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Blog Index For Newborns

our children at 3 months old

I have A LOT of posts for you to read. You might want to start here: Must-Read Posts to Prep for Baby

This post has all posts for the newborn age listed. See also the "newborn" blog label or the index for newborns by topic.

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          Tracy said...

          I've been meaning to tell you this for awhile, but this post pushed me over the edge.

          You are AWESOME. This had to have taken you so much time, and I just don't know how you do it. You are doing such a good thing helping other moms out there. I don't have any newborns (mine are 19-months old) but you are my go-to blog when I have run into a hiccup.

          Thank you for all you do.

          Daisy said...

          ditto! you need to write a book...with the number of blog followers you have, it would be a guaranteed hit :)

          Heather Meadows Marshall said...

          Thank you SO much for posting this - I'm having a baby girl in about 8 more weeks & have been trying to read through a lot of the topics. This makes it so much easier! Love your blog!

          capturingsubtleties said...
          This comment has been removed by the author.
          Plowmanators said...

          lol, thanks Tracy! It did take a long, long time. I will be making indexes for all age ranges. Hopefully that will be helpful to people.

          Plowmanators said...

          Thanks Daisy! I am actually working on several books. I just can't decide exactly which topic to do...hmmm...maybe I will ask readers their opinions :)

          Plowmanators said...

          You are welcome Heather!

          Kari.adkins said...

          I am a true believer in Babywise. It is my standard gift when I find out someone is pregnant. This website is unbelievable! I was looking for some refresher information to help a friend and stumbled across your site. I will definitely be passing it along! Thank you so much!!

          Kari.adkins said...

          I am a true believer in Babywise. It is my standard gift when I find out someone is pregnant. This website is unbelievable! I was looking for some refresher information to help a friend and stumbled across your site. I will definitely be passing it along! Thank you so much!!

          Stephanie said...

          Hello!! I kind of have a question about several different things! I've been doing a ton of reading and I'm seeing topics on my questions, but I was looking for more direct answers if possible :) First I'll start with saying my daughter is 2 1/2 weeks old, and these are the issues I'm wondering about:
          Does "waketime" include feeding time?

          Is 2 1/2 weeks too early to start a consistent morning waketime? Do you still feed at the desired waketime even if you just fed 1-2 hours ago when on a 3-hr schedule? If the baby wakes in the night crying and won't go back to sleep, is it okay to feed even if it hasn't been 3 hours yet?

          Do you put the baby to bed for the night after the 7pm feeding? And this won't interfere with the amount of sleep during the night? I know sleep begets sleep, but it just seems like she won't stay asleep after nighttime feedings when she's sleeping so much in the evening. It also seems kind of silly that I'm basically just staying up holding her waiting for her last feeding when it seems all the both of us want to do is sleep. I guess I kinda thought that if she's sleeping in my arms or swing out in the living room, she won't be in as deep of a sleep as if she was swaddled back in her bed and then maybe she'd sleep more soundly after her last feeding. Does that make sense at all??

          If last feeding is at 7pm, is a dreamfeed at 10pm too early? Or if the last feeding is at 8pm, is it still okay to dreamfeed at 10 or 10:30 even though it hasn't been 3 hours? Also if feeding schedule gets a little off due to the witching hour and assuming this is between the 7pm and 10pm feedings and you feed at 9 maybe, would you still dreemfeed at 10 or 10:30 or would the 9 then be the last until the baby wakes on her own in the night? Would this interfere with establishing a consistent bedtime?

          Also, what if the baby is napping and wakes 1/2 hour to 45 mins before the next scheduled feeding and just cries until it's time to eat? If I feed at that time, it pushes the whole rest of the day up which would also interfere with the bedtime. I'd say to maybe push another feeding back to get back on the same time, but I also heard never to let the baby go more than 3 hrs during the day because that would interfere with her nighttime sleep.

          Thank you so much for your help, wisdom, and time!!

          Plowmanators said...


          Yes, waketime includes feeding time.

          No, 2.5 weeks isn't too early to shoot for a consistent morning wake time. See my post called "early morning feedings before waketime" to see what I do when it hasn't been three hours yet.

          Yes, I put baby down after the 7 PM feeding for the night. This is the bedtime. Don't think of that as evening for a baby. Think of it as bedtime. My oldest is 6 and still has bedtime around 8 PM. I would put her in her bed, not hold her.

          No, 10 PM dreamfeed is not too early. If feeding at 8, I would do 10:30. You could try 10 though and see how it goes.

          If you fed at 9, I would consider that the dreamfeed for the night. Dreamfeed is not bedtime, so don't worry about that.

          Be sure there is no growth spurt going on. See my posts on naps to figure out how to get longer naps, but the first step is to check for growth spurt (see posts on that). Good luck!

          Search By Taking said...

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          Cristyn said...

          thank you for this wonderful blog. my son is now 4 weeks old, born 2 weeks early at 38 weeks and in NICU for 1 week with severe jaundice and anemia and came home VERY tired. we woke every 3 hours for feedings around the clock but all he did was sleep until about 1 week ago he became more alert after he had a blood transfusion. he is having some wake time now 2-3 times per day. however at night for the last few evenings he fusses all night. not crying, buy fussy and grunting. he has gas and we give drops with each feed. he just cannot settle. we feed every 3.5 hours, pumped milk or formula. does he have nights/days confused? do we need to put him in another room to start sleep at a certain time? right niw we follow schedule and he sleeps in our room from 11 pm-8 am, feeding him twice.

          Halle Bose said...

          This is a really good resource. Thank you. You've covered so much here, everything from deciphering crying to choosing age appropriate toys for babies. I think new mothers and fathers as well as those close to them will benefit from reading. Thanks.

          Elaine Newell said...

          Lots of mothers and fathers struggle with baby eczema. It's good that you have a resource for that listed here.

          Albert Jett said...

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