Best Toys for PreToddler: 12-18 Months Update


I have a few toys to add for this age range. These are toys McKenna got for her first birthday and we have really enjoyed them. To see my previous recommendations for this age group, see Best Toys for PreToddler: 12-18 Months. See also toy review posts.

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Car

This is one of those toys I always wished I had when I was a kid but never got. By my third child, my wish came true :). This coupe was McKenna’s gift from my parents for her birthday. The great thing about this coupe is that there is a floor you can put in so a younger pretoddler can have her feet up. Then she can be pushed around (best done by siblings if she has them 🙂 ) and not get feet hurt. For the bigger kids, the floor is easily removed and they can drive around all by themselves. This is a classic and fun toy.

Playskool Busy Ball Popper
This is a toy that many of you raved about in comments in previous posts. When my in-laws asked what they could get for McKenna for her birthday, I thought this would be a great option! And it has been. It has been lots of fun for all three kids. I, like many of you, would highly recommend this toy. Lots of laughs and squeals of delight have come about because of this toy.

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella

I saved my favorite for last. This is one of those things I want to rave about but like it so much I can’t find the words. A reader recommended this doll. As I was combing through, I noticed the doll had a perfect rating, rave reviews, and ranks 22 in baby toys and 30 in toddler toys. A popular toy. I decided it was worth a shot and ordered it for McKenna’s birthday. This doll is perfect for the little ones. There is nothing dangerous on the doll. McKenna gets to keep this with her in her bed, and I daily see her hugging, kissing, holding, and talking with this doll. She loves it. Absolutely the perfect doll for the younger crowd. The pacifier is magnetic, so it doesn’t require fine motor control to get it in the mouth. They also make accessories for Baby Stella and make older versions of Baby Stella (a doll that looks more like a pretoddler). This is a doll you can stick with.

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2 thoughts on “Best Toys for PreToddler: 12-18 Months Update”

  1. A small inflated balloon + the ball popper w/o the balls is loads of fun too. My 3.5yo DS actually figured this one out. It is like a demo they have at our local science center. I'm sure there are some physics I could teach, but suspending the balloon in mid-air is keeping the muchkins occupied for now 🙂


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