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Chapter Books for Boys

Books by Me

Overcoming the Mental Load of Motherhood

The Babywise Mom Nap Guide


An Honest Babywise Book ReviewBook Recommendation: How the Queen Cleans Everything


Book Recommendation: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child

The Tech-Wise Family Book Review



Book Recommendation: The Five Love Languages of Children



Book Recommendation: The Siblings’ Busy Book

Book Review: Free-Range Kids


Book Review: Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood



Book Review: Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours



Book Review: The Nursing Mother’s Companion

Book Recommendation: Nurture Shock

Book Recommendation: A Parent’s Guide to Gifted Children



Book Review: The Parenting Breakthrough



Book Review: Parenting the Strong Willed Child


Book Review: Shepherding A Child’s Heart



Book Review: Super Baby Food



Book Review: The Preschooler’s Busy Book


Book Recommendation: Baby Body Signs



Book Recommendation: The Read Aloud Handbook



Book Review: The Toddler’s Busy Book



Book Suggestion: The Wonder Weeks

Wonder Weeks Information



Love and Logic Book



Love Languages — Not Babywise



Other Parenting Books


Secrets of the Baby Whisperer

Siblings Without Rivalry Book



The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems



The Birth Order Book: Why You Are the Way You Are



The Happiest Baby on the Block
The Happiest Baby on the Block: Conclusion

Book Recommendation: Reading Magic
Book Recommendations: Why Can’t I Get My Kids to Behave?


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  1. Jenny Z
    July 9, 2009 / 7:01 PM

    Hello! I am wondering if you have heard of or read Shepherding A Child's Heart by Ted Tripp? I am curious about your reaction(s) to it if you have. Thanks!

  2. Plowmanators
    July 30, 2009 / 7:51 PM

    I haven't ever read it, but I have heard great things about it! I will add it to my list of things to read 🙂

  3. meg
    March 2, 2012 / 8:01 PM

    Hi! Have you read "Loving Our Kids on Purpose" by Danny Silk? Just curious to hear your take-I have been enjoying it.

  4. Plowmanators
    March 28, 2012 / 1:34 AM

    I haven't Meg. I will add it to the list!

  5. bunnypryor
    May 7, 2012 / 12:13 AM

    I would love to read a review by you on Alfie Kohn's "Unconditional Parenting"!!!

  6. Plowmanators
    May 19, 2012 / 3:44 AM

    On my list!

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