Friday or Saturday, I will be choosing a winner of the current giveaway. If you still need to enter, see this post: Fresh Baby 6 Piece Dinner Set {Giveaway!}


And remember to get your stories in for BW Success Stories Week 2012. It is not too late! See the linked post for details.

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2 thoughts on “Summer Break Week!”

  1. Hi there! First of all, thank you for this great blog. My sister and I both follow you. Ok, my question…my baby boy, Luke, is 7 months old. Lately, he would love to go to bed around 6 pm. We would really like to put him to bed around 8 pm….simply so my husband can spend some time with him, we could go out to eat occassionally, etc. I have tried moving him toward 8 pm, but it's just miserable. He wines, rubs his eyes, sucks his thumb, and is deliriously rambunctious. The latest I've tried to put him down is 7:40 or so. He goes right to sleep, but I feel terrible doing that to him. My problem is that if I feed him at 5:30 and put him to bed at 6, then he's up at 5:30 am hungry. That's a little earlier than I'd like to get up! So, should I pick up the dream feed? I dropped it a while back because I felt like he was getting to old for it. Any suggestions?

  2. I would try putting him down for a nap at six. Then get him up no later than 7, feed him again between 7-7:30, and then put him down between 8-8:30. Try that first and see how it works. Good luck!


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